23" Clip-In Heat-Friendly Synthetic Extension (School Girl Straight)

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Our heat-friendly 23" inch 5-clip extension is one of our most loved product of Pretty&Cute. Our customers have rated it one of the most affordable and of top quality products. It's silky smooth texture will keep you wondering why they are so affordable. These extensions can be used with the 20" extensions. The 23" is the bottom application as the 20" is added to the middle for volume. 



DirectionsPart upper half of hair in half  then tie or clip up. Open extensions and place under top parted hair with secure comb-clips. Snap on clips from ear to ear. Using a straightening iron set it to 180 degrees and straighten bottom parted hair to match extensions. After straightening bottom parted hair release top parted hair. Use top parted hair to cover the clips Use straightening iron to top parted section of hair.




  • 23" inches in length
  • 110g of hair
  • High quality fibers able to be styled with heat up tp 180 degrees (minor styling)
  • Looks and feels realistic
  • High quality for low price



Other Information:

  • Shade #1 is a pure, jet black color.
  • Shade #4 is a very deep, rich, dark brown color. Suitable for many of the Asian decent.
  • Shade #231 is awarm mixture of dark orange and brown.
  • Cannot be dyed with regular hair dye since it is made with sythetic fiber.
  • Can be dyed with fabric dye but is not recommended due to poor quality.




Reviewed by Oanh, 05/28/2013

Sorry this is not a review but i was wondering when is the other two color going to be restocked

Reviewed by Wajhiea, 08/12/2012

Im thinking of buying these but i dont know if they are thick enough! I have really short hair so....i dont know if ill be getting good coverage. Can someone send me a pic if they bout a pair?!! XD Thanks!

Reviewed by Koizumi, 02/13/2012

Please restock 4

Reviewed by Candy, 11/23/2011

I was very excited to see that I could get extensions at this price and had to buy them. The only color available is the #231 shade, which is noted as being a mixture of brown and orange. But it is really more like a dark strawberry blonde. I died my hair to match using Clairol's Nice and Easy dye in Natural Reddish Blonde. It matches the extensions really well. You won't be able to tell the difference between the extension's shade versus your own hair color.

The extensions themselves are a single weft with clips. The hair is super silky soft, but agree with most other reviewers here- it does tangle SUPER easily. It does have a bit of an unnatural shine to it as well. The texture of the extensions were much nicer than my own hair, so if you have damaged and split ends, you may want to get that taken care of so it blends much more nicely with the extensions.

Other than that, these extensions are amazing for the price. Just be aware that you may have to dye your hair to match the 231 shade, it isn't a shade that many have naturally and if your natural hair color is even a little bit lighter or less red, it will not blend well at all.. Too bad the other two shades have been out of stock for a while now.

Reviewed by Annie, 10/27/2011

Ive bought the #231 is very light on me, my hair is dark brown but i like how it looks with 2 color but of cuz look weird lol..i would dye my hair to 231 color make it match..very soft and tangle when i receive it, shipping is fast to usa 3 days ha,,please restock other 2 colors....good luck!

Reviewed by mailee, 10/03/2011

can you dye the hair extensions?

Reviewed by Eva Rivera, 08/14/2011

Ok every one who wrote a review of ANY extension in the extension category.. heres what yu can do YES it IS safe I have done this myself and was petrofied it wouldnt work..but it did. You can cut the extension if it doesnt fit ur head size. mines had 4 clips. i cut it down to 3 and it fit PERFECTLY. NO other hair came out it was stuck like that. Problem solved. If anyone wants to see how it looks NOW my email is and I can take a picture of me even pulling the spot where i cut it..and you will see..its just fine. try this defiantly if it doesnt fit around your head (: good luck ladies!

Reviewed by Emmzie, 05/12/2011

I liked the box they came in. shipping was fast. they were very long (an unnatural long lol) but very silky and felt real. but the only thing is is that i ordered shade #231 and it says a mixture of dark orange and brown and it looks more like a strawberry blonde. they are too light for me but good quality but they are really thin. :p

Reviewed by elvia, 04/26/2011

I loved that they were soft but tangled. I had to cut it in layers to make it blend with my real hair. It was too big for my head. :(

Reviewed by Judy Dong, 03/10/2011

LOVE IT! cept it did not look natural so I had my stylist trim and layer it to match my length , other then that you might want the 20" with this to create a natural length with natural volume :)) NJOY!!!

