D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra

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0.09mm High Quality ultra-thin transparent tapes.
Made from SAFE & COMFORTABLE 3M Medical tape material. Stronge resistance to water & sweat.
High adhesive tapes is INVISIBLE after applied and stay on securely INSIDE the crease.
Easy to use by applying the pre-cut tape on eyelid where you want to create the fold with the applicator.
Free applicator included in box.

What is the difference between Extra type and Mild type: It is the difference of hardness of the adhesive, Extra type’s adhesive tape is harder than Mild type. (Recommended for those who like dramatic and sharp looks). And soft type adhesive tape is more flexible than hard type. (Recommended for those who like natural and soft looks). However, the tapes ingredients are absolutely the same and are both equally water and sweat resistant. So, please choose by your preference.





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This Item: D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra
D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape Mild
Reviewed by Mel , 09/09/2015

Really great double eyelid tape! I prefer the Extra to the Mild as it creates a sharper fold. Takes a few tries to get used to, but it's really easy! I've also applied it on top of my eyeshadow and it holds the crease! Works best with bare lids.

Reviewed by Hani , 04/04/2014

works well. love it!

Reviewed by Devon , 10/31/2013

I use this for my hooded western eyes. I have the sleepy eyes look. It really works and is hidden well in my crease when I use it. My eyes look less heavy and more awake. It's not uncomfortable, you do notice it at first but quickly forget it's there. It took me a lot of practice to get these to work. I'm naturally clumsy, so yeah it was hard at first. I keep dropping them or putting them in the wrong spot etc. My not being able to read the directions didn't help either.

Reviewed by babybelle , 05/07/2013

I love the product but its hard to manual at first comparing the use of Eye talk glue. the tape last longer than the glue eye talk. you may feel irratated as tape stayed on all day though. I personally like eyelid tape more because it does really help to create one crease only. unlike glue eye talk where it could created many creases when glue dried as if you have lot of excess skin on the eyelid.

Reviewed by Monique , 04/05/2012

I have tried a few different ones. and this is by far the most natural looking tapes. It is so flexible yet so very thin. and the tweezer that came with it is very useful. I will definitely purchase this one again.

Reviewed by Redbun , 10/05/2011

This tape is thin and it's meant to be hidden under the eyelid crease so it's totally not visible which is great. Also, it gives a very natural looking double eyelid and it's easy to use. *thumbs up*

Reviewed by Pazee , 12/12/2010

i watch videos about it on youtube...and it seemed to work really well. Also it's recommanded by other girls that i've watch on youtube

Reviewed by Crystal , 12/09/2010

works good:)
very fast shipping too loved it