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We at Pretty&Cute believe that the best way to learn about a product prior to purchasing is through the experiences, thoughts and real data submitted by previous customers. If you would like to be featured on our page, build a larger fanbase as well as earn 50 reward points redeemable towards any Pretty&Cute products of your choice submit your blog review through the submission form.

Lioele Korea has encouraged us to select the best blog product reviews by our very own customers to be featured on the Pretty&Cute website! If chosen, your review will be featured on the product's page in which you have reviewed under the special tab "Best Blog Reviews". Who knows, we may end up falling in love with your blogging skills and invite you to be a part of the Pretty&Cute team!




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Product(s) reviewed must be product(s) of No limit as to how many product reviews you can submit. Only one review per product. Your registered e-mail address to your Pretty&Cute account must be provided in order for us to contact you. Allow up to 2-3 weeks for a submission review process. If chosen, our staff will contact you via e-mail. Reviews must include at least three (3) photos and at least one (1) form of written review. Submitted information should be only of that you permit to be viewed publicly. Review must be in English or with English subtitles. All reviews must be original and non-plagiarized work of your own on your own blogging network. No ending date for blog review submissions as of yet.

Recommended: Detailed text, Photo(s) of product, "before and after" photos, demonstration photos, videos, product's function(s), tips and tricks, etc.