Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Liquid Concealer

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Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Liquid Concealer will conceal your blemishes, dark circles or any other skin imperfections that you may have. With its liquid formula, you can easily apply it anywhere and blend it into your skin. The tube of thie concealer is fairly large so you will have plenty to use for long periods of time. The formula itself is smooth and silky so you won't have any issues with clumping or drying.


Directions: Apply directly onto any blemishes, dark circles or other skin imperfections prior to makeup application. You can apply lotion or a moisturizer beforehand. Blend out with pad of ring finger or brush. Continue with regular makeup regime.



  • Smooth formula
  • Great coverage
  • Longlasting
  • Lots of formula per bottle



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