Gatsby Moving Rubber: Air Rise (Mini)

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If you are looking for a hair wax that won't grease up your look, gives a lightweight but sturdy look, take a look at this hair wax. It is suitable for medidum to long hair. Its soft and airly texture that can create a variety of natural and flexible hair style. Create the look of hair with volume, fullness and buoyance without the grease, stickiness and shine with this hair wax.

Directions: Scoop an appropriate amount onto palm of hands and rub hands together. Apply onto hair as desired.



  • No stiffness
  • Non greasy
  • No shine
  • Super hold
  • Suitable for medium to long hair


Reviewed by Popcorn Bunny, 08/17/2011

So I’m a girl and I know this product is geared towards guys but I tried a little bit after I bought a mini Gatsby Air Rise for my brother. He has a faux-hawk and is always complaining about how it takes forever to style his hair up (every morning) and how difficult it is to find a styling product that DIDNT turn his hair into a stiff fossilized glob. I gotta say this product works very well, he was able to do his hair in minutes and it stayed soft and manageable. I also tried a bit and stuck it on a few strands of my own hair. To my surprise (and amusement, hu hu hu) it stayed upright instantly and didn’t feel stiff or sticky at all!
Yeah.. this turned out to be a weird review didn’t it? ….oh well. Enjoy to whoever is considering Gatsby styling products!