Baby Girl Frames

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These Baby Girl Frames will give you the sweet and innocent look of a doll.  They are transparent pink frames with a sleek design and comfortable patted sides with white stitching. Also comes in colors black and brown. Collect all three for every occasion from casual to professional.


These frames comes with non-prescription lenses which can be removed and re-apply with actually prescription lenses. 


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  • Size: 13.5cm by 3.5cm by 15.5cm
Reviewed by RoseQ, 02/27/2012

Definitely worth the price. Got this in Pink and Brown. Pink is a little transparent but not in a bad way; very cute. Brown is a tiny bit transparent, a loving tint with a red undertone, a gorgeous color. Both of them came with the sides in this type of soft leather depending on the frames, in pink or brown. Looks kinda classy actually. Both of them are quite comfy. Took a little bit getting used to but not a big deal.

Reviewed by saki, 03/02/2011

I love these glasses, they're big like ulzzang glasses should be and fit better than I thought they would! My face isn't as small as those ulzzang girls' but it actually fit really well!

Reviewed by Madame Missy, 01/31/2011

These glasses are so cute! They are surely worth the price. They are a little more transparent than I thought they would be though. But I love them anyway!

Reviewed by Alma Reyes, 01/14/2011

I bought these glasses & they go with any outfit & they give me a light edgy look thats just right!.... I should buy another pair just in case i sit on my only pair...

Reviewed by Sakura, 11/25/2010

Love these, I wish they ones even bigger also that were fully pink and not transparent. Other then that I love them, they are super girly cute, and sturdy, not cheap looking at all to me

Reviewed by Xyahli Vue, 11/11/2010

I got a lot of compliments when I wore these. I love the pink, because it is so unexpected. It really just pops out! The color is so pretty though