23" Clip-In Heat-Friendly Synthetic Extension (Barbie Doll Waves)

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Our 23" Heat-Friendly Barbie Doll Wave Extensions are one of our best selling hair products. Made with the high quality material for an affordable price.  These extensions are a one piece easy to use 5-clip-extension. It is heat resistant so if it's not wavy enough for you, you can always add a bit of your own curls to it. 


DirectionsPart upper half of hair in half  then tie or clip up. Open extensions and place under top parted hair with secure comb-clips. Snap on clips from ear to ear. Using a curling iron set it to 180 degrees and curl bottom parted hair to match extensions. After curling bottom parted hair release top parted hair. Use top parted hair to cover the clips Use curling iron to add curls to top parted section of hair.




  • 23" inches in length
  • 110g of hair
  • High quality fibers able to be styled with heat up tp 180 degrees (minor styling)
  • Looks and feels realistic
  • High quality for low price


Other Information:

  • Shade #1 is a pure, jet black color.
  • Shade #4 is a very deep, rich, dark brown color. Suitable for many of the Asian decent.
  • Shade #231 is awarm mixture of dark orange and brown.
  • Cannot be dyed with regular hair dye since it is made with sythetic fiber.
  • Can be dyed with fabric dye but is not recommended due to poor quality.






Reviewed by Samantha, 03/22/2013

I bought these in shade #231 because other reviews said that it appeared strawberry blonde/red, but I think the description of dark orange and brown is a better description of the color. I was actually hoping they'd be redder, but no biggie. As for the quality, these are beautiful, soft and not too shiny. They really look like real hair! My friends couldn't believe it when I told them that it was only $20! If your hair is on the thick side, I would recommend buying 2 because they are a little thin. They do tangle easily, but they should be fine if you gently comb them with a wide tooth comb. Love them!

Reviewed by taylor, 02/23/2013

OKay, first of all i'd like to clarify that i haven't actually bought these extensions. I've been wanting to for a very long time, but prettyandcute hasn't restocked. :(

I'm seriously considering buying the #231 shade. This is supposed to be a light brown, but reviews say it's a dark strawberry blonde. You CAN dye synthetic hair. But never, ever with an actual hair dye. Simply use fabric dye instead! :) I'm very excited to order these... I hope they get restocked soon though.

Reviewed by Ksusha, 08/24/2012

I got my extensions ATLAST ! hahah ...i bought # 231 shade ..and it was a huge dissapointment.. when i took them ou the hair quality was fGREAT , it was beautifull , i just couldnt believe my eyes how wavy and nice they look.. But dissapointment was that that color is COMPLETELy diferent from the picture on the computer ..its more like orange/strawberry blond....i would reccomend i tto REDHeads ^^ ......and i bought 3 packs , lets just say i threw away 60 $ in the air im trying a way to color them ( my hair color is grayish/smokey blonde.....i guess im gonn atry using RIT dye or fabric dye..but thats just crazy xD

Reviewed by Marlee, 06/27/2012

At first these were great, but i noticed as time went on that they actually began to rip out my hair..

Reviewed by Candy, 11/23/2011

I also placed a similar review in "23" Clip-In Heat-Friendly Synthetic Extension (School Girl Straight)" in the same #231 shade, since I bought them as well. They're basically the same product, just this one has texture to it.

I was very excited to see that I could get extensions at this price and had to buy them. The only color available is the #231 shade, which is noted as being a mixture of brown and orange. But it is really more like a dark strawberry blonde. I died my hair to match using Clairol's Nice and Easy dye in Natural Reddish Blonde. It matches the extensions really well. You won't be able to tell the difference between the extension's shade versus your own hair color.

The extensions themselves are a single weft with clips. It does come out of the package looking rather curly. But as the other reviewer mentioned, just brush them out with a wide tooth comb, and it will relax the hair into a wave. The hair is super silky soft, but it does tangle SUPER easily. It does have a bit of an unnatural shine to it as well. It's nothing that wig shampoo or the baby powder technique can't take care of though. The texture of the extensions were much nicer than my own hair, so if you have damaged and split ends, you may want to get that taken care of so it blends much more nicely with the extensions.

Other than that, these extensions are amazing for the price. Just be aware that you may have to dye your hair to match the 231 shade, it isn't a shade that many have naturally and if your natural hair color is even a little bit lighter or less red, it will not blend well at all.. Too bad the other two shades have been out of stock for a while now here too.

I hope Pretty and Cute stock more styles and colors soon! This is the only place I will rely on for my extensions now.

Reviewed by leslie, 09/27/2011

how can i buy this? i want this clip extension looks gorgeous brown. can you mail something?

Reviewed by Steph, 08/18/2011

These are great quality and blend great but they're more curly then "waves". Brush the curls out with a wide-tooth comb and they will become more "wavy".

Reviewed by Andie, 07/30/2011

I just got mine and i purchased the pure black. It came on one long weft with four clips, however one of the clips was snapped making it useless. I had to buy a package of new clips and sew one one due to the return policy, but it fits my natural hair better than the other extensions because it's not as shiny. They do tangle easily and if you brush them out the curls won't be as bouncy. It makes them more like very loose waves, which I actually like more.

