Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base - Pink

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This product contains pearl effective for a radiant, bright and shiny face. As a upgraded product of make-up base, it is helpful to control moisture balance and keep your skin moist. You can make style of water-shining make up. Unlike common makeup base that corrects skin tone only; Luster and texture can be gorgeously enhanced by the light diffusing color system containing pearl for a radiant look. Skin care makeup base that keeps skin moist by maintaining the water balance through naturally moisturizing amino acid derivatives and other various moisturizing agents.Transforms skin tone from sordid to brilliant, and gives definition to the face to make it lustrous and seem smaller.


Direction: Apply after final stage of skin care by tapping an appropriate amount to the skin to be absorbed. 



  • Lustrous look, without any stickiness
  • Gives a natural, healthy appearing shine without overwhelming look
  • Helps lock in moisture
  • Makeup Base / Highlighter in one product
  • Helps to define face


Disclaimer: Lioele Cosmetics Co, Ltd. has recently redesigned this product's packaging design. Same product, different design.



Reviewed by Yee, 04/18/2014

I really didn't noticed much upon using this product. Maybe it's because my BB cream coverage is covering it but it makes a great highlighter on top of my BB cream.

Reviewed by Lumina, 08/14/2012

I personally really like this product, but I think this is suited more towards dry skinned people if they choose to use it as a base all over their face. If you have oilier skin, I recommend using this over your BB Cream as a highlighter on the high points of your face. I personally put a very thin layer underneath my Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream and then after the BB Cream has set, then I dab a very small amount on top of my cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. I am very surprised about the negative reviews on this product. Not because they are negative (because not everyone will like everything) but because of what is said about this! Yes! If you use TOO MUCH at once, this base will dry cakey or make you look like a disco ball in the sunlight. And if you have considerably oily skin, then you need to use much, much less than dry/combination skin people like myself. Also, since you do need such a small amount, I think that the size of the product and the price are very fair. This tube will last you a very long time. Overall, I really like this product and am definitely getting another tube!

Reviewed by Lily, 07/08/2012

I really want to love this product but I can't. Out of all the Lioele products I've used, this one has been the only disappointment. It doesn't sink well into my skin and it sort just dries on cakey. When you put bb cream over it you can't even notice a hint of a glow, looks like it's not even there! :( so sad it didn't work for me, the color is adorable and the smell is good. I'll keep trying to love this or use it another way.

Reviewed by Scarlett, 06/21/2012

I bought this after reading all those great reviews about this product...the thing is I still think it doesnt fit all skin types, for me it was not that amazing, somedays I wear it and looks great other times I look just greasy. So, I dont think Im buying this again, lasts a long time,so Im still not done with my bottle, bought this like 6 months ago.

Reviewed by May S., 05/18/2012

I think this primer is ok. It's a good backup for my Laura Mercier hydrating primer, which is running low. I liked the sample, so I bought the 35ml size, and it was pretty small, about the length of my palm to my finger tips. I like the scent and the pink shimmery color, but what really disappointed me was the difficulty in blending it with my foundation. I have acne-prone, sensitive combination skin, which is oily and dry at the same time, and I break out w/ a lot of products. I tried applying it first on my skin, then using my foundation on top of it, but it would not blend properly. It looked a bit cakey and slightly greasy, and didn't sink into my skin evenly. It accentuated the dry bits of skin on my nose and forehead. Then I tried mixing it w/ my foundation and it worked a little better. It gives my skin a powdery finish and a hint of glow. On its own, it gives my skin a healthy glow :) I would probably buy it again when i run out. It's a nice alternative, but still a bit expensive for the size.

Reviewed by @amandaladkins, 02/29/2012

Maybe I am crazy, but I don't see what the excitement is about this product. Initially I used it as a base under my bb cream and noticed nothing really. Then I decided to use it over my bb cream by tapping it on my cheeks, forehead, nose and it did give a little glow. I wish I would have just got the small sample size because it is not worth the price.

Reviewed by Ren, 10/17/2011

I received a sample of this blooimg pearl base from a previous purchase. I didn't think I would like it, but after trying it I absolutely fell in love. It has a beautiful non greasy shimmer and has a nice mild fragrance. I was a bit worried since I am acne prone and have combination skin but it worked perfectly with my skin79 hot pink bb cream. My face was less oily, smoother, pore-less, and had a healthy bright glow. This is a MUST HAVE.

Reviewed by SsicaChoy, 10/16/2011

I got the free sample, so I tried it yesterday and it really does give a nice glow to your face.
Just moisterize your face first and don't use too much of this stuff, a little does alot!
I forgot to put on my lotion on and in the free sample there is a lot in it, I didn't want to throw it away so I used everything. (tip: put it in a little container)

Reviewed by Mary, 09/11/2011

Absolutely LOVE this product!
-gives a shiny glow
-healthy look

I really do love this product, the only thing i kinda dont like is that, since im an oily person, you can't really tell if my skin has a nice glow or if its jus oil.. lol But overall I

Reviewed by Roxy, 08/30/2011

I loveeee this product. It gives my skin a nice and healthy glow and a brightened complexion that my co-workers have all been giving me compliments about.

Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Minh, 07/31/2011

I received a sample of this, and at first I didn't really think it'd make a difference and was dubious about other people's positive opinions on how it made their skin so glowy and healthy looking. I was totally wrong about that! Lately, I've been suffering from patchy dry skin on my cheeks, but this base totally smoothed the dryness out and made my bb cream stay on longer. After 7 hours, I didn't feel oily or look like a total greaseball. The texture feels really silky, and it's a creamy pearl pink. I love the smell of it and will be ordering the full size soon! :]

Reviewed by Crystal, 07/30/2011

This is my best friend when I am sleep deprived. My skin looks healthy and very well rested. Genius.

