Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker Excellent

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Koji Eyetalk Double Eyelid Maker Excellent lives up to its name by being the best double eyelid glue Koji has to offer! The adhesive is stronger than the others, making it hold longer for all day or all night wear. It applies as a milky white color and dries clear for a more natural look with an almost invisible finish. The formula is still just as soft with natural ingredients, such as, rosemary and chamomile extract to care for your sensitive eye area. Perfect for beginners or pros!



  1. Use water to wipe your eyes clean get all the oils off your eyelid
  2. Apply Small amount of Glue onto the center of your Eyelid
  3. Let it dry for a couple of second until glue is transparent
  4. Use the Koji Stick to push your eyelid up
  5. After 10 second remove Koji Stick from Eyelid
  6. A second crease should be in place



  • Creates Double Eyelids
  • Long Lasting
  • Natural Finish
  • Moisturizing



Reviewed by Allie , 06/11/2014

If double eyelid glue is something you intend to use frequently, I highly recommend this one! I've used the original pink and white bottle, and the waterproof (active) version. The original formula didn't hold very well and I would always have to reapply throughout the day. The waterproof version was much better but the bottle never lasted me very long. This is the most expensive bottle but it's worth it because you get so much more product! At least half a year went by and I'm not even close to running out, and I use this almost daily! I also agree with the description that it's the strongest hold from Koji.

I really recommend Koji over other brands. From my experience, other brands may be a lot cheaper and hold better, but they also cause more damage to your eyelids by stretching them out. Koji's glue is more gentle. But keep in mind, any glue with overuse/long term use will eventually cause some stretching.