Reviewed by Amy, 05/22/2011

These are AMAZING. I get compliments everywhere I go. They look so natural that some people thought my hair magically grew overnight ;O
I highly recommend these. They're beautiful and affordable. Shipping was really fast too. I live in Hawaii and it took 2 days to get here.

Reviewed by Caitlin, 05/13/2011

I bought these extensions several months ago and I am still happy with the look. I like that I have the option to re-curl or straighten them and I don't have to worry about it melting. It looks real for a cheap price my kind of shopping!

Reviewed by Brianna, 04/18/2011

First of all, let me applaud pretty&cute on their fantastic customer service and super fast shipping. (2 days from Oregon to PA) When I first opened the extensions I noticed that they were a little thin and shinier than my natural hair. I ordered the black, #B1. They're very light and soft, and the curls are beautiful. All in all, I love these and I would recommend them to anyone!

Reviewed by Jen, 03/30/2011

What color am I supposed to get? lol There is only black and orange. I'm like a medium brown

Reviewed by Maui, 02/28/2011

I got my extension today. I like it a lot. i straighten it and curled back. heat wise good. As of hair getting tangle, it gets on my nerves but a way to de-tangle it buy a de-tangle spray for hair. It works in my case.

Reviewed by Nana, 02/26/2011

About how long do they last?

Reviewed by vytee, 02/05/2011

i can't believe it's not real hair!!!

Reviewed by Lily, 01/09/2011

I ordered these just 2 weeks ago and they still look perfect.Ive tried many different styles with them.Ive even straightened them!!They still look perfect.

Reviewed by Malinka, 12/20/2010

Im in love with this product I would like to have it very much but I have red hair...What to do???

Reviewed by May, 12/14/2010

What do you say is the color I number I should use for dark brown or that resembles the color the model has?

Reviewed by Christina Darling, 12/13/2010

I just got this in the mail today and I absolutely am in LOVE with it.

Reviewed by Vee, 12/13/2010

Raine, you should get the 2T33. It's a nice, dark brown.

I got these extensions today and I absolutely love it. It does look natural and it blends in pretty nicely with my real hair. However, it does tangle easily like everyone else say but I'm sure if you take care of it and lightly brush it, it should be fine. It was a little bit thin but maybe it's just me because I like having thick hair. The length is actually pretty good to me as well. It's actually to my waist or maybe longer? I believe it's the perfect length. I'm thinking of getting another one just because I want my hair to look thicker. I would totally recommend it. =)

Reviewed by hachan, 12/11/2010

I got it a while a go. I got the black and dark brown. Pro: Looks very natural. Con: Tangle so easy, and don't know what to do to untangle it. I kinda fell that I just wasting $20. Did anyone have any great tips to make it untangle cuz I didn't wear it anymore after it tangle.

Reviewed by Raine, 12/09/2010

I was wondering what color did you guys pick for the dark brown? What was the number ? I don't want to get the jet black like last time, I wasted my money on that. ; ( Thanks.

Reviewed by Monica, 12/02/2010

I was super excited when I got these, I got them in black! The first thing I noticed was how silky they are, which I love. But mine came with only four clips and one of the clips was broken. I didn't care very much since I could fasten the extensions in extremely tight and sturdy on my head. They were absolutely beautiful and cascaded natural down my back. They actually reach the top of my bottom since I'm very short (4'10 1/2) and I'm hoping to trim them slightly so they'll be a better fit. I also have very thick, shoulder length hair so I have to make sure I fasten the hair around my neck back underneath the extensions so it doesn't flip out. I attempted to straighten these but they wouldn't completely straighten and they looked frumpier. When I tried to recurl them I had an extremely hard time until I used a trick for curling long and stubborn hair which made it much much easier. I'd love to wear these out but I'd have to curl my hair everyday, which I'm not very fond of.

Reviewed by Jayden, 11/22/2010

I just got these extensions within 4 days after i ordered them and the are absoutly soft, shiny, and natural looking hair. the color that i got is med brown and it blends so well w/ my hair. Although it tends to get tangled but all in all its great i got compliments with these ^_^

Reviewed by kyokoaya, 11/18/2010

ok i'm disappoint this extension was not long on me it was pretty short. it was the same lenght as my real hair when i curl it. i was hoping for a longer look but instead i got volume which i also want. i tried to curling the extension for more curls but it fell flat it did not curl it straighten it instead. what a bummer i do not recommand curling it. i could be me but i still wouln't recommend curling it.

Reviewed by Joyce, 11/11/2010

This are beautiful, the colors are accurate not like other stores that say brown but is dark brown etc. It actually matched my hair color and they don't look fake either.
Great price and Great Quality extensions!

Reviewed by Xyahli, 11/05/2010

A DrEaM!!! I heart these so much! These are the best extensions ever and they come in a good price! You'll never find anything thing as good as this