Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle (Purple Rose)

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Etude House Princess Happy ending Belle is part of the Princess Happy Ending Collection that was inspired by Disney princesses. These lipsticks offer rich pigment and glide across effortlessly with its creamy, moisturizing formula. The Purple Rose color of the Belle line offers you the same gorgeous lip hue as the classic beauty.  Get your limited edition lipstick while supplies last!


Directions: Start with applying to the center of the lips and then move outwards.



  • Rich Color
  • Moisturizes
  • Glossy
  • Creamy




Reviewed by Nuri, 11/05/2014

So this was my first Etude House lipstick purchase. I was on the market for a violet lipstick. I didn't even notice it was Disney related which is probably good because as a 32 year old woman, that's not really an interest for me. I usually like minimal packaging but I liked that the tube came in a box so it wasn't bouncing all over the shipment. The tube is cute, simple and straight forward in its design. The lipstick wasn't exactly the color I was expecting (but that could be due to my computer). It was more of a deep fuchsia with undertones of red instead of undertones of blue which violet has. But the color is nice in its own right. It went on smooth, had high shine and felt very moist. So much so I was afraid it would be the kind of lipstick that feathered or smudged off. It did neither. It lasted through eating and drinking coffee. Though it did leave a lip mark on my mug it didn't take it all off. After a day of wear with no touch ups it was still on though a little less shiny. So even though I'm still looking for a violet lipstick this is a great lipstick and I will try Etude House again for lip products.