D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape Mild

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Size: 120 Tapes
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0.09mm High Quality ultra-thin transparent tapes.
Made from SAFE & COMFORTABLE 3M Medical tape material. Stronge resistance to water & sweat.
High adhesive tapes is INVISIBLE after applied and stay on securely INSIDE the crease.
Easy to use by applying the pre-cut tape on eyelid where you want to create the fold with the applicator.
Free applicator included in box.

What is the difference between Extra type and Mild type: It is the difference of hardness of the adhesive, Extra type’s adhesive tape is harder than Mild type. (Recommended for those who like dramatic and sharp looks). And soft type adhesive tape is more flexible than hard type. (Recommended for those who like natural and soft looks). However, the tapes ingredients are absolutely the same and are both equally water and sweat resistant. So, please choose by your preference.




Reviewed by Emma , 11/07/2014

I got this because i seen lots of girls on youtube talk about how good these are. When i watch them put it on, they do a great job, and, they make it look so easy. Lots of them did say it was hard to put on but with practice they got the hang of it. I like it that the tape is inside a case and it comes with the tool to place it on. But my only con is that its not that easy to make it look lije how you want it. It is retty easy to put on,mthe hard part is tryng to make it look right. Ihave triple folds,its a bit harder for me. BUT if you have mono lids or trying to fix your double lids then this is actually worth it. Once i figure where to place it im sure i can train my lids to go back to my double lids days. Also it doesn't hurt when you have it on, it feels like there is nohing there. You can't really see it as well.

Reviewed by silver902 , 08/30/2013

Ordered for my Western/European hooded eyes. Helps but it really is a mild change. Very subtle. Perhaps more apparent on Asians? I'll be ordering the 'Extra' type for more lift. Definitely the best eyelid tape I've used though :).

Reviewed by Luna , 06/08/2013

Works great for western eyes as well! I have uneven eyelids - I put this on overnight and when I wake up my eyelids are even for the day. :D I have only been using it for a week now, but I think if you continue using it (for like 3 months) the new shape will be (at least) semi-permanent. :) Read about this from MichellePhan. :o

Reviewed by rocksane , 05/13/2012

dont forget to use sth over the eyes to make it dry so tapes stick otherwise it kindda of dont last longer.