Bow-Shaped Hair Fringe

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Pretty&Cute's Bow-Shaped Hair Fringes are a unique way to hold hair back from the face while you apply your makeup, are using facial masks, washing your face, brushing your teeth or even eating without leaving a kink or dent in your hair due to hair clips. This extremely useful and easy-to-use product is one of our staff's favorites! As it is in the shape of a bow, you will still look cute while doing as you desire with your bangs out of the way. What's even better?  It comes in 8 different colors/designs for you to choose from! 


Directions: Push bangs or other parts of hair back and pat velcro down onto the hair firmly.



  • Keeps hair out of eyes and face 
  • Use over and over again
  • Cute designs and colors
  • Lightweight
  • Does not create a "kink" or dent in hair 




Reviewed by Anzi , 09/27/2014

I absolutely love these little bows. I wish I could buy more colors but they seem to be out of stock every time I check. :( Other than that I was pretty impressed at how well they work with hair. I have very thick and long hair and yet these bows are great at holding it up and away from my face.

Reviewed by Anniepanda , 09/04/2014

OMG! I got the teal and white bows and I love them so much! They actually stay in place and hold back my bangs so now I don't have to worry about bobby pins denting my hair. And they're just so cute in my hair too! So glad I bought them :)

Reviewed by Stacey , 06/05/2014

I love this! I use it everyday for doing my make-up or washing my face. The only problem I ran into was with daily use over time the cute design peels off from the velcro. It still does the job though!

Reviewed by missbelle , 10/14/2013

I like mine a lot, I have 4 of them, but the "matte" teal most certainly isn't matte. And the color is nothing like the one pictured. I'd give full marks otherwise

Reviewed by Rusti , 07/20/2013

love this, it works great and is so cute. buying some for my friends.

Reviewed by Chrisitna , 12/29/2012

Ive gotten a couple of these as a gift from Pretty & Cute. It doesn't stay put when I place it over my bangs. I guess it has to do with my hair. Great hair accessory though =]

Reviewed by Maddy , 12/11/2012

Very cute but does not hold hair back as well as the dariya brand also sold on this same site.

Reviewed by Melissa , 08/31/2012

I got these along with the orders I orders. I don't have bangs, my hair stylist didn't want me to have bangs >> but it works okay on long bangs, if you know what I mean. It doesn't fall out so its okay for people with long "bangs" as well.

Reviewed by Courtney , 08/14/2012

This is so useful to hold back the little baby hairs around my face! I had doubts whether the velcro would be strong enough to really stick in hair and I was glad to see that it does. Whenever I pull my hair into a ponytail to wash my face or do my makeup, many small hairs around my face come loose and get in the way. This bow keeps the baby hairs off my face securely! This is the most useful free gift (with purchase) that I've ever received from a company and it makes me even more excited to keep on buying from Pretty & Cute so that I can collect as many of these bows as possible, I want to keep them everywhere! I know for sure that any of my friends and my mom will find a use for this too and it is just so much cuter than a plain rectangle of velcro. Awesome product!

Reviewed by Kyon , 07/25/2012

Really love this! I got mine awhile ago with on of my P&C orders :) Too bad my dog ate it :( Haha but good product overall, highly suggest.

Reviewed by Deanna , 07/23/2012

I bought the teal one after it was restocked. I LOVE them and works well. Now I don't have to use a ton of bobby pins to keep hair out of my face. I recommend this product!

Reviewed by HyunYi , 06/23/2012

These are so adorable! I hope they restock soon so i can buy more of them!!

Reviewed by libby , 06/23/2012

luvvvv it! i actually saw these first when BUBSBEAUTY used a clack and withe dot in her vid! i was dying for one and these are perfect!!!

Reviewed by wookseileen , 04/25/2012

Love this got it as a gift from Pretty and Cute and I love it holds my bangs while I do my makeup in the morning ^^

Reviewed by Momo , 03/28/2012

Just got these babies today and I tried it right away lol! It holds my bangs in place!!!! i love it!!! i will purchase more colors in the future :)

Reviewed by Rosillyx , 03/18/2012

I got it also as a freebie & it works incredibly well in keeping my hair out of my face! I'm very happy with it!

Reviewed by Joanna , 03/07/2012

OMG! This is the cuttest things EVER!!! I got this as a gift from pretty and cute when i ordered some other products! I did not expect on getting these but good thing i did because now im gonna order 4 of these things!! LOL

Reviewed by Monique , 03/05/2012

I love the little hair clip. It is cute and very functional. A thousand recommendations from me!

Reviewed by Angela , 02/14/2012

This came as a free goodie in my order as well but I only got a single red one in the package. I still love it thought and use it to hold back my bangs every time I wash my face and apply makeup. I have thin hair and lots of baby hairs around my forehead and this holds them all back just fine for me. I want to buy more so that I can give them to my Mother and Sister In Law.

