Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelashes #05 Real Nude

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Elegant lashes made with the richest fiber. Soft to the touch, but yet sturdy for long term use. Custom design to draw attention and enhance the alluringness of the eyes. Very simple and straight lashes for a natural look. These lashes come on a clear band, making them look even more natural on your eyes. These lashes are suitable for those who simply want more length in their lashes.


Directions: Trim lashes according to your eyes' shape. Apply glue onto the band of the eyelash and let it sit for 10 seconds to become adhesive. Apply lash onto the very base of your lashes, closest to the lash line. Let sit to dry. 


Volume:        Length:  



  • Rich fibers
  • Comes with glue
  • Reusable
  • Soft material
  • Comes with 2 pairs of lashes and glue
Dolly Wink


Reviewed by Lauren, 08/10/2013

cute and natural!

Reviewed by Jessica Xu, 12/13/2012

very cute lashes - theyre meant to be bottom lashes, but since im a generally conservative person, i wear them as top lashes to add just a tiny perk to my eyes :D also very high quality lashes love them

Reviewed by Mimi, 08/13/2012

These lashes are very cute &nd natural, but at the same time, dolly. Sadly, I accidentally tore one off before I could even wear it :( But, I still have the other pair that lasts quite a long time! I love these and totally recommend it if you would like a natural, dolly look.

Reviewed by Chiara ♥, 12/27/2010

they are really pretty & give you more the natural look ^____^
the glue (which is included) is good to ♥
they look cute with the "dolly sweet"-lashes ^.^