20" Simple Innocence (Extensions)

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This hair extension is perfect for those who wish to lengthen the look of their hair or those who wish to have a fuller long-hair look. You can create a fullr look with the same hair extension of the color as your own hair or switch it up and add some color to your hair. For example, blonde under highlights under naturally long black hair. 


DirectionsPart upper half of hair in half  then tie or clip up. Open extensions and place under top parted hair with secure comb-clips. Snap on clips from ear to ear. Using a straightening iron set it to 180 degrees and straighten bottom parted hair to match extensions. After straightening bottom parted hair release top parted hair. Use top parted hair to cover the clips Use straightening iron to top parted section of hair.




  • 20" inches in length
  • 50g of hair
  • High quality fibers able to be styled with heat up tp 180 degrees (minor styling)
  • Looks and feels realistic
  • High quality for low price


Other Information:


  • Not recommended to be dyed. 
  • Possible to be dyed with fabric dye, but not recommended.
  • Shade #1 is a pure, jet black color.
  • Shade #4 is a very deep, rich, dark brown color. Suitable for many of the Asian decent.
  • Shade #6 is a warm, subtle cocoa brown color.
  • Shade #36 is a golden blonde color.
  • Shade #231 is awarm mixture of dark orange and brown.
  • Shade #613 is a platinum blonde color.
Reviewed by Shelby , 11/01/2011

They are my first extensions so I am kind of new at it but I like them. The only flaw is that they are thin I didn't know that until I got it in the mail. So I have decided to order another one that is exactly the same so it will match but I

Reviewed by Steph , 08/18/2011

These are good quality but they're thin (worth $13). If you have thin hair get 2-3. If you have thick hair get 3-4. If you have super thick hair (like me) get at least 4-5.

Reviewed by MissChevalier , 08/03/2011

Overall, the product was good. Basically, for 13 bucks you get hair. I loved them really! I got them in black soo it was kind of unnatural because it was sooo dark, but when I dyed my hair black it matched alright. ^_^ I would recommend this out only con I had was that it did tangle alot but I tryed not to mess with it too much. Either way it goes, I Liked them and was very happy with the length..:]

Reviewed by Rikki , 07/06/2011

So, I ordered these extensions super excited because I wanted to add length to my other extensions. When I got them I realized it was just one long strip of hair with clips in it...I assumed it would have been like my other which was in separate pieces. This is fairly heavy hair to be held up on the same row. I also found that the hair was un-naturally shiny. But the length is good. That's about it.

Reviewed by Mechele , 07/05/2011

Wow! These extensions were GREAT! I was so surprised at how well it matched my hair! I mean, it was PERFECT! I got the dark blonde color and I couldn't be happier. I actually got two and they are just terrific! Super shiny and long. The only problem I had was that it's super hard to curl them :T I don't really want to ruin them by trying, so I probably wont try curling them. These are definitely worth the money! (you'd think they'd cost more!) not only that but they got here in about 3 or 4 days! For the cheapest price! >w< very very very happy about all of this!

Reviewed by Keiri , 03/11/2011

I purchased shade #4. These extensions are really great for length. They aren't that thick, so if you want volume, this isn't for you. However, the extensions are really soft and silky, and have a natural shine to them. I'm happy that the colour matches my hair completely!

Reviewed by Kylie , 03/09/2011

I ordered the light blond because they were the only blond extensions for sale. I got them today and they are WAYYYY bleach blond looking so they don't match my hair at all. I didn't realized they would be so thin either and they don't fit around my entire head so I would definitely need more than one, if not just to add natural-looking volume as well. In my opinion, they weren't worth the $12.99.

Reviewed by Chanda N, 03/03/2011

I was so excited when i got my package for my extensions. When i took them out, they were so soft&light-weight&kinda matched my hair color. But of course there was one problem....i ordered two and it wasnt enough to make it realllly natural.The thing is i have thick hair so when i put my extensions on, the bottom looked thin and top was big. i ordered two but if you have thick hair order moreee. Overall, i still love it! (:

Reviewed by Kimberly , 02/23/2011

These are just awesome! well they do tangle and some hairs fall out but its really great for 12.99! I suggest ordering at least more than one because they are thin and they will look more natural with more than one. I will be wearing them to prom (: if you are considering on buying them I would they are very lovely and give you a different look thats not too over dramatic. good luck~

Reviewed by Sandy , 02/19/2011

The extensions have a really natural look. It's not heavy at all but it does tend to get tangled at the ends. You would need more than one for a natural look. Overall though- I really like them :)

Reviewed by Flo , 01/27/2011

I was very pleased to see the quality of the product but you really have to buy more than one extension for having a natural result. For me it doen't match at all because I have very thick hair, so the extension is to light and thin.

Reviewed by Kiki , 01/26/2011

awww i love them, they're so silky & doesn't feel heavy at all. Picture with them :* :


Reviewed by Brenda , 01/15/2011

This product has its good and its bad. It really depends on the persons liking.

Pro: I loved the fact that the hair color match my hair, and i loved how fast the shipping is. i got mine in 2-3 days.

Con- They get tangle way to much and its a hassle to untangle them, so much hair falls out of the product and one of the clips of the extensions were broken, and it gets really dry on the first day.

I guess you get what you payed for.

Reviewed by sundriedstars , 01/09/2011

these extensions tangle so much! as soon as i took them out of the bag they were a tangled mess. i got the color number 4, and it matches my hair perfectly. i still wear them because for 12 dollars, i wasn't expecting anything amazing anyway. just keep in mind that this hair will tangle and feel really dry after the first day of wearing them if not sooner.

Reviewed by An , 01/08/2011

Great extensions! Like the other reviews, they are lightweight and a little thin.

Reviewed by Jules , 12/30/2010

These are my very first extensions, and I really like them! They are long and smooth, and very pretty. They are way more better-looking than my real hair, haha. They do tangle, but only if you mess with it a lot.

Reviewed by Stella N, 12/15/2010

I like it

Reviewed by Mona W, 12/04/2010

These extensions are very silky and beautiful. I loved them so much I ordered 2 more lol. They look very natural and you forget they're even on. Thanks P&C!!!

Reviewed by Emely , 11/16/2010

I bought these before the website upgrade and these are really nice! I bought it for the purpose of adding length. The quality is excellent and heat friendly. I can curl and straighten very easily, the hair ha a natural shine and I actually bought two because my hair has already a lot of volume, its thick and curly and I straighten it and I just clip it in the center of my head in the back because its a 5-clip. I am very happy with this purchase and I recommend it for those looking for volume of length.

Reviewed by Xyahli , 11/06/2010

These are so natural and they're not heavy at all for your head. The amount of hair on the weft is thin though but it all depends on what kind of volume you want.

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