A-Line Bob

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The Ulzzang Bob is a super adorable bob wig. This bob is perfect for the Ulzzang "Komi Xi" look. Her signature big eyes short hair angel look is unbelievably cute and now achievable by you and I.  This wig is incredibly soft and feels and looks realistic. The bangs can be adjusted according to the desired style - sideswept, towards the forehead,etc. This wig is heat resistant up to 180 degrees.



Reviewed by lulu , 09/20/2012

I really like this wig. One thing I've noticed in the years I've been collecting wigs, is that the bangs and the part can make a huge difference. It can either make the wig look natural or screaming fake. I'm not sure why this is, but with this wig, I feel it looks very natural, and I'm not CONSTANTLY adjusting or pushing the bangs aside to make it look real.
So in terms of "naturality" this wig is tops! The style is modern and sophisticated -- longer in the front (a little past chin length) and a bit shorter in the back. I think this wig would suit those in their mid 20's+.
I only wish this wig were a bit thicker. But its a very sleek wig, precise cut, and frames the face nicely.
In terms of service, PrettyandCute is phenomenal. I received my order 2 business days after ordering, and I live on the opposite side of the country.