Reviewed by pixie.sticks, 02/23/2011

LOOOOVE IT! I just received this item yesterday night. silky, sleek, and soft.

Reviewed by Yengosan, 02/21/2011

Can't you dye these extensions to match your hair color?

Reviewed by Me, 02/18/2011

I just received my hair extensions today and they are already tangled up. My friends were playing around with it right when I opened them. I suggest that when you first get them, spray them with some detangling product so that it stays silky longer. But it does look a little bit more real tangled up a bit. Over all I think it's worth it's price. ^_^

Reviewed by ali, 02/11/2011

i love these extensions they are so soft and silky and what i really liked about them is that i only needed to buy one they werent to thin i have looked for 23inch extensions before and i have to say that this is the cheapest that i found for the length that they are verry good quality tho! =]

Reviewed by Samantha[:, 01/14/2011

My bestfriend Ruba Has These And She LOVES Them. They Match Her Hair Perfectly, And They Look Real. But When I Touch Them They're A Bit Tangly(But Soft and Silky). I'm Bout To Order Some Right Now (:

Reviewed by jyl2x-shii, 01/05/2011

I just got mine today and it feels very soft and silky. I love these. BUT! and it's a very big butt. Apart from the fact that it didnt blend in my real hair much, as I run my finger through the hair, they begin to fall outt! ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS? these hair extensions are really long, and I'm not quite sure if I'd go out wearing themm...

Reviewed by Ariel, 12/08/2010

These were very soft and silky and if you used some shine serum on your hair, they could even pass as your own hair probably. I was fortunate to have them match my hair colour almost perfectly.. but I never dared to wear them outside. Even though I bought two, they didn't blend well with my medium length hair. Also, I found these quite uncomfortable.. and since it is just one long strip instead of smaller little clip ons, sometimes it created these little "bumps" in my hair cuz they went 1 or 2 centimeters past my ear sometimes if I didn't position in a certain way. (I actually have a pretty big head too!)They were very heavy, and sometimes felt like they were tugging my hair out, and like everyone else said.. tangle very easily. If they came in smaller strips instead of one long giant strip, I would buy more but unfortuantely, they dont.

Reviewed by kyokoaya, 11/18/2010

ok heres the good side and down side to this extension.
the good side is that its soft, shiney, silky, great sturdy clips, have a lot hair so its nice and heavy.
the down side to this extension are easly tangle, not as long as expect it, not really heat resistant, when comb hair falls out a lot.
would i recommand this extension to anyone? yes, if they don't mind the good side and down side to this extension. my husband didn't know that i bought the extension. i put it on one day and he loved my hair and couldn't keep his hands away from my hair until i told him that it was fake. he was suprise and said "its not real!"

Reviewed by Jessica Wang, 11/17/2010

the extensions were soft and the color was just right.. but they looked too fake on me.. or maybe I'm just not putting them on right.

Reviewed by Yoo-Jin Bae, 11/15/2010

These extensions are very nice, soft, and seem really real! The color matched my real hair nicely and I used 2 sets since my hair is very short and it looked more natural. 1 set itself is very thick but it tangles easily.

Reviewed by Stephanie, 11/14/2010

Ive had these extensions for awhile now probably 4 months and i bought two of them in dark brown. they are awesome! yes they do get a bit frizzy and can get tangly but if you get synthetic hair shampoo and conditioner from sallys and flat iron them before wearing out they do just the trick. they are super long and i have one set aside that i curled and the other straight. and dont worry about using heat on them I use my flat iron on these all the time and have no problems. just dont put the heat up too high!

Reviewed by Stefanie Martinez, 11/11/2010

you need about 2-3 of these if you have shoulder length hair because it is thin, it lasted me a few days and tangled up quick when i added heat, so not recommended with heat but its secure when put on and reaches my waist

Reviewed by Xyahli, 11/06/2010

These are so silky and soft and feels so real! I got so many compliments when I wore them to my State's Fair.
But I do wish that they came in a light/medium brown