Epi Magic Facial Hair Remover

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Epi Magic is a new generation of hair removal. This is the most natural way of removing unwanted facial hair. New and improved design, the epi stick is even more user friendly. With gripping stubs added to the handles, it allows the user to have a firmer grip and easier movement. New and improved spring allows epi magic to remove unwanted facial hair while minimizing the pain. By up lifting the hair root from face, you are avoiding shaving burns and waxing pains. Epi Magic is truly a beauty tool that all girls should have in their makeup bag.



  • Easy to use
  • Improved design
  • Firmer grip with gripping stubs
  • By removing from root, hair takes hair longer to grow back


Reviewed by Nichole, 09/22/2013

It does its job and is a good product, but yes it will hurt my friends...A lot!

Reviewed by deb, 07/14/2013

I bought 2 the handle broke off one but I've had the 2nd one for about a year and it's still working

Reviewed by Christina, 12/29/2012

I acutally got this sometime ago on Ebay. Forgot what happened to it. I ordered one from here. I forgot how much it hurt pulling out the hairs. But it does get the job done.

Reviewed by Linh V., 09/27/2012

It hurts but it does its job. Takes a while but i guess its a bit better than theading.

Reviewed by Em, 09/07/2012

The first time I tried something like this . . . and it is super effective :D the only con is like the other people said, it hurts T___T but hey it gets the work done so I am satisfied! Plus the shipping was super duper fast!

Reviewed by Aonide, 07/29/2012

Face slinky review!!! We'll start by saying: I hate waxing! I hate it with a vengeance! It's not the pain I mind, I'm just scared of the goop and the ripping, and the other people doing it to me in a public scenario! So I've obviously been looking for other alternatives, right? Oh hey! I was buying stuff from this site anyways so I might as well try this! Found this little guy here (I got the pink though, so it might be a girl?). Superficially this thing is really cute, not sure why, but I really dig the little plastic handle (it looks like a slinky with handles!!!). Functionally? I like it because I can absentmindedly use this while I watch a movie or tv, I like it because I don't have to put sticky goop on my face and yank it off. It definitely works, but it involves effort. It's not a magic anti-hair tool, but its ten times better than tweezers and while it stings a bit (hey, you're plucking hairs!) it's a lot more fun than any other anti-fuzz tool/wax/etc. Yes, I said fun. Why? Because it's springy! It's a face slinky! Downside though? It takes a bit to figure out/get used to and it does do it's job but its a pain to get every little fuzzy hair out. However if you hate waxing fuzzes off your face as much as I do, then this little tool here will be a godsend! If you are the sort of person to not do the tl:dr posts then I shall I leave you with two end words (that you might actually read): Face. Slinky.

Reviewed by Rachel, 05/09/2012

I am IN LOVE with this product! It works really well and is strangely fun to use. As far as the pain, it is the same kind of tingling pain as tweezing, except across a larger surface area. I honestly didn't even notice after a while. It leaves your skin really smooth. Must have.

Reviewed by SImone, 04/10/2012

completely worth it, im never paying $15 to get my lip threaded again !

Reviewed by Meylani, 07/28/2011

This thing really does work. It does hurt, but once you get most of the hair off (it doesn't take ALL of the hair off), your face becomes SUPER soft and putting BB creams on is a breeze!

Reviewed by Bethany, 07/25/2011

beauty is pain. =]

Reviewed by Mandy, 03/22/2011

This really does work! It it super duper effective! Yes it does hurt but after you use it a lot you'll get use to it. It only takes about 2-5 minutes to remove all the unwanted hairs.

Reviewed by Theresa, 03/11/2011

This is really good for removing hair. It does hurt, but it's not that painful, compared to waxing.. S:

Reviewed by Nana, 02/22/2011

I like it a lot! I used it on my sideburns and they are like magically gone! It didn't take more than 5 minutes. Only con is it HURT!!! I still like it, it's worth it.

Reviewed by Melissa, 12/08/2010

The Epi Magic is effective, and it does take some hair out. Cons... it hurts like a mother beach.
Worth it though.


Epi Magic Facial Hair Remover

Hi Everyone!
I'm here to do my first ever review! (yayyyy!!!) This is a bit nerve racking but here I go...
Today, I am going to be reviewing the Epi Magic Facial Hair Remover.
I purchased mine from Pretty&Cute ( ) for $11.06 plus shipping. Originally, if P&C didn't hold a back to school sale which was 15% off your purchase, it would have costed me $12.55 to get it shipped from Oregon to NorCal. Pretty good saving I must say. Wished I could have purchased more during the sale.
I know some of you may say that I could've purchased it for a cheaper price on ebay but since I'm a girl who is very sceptic about purchasing things online, I rather turn to a site I am most familiar with. Also, I'm a concealed cash payer so I have to send in money and most sites doesn't allow that. But because of P&C's many paying methods, I can finally get my hands on one of these bad boys right here. 
To Use:
You may ask, does it hurt? Well coming from a girl who has a VERY LOW pain tolerance, it was not bad at all. It did not hurt as much as waxing, and it is faster than tweezing. I only recommend you to use this on your upper lip, chin and cheek area. It does not work on plucking the hairs off your brows and I don't recommend that as well.
Overall, I love this product! So worth it! Results will last you 1-2 weeks, but it really depends on the growth rate of your facial hair. Everyone is different. It's pulling the hair out from the roots which is a lot easier on your skin then waxing since waxing is removing the hair and a thin layer of your skin. I suggest this method over waxing anyday! I will never go back to tweezing my upper lips anymore!!! 
removes all facial hair especially my upper lip!
It's a bit awkward trying to turn the handle thingy
If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to comment below! =) thankyou~