Dariya Japan Hair/Fringe Grip (2pcs)

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Dariya Japan Hair/Fringe Grips are a unique way to hold hair back from the face while you apply your makeup, are using facial masks, washing your face, brushing your teeth or even eating without leaving a kink or dent in your hair due to hair clips. This product is extremely easy to use and will help to perfect your look, not ruin it! 



Directions: Push bangs or other parts of hair back and pat velcro down onto the hair firmly.



  • Keeps hair out of eyes and face 
  • Use over and over again
  • Cute designs and colors
  • Lightweight
  • Does not create a "kink" or dent in hair 


Reviewed by Maddy, 12/11/2012

Works great for keeping hair off your face while you do your makeup. Please bring back color ones. Also holds better than the bow shape polka dots ones sold on this same site.

Reviewed by Deanna, 07/23/2012

This works perfectly for me to keep my hair out of my face. I just wished the pink and blue ones were restocked, but the black one works well regardless.

Reviewed by Celeste, 05/20/2012

These are great! They easily hold my fringes back without leaving a dent like what happens when I use bobby pins. Everyone should go buy these!!

Reviewed by Suzzi, 03/04/2012

it does what its supposed to do =]

Reviewed by Popcorn bunny, 04/10/2011

I have been using this little baby everyday since I got it two months ago. Its simple and functional: keeps my bangs out of the way when I'm trying to apply make up, moisturizer, or cleanse my face.

Reviewed by bri , 03/27/2011

i do my makeup every day so this is a must have for me!!! also this is perfect for when i wash my face!!!

Reviewed by InsideOut Elle, 11/12/2010

Very simple design but ingenious idea. This is basically a must have for anyone who has bangs and does makeup regularly.