Pretty&Cute LLC founded in 2008, started as one girl’s mission to help every girl appreciate and enhance her natural beauty and to make the world a beautiful place. Built on the foundation of passion for quality cosmetics and beauty tools, the online beauty retailer offers premier makeup, hair care, skin care,  and more to girls of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Since its launch, the company’s #1 goal has been to provide an engaging atmosphere for its community and to ensure customers’ opinions are heard. Pretty&Cute interacts with its customers via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and through its corporate blog, asking for customer feedback and exchanging product reviews. Pretty&Cute encourages it customers to share the products they would like to see in the store, keeping the company fresh and agile with the latest trends to supply customers with products they want. In addition to taking customer suggestions, Pretty&Cute stays current by conducting market research, contacting brand companies and negotiating the best prices possible for their products. Pretty&Cute holds a high standard in considering products for the site. It not only looks into the market price range for its customers, it also values the safety, brand image and quality of the products it sells. Pretty&Cute simply carries only the best products around.


What Inspires us

We are often asked how our business name was created. There are many words that can describe beauty, but none can define it. The words pretty and cute both have an innocent meaning behind them. We often label innocence as a sign of cute.

With all the chaos in this world, innocence seems to slip away from us forcing us to grow up quicker. We want to help preserve innocence in the world because there is nothing wrong with being a child-at-heart and there is definitely nothing wrong with expressing it with a pretty face.


The Pretty & Cute Team

The Pretty&Cute team is always here to help. Our highly rated customer service is one of the reasons why our customers prefer to shop with us. As a part of the Pretty & Cute team, we are confident we can help you with all your needs. We were all once a customer of Pretty & Cute before we joined the team. Now we are experienced representatives of Pretty & Cute and are ready to share our knowledge with you. We are here to answer all of your questions and concerns, so shoot us an e-mail or give us a call. The Pretty & Cute team is ready to serve you. Our staff has one goal in mind: to share the secrets of beauty with you.


Pretty&Cute retail store in Portland Oregon