Ikemoto Tsubaki Oil Shampoo Brush

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Tsubaki (camellia) oil is a well-known ingredients widely used in Japan for hair care & beauty. To allow you a perfect hair in daily care time, this high quality comb is pre-immersed & coated with tsubaki oil, gives you the nourishment whenever combing the hairs, keeping your hair moisture rich, elastic, and with a healthy look. This brush is used in hair wash along with shampoo. The special soft elastic brush tips help a deep cleansing of hairs & scalp (especially for removal of sebum), while with massage actions, it also helps promote blood circulation and maintain health of hairs.


Ikemoto Tsubaki Oil in Shampoo Brush that help to remove the scalp's excess oil and impurities, and massage the scalp for a better blood circulation that leads to a beautiful hair growth. This hair brush's tips are made with two different shape, which can bring stimulation and improve your scalp's condition. In addition to keep your hair healthy and shine, this hair brush contains Tsubaki Oil (camille oil) to constantly massage your hair.


Directions: Wet hair. Dispense shampoo onto brush. Massage shampoo brush into your hair move in circular motions. Rinse off shampoo as usual after massaging. 



  • Nourishes hairs while cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Massages hair and scalp at the root
  • Promotes blood circulation 
  • Relaxing massage 
Reviewed by Christina, 12/29/2012

Great product =]