Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker

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Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker is a double eyelid maker that is made in a liquid glue type. It creates a long lasting double eyelid effect. To reduce your eyelids' burden, this product contains Ceramide and Rose Extract to keep your skin moist, so it will not create irritation. Fragrance free, White formula, Latex free.  


- Use water to wipe your eyes clean get all the oils off your eyelid
- Apply Small amount of Glue onto the center of your Eyelid
- Let it dry for a couple of second until glue is transparent
- Use the Koji Stick to push your eyelid up
- After 10 second remove Koji Stick from Eyelid
- A second crease should be in place


Reviewed by Mel , 09/09/2015

This works well, but not like the eyelid tapes which create a very sharp fold. To create a crease that holds, make a thicker line on your eyelid. That seems to work the best. Dries quickly and clear, so very nice for daytime wear.

Reviewed by JC , 12/09/2012

I agree with the previous review. I could not find it successfully making double eyelid.

Reviewed by shinny , 05/03/2011

I do not understand how consumers have successfully used this product and was able to make crease/double folds. I think it is extremely difficult. I already have double lids, so it was not that big of a downer for me. But I do use this as eyelash glue sometimes, and it does the job great. (Y)