Reviewed by Gloria, 06/12/2011

I have a sample of the liole pearl base in pink and I used it this morning. Normally within 2 hours of putting on my makeup, my face gets shiny and oily. It's been 5+ hours since I used this base and I love it! It also gives a nice glow without looking too sparkly. I will be purchasing a full size soon :)

Reviewed by Cari, 05/30/2011

Someone said that you have to have perfect skin to wear this but I totally disagree... I have very pale, uneven and blotchy skin. I wear this under Lioele Triple Beyond the Solution and it gives me a certain "glow" plus helps my makeup last fairly long considering i'm a dog groomer and deal with dogs trying to get me wet or slobber on me all day ;)

Reviewed by Alicia, 05/19/2011

I love this item, theres a new package plus the shipping was super fast!! =]

Reviewed by Vanja, 04/07/2011

at first i didnt really understand why people liked this, but after buying the pink one i totally get it XD it has a really nice shimmer which actually makes your face glow i a very naturale way. it has a very strong scent though, so i wouldnt recommend you too but this if you dont like makeup with perfume.

Reviewed by Melody, 03/09/2011

I absolutely love this! I bought the pink one and I use it under my Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream and it works wonderfully. This works better than my other primers and I just love how it's light and adds a "pretty & cute" glow to my face. I was skeptical about buying anything that had a hint of shimmer in it since I tend to get really greasy easily around my T-zone, but this base does a good job at toning it down and controlling it. So I definitely recommend this to those who want their foundation to last longer and to also achieve that natural pretty glow without looking greasy. :]

Reviewed by Rena, 03/04/2011

Im not fond of the scent, but its not too bad. I got a sample version of it from one of my orders and I ran out of my Smashbox primer so i used this one. This is an amazing product and has cute shimmers. I dont get oily or anything either. great product. I just ordered the full sized version recently too.

Reviewed by Jenny, 02/16/2011

Wow! I usually don't use a base or primer for my skin before putting on makeup. And the ones I have used were really oily and clogged my pores and made me breakout. But this base glided on smoothly to my face and gave it a very beautiful pearly sheen and glow. It's not oily at all and it has a very lovely scent to it. I usually have to apply powder after 2 hours but using this with under my BB cream I didn't have to apply powder all day! Definitely going to be apart of my beauty regimen from now on.

Reviewed by Thu, 02/12/2011

Really great base for the quality and price. The pink one really does add a nice, subtle, healthy glow underneath any foundation or bb cream. It doesn't make me oily either which is rare for me to have a primer that does that. Sometimes I even use it alone after skincare when I don't want to wear any makeup and makes skin look real nice. Had one bottle for six months now, and only halfway through. So many uses for it! Will keep repurchasing this.

Reviewed by Jolanda, 01/29/2011

I adore this product! I previously used 'that gal', Brightening Face primer from Benefit but wasn't fully happy with the product. I purchased this in pink and love it.It gives my face a very healthy glow without feeling oily and greasy.It also smells really nice.

Reviewed by Jo Tokyo, 01/14/2011

Wow, so impressed with this product. I have never used anything like this before, cos I have very difficult skin, but I used this with lioele BB cream and I will never NOT have it again.

My make-up stayed fresh for much longer and I did not have to re-apply powder which i normally would have to do. There was no shine, just a lovely 'glow' to my skin
I always worry about a new product making my skin oily but this did not

Very happy, ordering another now so I don't run out!

Reviewed by Ann ie, 01/14/2011

is a makeup base?

Reviewed by clKgr, 01/06/2011

Oh my gawsh! Definitely a must have for me! This gives me a really cute glow! I was skeptical about getting this because I already have Skin79: The Oriental which gives me a very dewey look, but my BB cream+ this base = WOW.

Reviewed by andie, 01/01/2011

I love this product. It feels very nice on my skin, not oily or greasy at all, you can't even feel that it's there, doesn't dry out my skin either. I have the pink and I love how it made my skin have a nice healthy glow to it. It also made my powder stay on a lot longer. I love it.

Reviewed by Ynez, 11/16/2010

I love this product. It gives my skin a nice, healthy glow, without being overwhelmingly glittery. The product goes on smooth and even, without leaving behind any sticky or oily feeling. It can be used as a primer, highlighter or even alone, if you just want a fantastic pop of radiance.

Reviewed by PDXBeautiful, 11/13/2010

I saw this product reviewed on Youtube and had to try it!! This is actually my first foundation primer as most primers make my face look oily and greasy. I purchased this in the pink color and it leave a thin sheen and gives me a healthy glowy look :) Helps my foundation stay on much longer and apply more evenly and look smoother!

Reviewed by Julia, 11/11/2010

I saw this reviewed by fizkittie and just had to have it! I am very pleased with this product. I have it in pink. It gives a really nice glow and works awesome as a highlight.

Water, Cyclomethicone, Mica, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Butylene Glycol Dipropylene Glycol, PEG-10 Dimethicone, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer Betaine, Isononyl Isononanoate, Dimethicone, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Magnesium Sulfate, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Syntheic Fluorphlogopite, Palmitic Acid, Methylparaben, Chlorphenesin, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetate, Squalane, Carmine Iron Oxides (CI 77492), Sodium Hyaluronate, Fragrance