Kai Smart Cute: Bob Hairstyle Maker Large

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Kai Smartcute Bob Hair Style Maker can transform your hair into a Bob style or many other styles. Common Hair Styles the Kai Smartcute Bob Hair Style Maker can create:

  • Bob HairStyle - use the tool and roll horizontally inwards towards neck.
  • Half up bun - do the same as you would with a bun, but using only half of the hair on the back of yourh ead.
  • Elegant turned-inwards up-do - start with a mid-head ponytail. Hold the tool vertically and turn towards scalp.
  • Lower head loose bun - use tool on all hair towards the bottom near the back of your neck for a loose effect. Add a flower or hair accessory to accenuate!
  • Many more styles!


DirectionsPut the amount of hair desired into the hole in between the long hair clip and roll the hair inside carefully upwards. Use the clips on either end to comb and clip your into place to keep the hair tool in place.



  • Many hairstyles can be created with this tool
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy Material
  • Lets you be creative!
Reviewed by Rusti, 07/20/2013

I like this product. it works okay with layered hair if you curl you hair first.

Reviewed by Angelina, 06/07/2012


Reviewed by Kyon, 02/09/2012

This is a good idea for a product, but it doesn't work with layers, which might can be expected, but also it is hard if not impossible to but on. Oh well, like my long hair anyway ^-^

Overall not very worth the money.