Reviewed by Tamai , 02/10/2012

Now, I actually didn't buy this myself (it came as a goodie in my order) but I loveloveloveeee it~

Super cute to wear, extremely useful, and keeps my bangs up and out of the way. (':

Reviewed by Amee V, 12/26/2011

Out of all the products i've used I love this one the most. At first i was very confused on how to use it and where to use it, but i caught on very quickly. I seem to wear it all the time! When i do my make-up, wash my face, when my hair is tied up. or just even when my hair is down! i wear it a lot just to add a cute touch to my daily look. I love this product!

Reviewed by Anna , 08/19/2011

I find myself always adjusting it A LOT bcuz I always use it on my bangs and my bangs r somewhat thinner than the rest of my hair so it stays for awhile or i add a few more pieces of hair to make it work kind of. It stays very nicely and it is VERY CUTE, i will buy all the colors next time except for black cuz my hair is black :D
I love how it doesnt slip and is very easy to adjust and duznt attract any hair...

Reviewed by Madison , 08/12/2011

I got kawaii hearts, very cute and convenient ^^ love it

Reviewed by Jin , 08/08/2011

just like the description says. AMAZING TOOL!

Reviewed by Allison , 08/03/2011

omg I LOVE these!! the first pair I got was white because the pink and blue were all out :/ then my second pair was the kawaii hearts and those are my absolute favorite! :D they're sooo cute! in the picture the hearts look light pink on a darker pink bow, but they're actually white hearts! I'm so glad I got them! super cute! sometimes I even sleep with them lol and I find it stays in place best if I tie my hair back first. my hair is pretty thin so if I don't it tends to just slip through. I also love that it's flexible enough to match the shape of my head unlike pins

Reviewed by Annie C, 07/18/2011

As the description says, it's good for holding back your fringe when you're washing your face, putting on one of your favorite beauty mask or any beauty routine.

If you wear it for a night out or something, I find myself readjusting it a lot. But I have somewhat thick hair.

However my favorite use for it is sticking it in my boyfriend's hair. :] Which is a five star rating for me.

Reviewed by kurimon , 03/20/2011

these are absolutely adorable and they easily keep my hair in place even though my hair is kind of thick :)

Reviewed by Kylie , 03/08/2011

I ordered the pink because I have blond hair and it looks so cute! They were really really well. They're a little cheaper made than I expected them to be, but for the price it's not too bad, especially since you get two. I will be using these A LOT! very cute.

Reviewed by Carly , 02/21/2011

I bought both the red and the pink, because I didn't know that it came in a package of 2. I don't really think it was worth the 3.99 USD, mainly because each bow is fairly flimsy, but for that price, it's not too big of a deal. I wouldn't say my hair is thick, but I find the bow doesn't really keep it in place for the entire time that I need it to. It would stay gradually lose it's hold on my front bangs and start to fall in front of my face, with the section of bangs that I put it on. I'd say it's only good for a quick face wash, but not for a lengthy time to apply makeup.

Reviewed by Angel , 02/18/2011

These are super duper cute! I didn't expect it to come in a pack of two so that was a bonus for me XD. It holds my fringe out of my face really well. The color I chose was baby blue and it looks stunning on black hair (I may even just wear it out as an accessory teehee). lovee

Reviewed by KiddoKid , 01/24/2011

So pretty and cute, I love this I originally bought the pink one, but I think having another one for the bathroom is a good idea as well ;) Love these, and I would recommend these to anyone.

Reviewed by Caty , 01/02/2011

I love this ^^ I got it in pink and I use it all the time... when i wash my face, when i apply makeup, etc :D it keeps my hair out of the way really well!

Reviewed by Melissa , 12/29/2010

Super cute and perfect for holding my bangs out of my face when I'm applying my BB cream ^^

Reviewed by Chiara &, 12/27/2010

awwwww this is SO CUTE ! i have the pink one & it's perfect *_____* i use this in the morning when i apply make up & when i style my haaiiiir. i use this when i wash my face or when i put on a mask ^____- i use this all the time, cause it's SOO CUTE & it holds up my fringes very good ^.^

Reviewed by Christine , 12/04/2010

I think that this is a very practical and cute tool to hold up your bangs while you are styling your hair. The original and traditional version of this was not very fashionable and cute as it was only a giant square velcro. I love this product and have purchased it for my friends as well :)

Reviewed by Carol , 11/23/2010

It didn't hold up as good as I thought it would, but I guess it's 'cause I have a lot of hair.. Hahaha. Besides that, it holds up pretty good. I like it.

Reviewed by Belinda B, 11/22/2010

So useful.. esp if you have bangs and you don't want to crimp them with a headband while getting rdy in the morning. Super cute in hair too!

It holds really well if u slide it from the root of your hair to the place u want it.

Reviewed by Kyasarin , 11/19/2010

At first, I was skeptical about how well these bows can hold up my thick hair. Once I tried it on, it stayed in place and it gets hair out of my face. I love this product.

Reviewed by kyokoaya , 11/18/2010

nice like it very useful.