Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelashes #01 Dolly Sweet

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Luxurious lashes made with the richest fiber. Soft to the touch, but yet sturdy for long term use. Custom design to draw attention and enhance the alluringness of the eyes. Curved pointy half-thick, half-thin lashes. These false lashes help direct attention to the center of the eye giving the illusion of rounder and brighter eyes. The thickeness on the ends help to draw more attention towards the center of your eyes.



Directions: Trim lashes according to your eyes' shape. Apply glue onto the band of the eyelash and let it sit for 10 seconds to become adhesive. Apply lash onto the very base of your lashes, closest to the lash line. Let sit to dry. 


Volume:  Length:   



  • Rich fibers
  • Comes with glue
  • Reusable
  • Soft material
  • Comes with 2 pairs of lashes and glue
Dolly Wink
Reviewed by Aby , 05/14/2013

Super soft and super nice. Very easy to put on! ^^

Reviewed by Toriee , 03/01/2012

These are amazing! I mean, these are my first lashes and they are super easy to put on and everything! They look exactly like the picture, and you get two pairs.
They're not too dramatic either. That, or perhaps I'm too eccentric.
Will most definitely buy again!ღ

Reviewed by Riss , 02/23/2012

Maybe it's because I'm an awkward mutt of a human (mixture of everything), maybe it's 'cause I'm just weird, but these look WAY too dramatic. I like 'em, they're very pretty, but I could never wear them out, unless I was going to prom or something.

Reviewed by Carly , 01/21/2012

I LOVE these lashes! The packaging is adorable and the lashes are soft and flexible. The glue is great too. They can be difficult to put on at first, but once you get the hang of it, they're pretty easy to apply.

Reviewed by Roxy , 08/30/2011

Love these lashes! At first I thought they'd be a little too dramatic for me, but they're perfect even for a not so dolled up look!

Reviewed by ViVian , 02/12/2011

At first i thought they won't work will for me but surprisingly i love the way they look on me, kind of like the way she had it. This is my number one falsie so far on my list. I wear this every time i go out.

Reviewed by Chiara &, 12/27/2010

i LOVE these ! they look supercute & dolly (if you apply them right).

i'll buy them again ^___^

Reviewed by Chiara , 12/01/2010

I love these lashes! They are amazingly soft, and super flexible! They're quite difficult to apply at first but once you get the hang of it the effect is super dramatic. Also the dolly wink glue is great!