Lioele Carry Me Blusher

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Colorized face with a blusher that gives you the pretty and healthy girl-next-door look. Double coated sheer loose powder.




Reviewed by Dong , 03/12/2014

Love, love this product. So easy to apply.

Reviewed by Holley , 07/26/2013

I brought this in Cutie Peach, and the color is just what I was looking for! I have very fair skin, and the color looks very natural and stays on your face for a long time.
It was a little tricky getting it out and have it seep into the brush. I just put a piece of tissue paper underneath it and kept lightly tapping it on it until the blush came out. I still have to do this every time I wear it,but its not that big of a deal.
It also took some practice to get it to look natural on my face. The applicator is a bit hard, so you can't just brush it on like you do with a brush. What works best for me is to just lightly tap it on the apples of my cheeks, use my finger tips to blend it just a bit, and I'm all done.
Although you do need to work with it just a bit, its worth it. The color is lovely, and its just a very nice blush. Its also wonderful for travel.

Reviewed by Maly , 02/13/2013

Just as everyone said, it was hard to get the powder out the first time but all it takes is a little shake.

I have never seen this kind of technology before and I love it!

I love the color, I love everything about this blush!

Reviewed by Jen , 01/20/2013

I agree with everyone who said it was hard to get the powder out the first time, it took me a few minutes of shaking it! This is the perfect color for me. I am very fair skinned and most blushes I have ever tried were hard to apply because it would look too dark. The cutie pink color is exactly what I have been looking for!

Reviewed by Scarlett , 06/21/2012

Ive got this in cutie pink, and I loved it, I didnt have any trouble getting the product out even the first time like everyone is saying, I like this cause its a flattering color, last long and is so adorable!!!! Ive got this 6 months ago and still going, so Im totally getting this again when I run out.

Reviewed by Caroline , 06/20/2012

I love it! The product is so cute and absolutely convenient to have it in your handbag! easy to apply with simple dabs. But it does take a while to get the blush powder out first. Def purchasing this product again!

Reviewed by giau , 06/18/2012

the packaging is super cute but the product is sheer and i've tried so many times to get the product out that i give up :(

Reviewed by michelle , 05/16/2012

I have both and they are nice subtle colors when applied. Takes a while for the blush to come out the first few times. Super cute and convenient

Reviewed by Lyla , 05/12/2012

I have had this tiny blusher for 5 months and it is still going! It is something I carry with me always, just like the name. I got it in peach and despite the pad being kind of a scary bright orange, it goes on as a cute coral that is not too intense. The small, angled sponge lets me still sculpt it onto the right parts of my face. To get a stronger pigment, I apply it on my face when it is wet with moisturizer. I love it and would recommend it!

Reviewed by Venn , 05/12/2012

i really love love this blush ! super awesome,, the color is very flattering on my skin tone (NC15-25),, it has a soft baby pink color, looks natural :) high recommended !! im not sure if im gonna try the orange onee,,

Reviewed by Amelle , 04/24/2012

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! This has to be the best blush that I have ever owned. It's fun to apply, and it is an absolutely amazing color on me, I got the cutie pink color. I have more porecelin color skin and it looked great with my bb creams! Must have!!!

Reviewed by Diana , 04/22/2012

Purchased the peach blush and absolutely love it! It's very subtle and light, so I don't worry about over doing the blush. I've used other blushes where it's just way too much color. I was definitely looking for a softer, more natural blush and this one matched my preferences. I have the option of putting more on for a stronger color if I wanted to, but I never do. It also comes with a mirror! I can't speak for the pink, but peach was a nice warm color for my skin tone (but does look pink, too). Highly recommend this product!

Reviewed by iC , 04/12/2012

The colors of this blush are very cute and nice; I actually got both of them a while back! However, they were eventually replaced. It's an extremely convenient blush to carry around too. The only thing I will say is that the sponge they provide you with to apply with does not look very natural as it is more for use only on the apples of the cheeks and it is difficult to blend.

Reviewed by Jessica , 03/26/2012

This is a wonderful little blusher. I purchased it in #1 cutie pink. It is such a flattering color that is long lasting and easy to apply. It does not take much product, so I imagine will last a long time. However, when I do run out..I will repurchase. Very pleased! :)

Reviewed by Monique , 03/10/2012

Very light and adds a natural flush of color for my cheeks. I got this in cutie peach and I absolutely adore it. I went to work today, and it lasted all day. I wish the puff was removable though...I would like to be able to clean it.

Reviewed by Michelle , 09/13/2011

This product really exceeded my expectations. I rarely wear makeup on my face because my face can't take heavy makeup and I've noticed most American products always look too much on me. I bought the cutie peach to try out just because it was in really cute packaging. Once I put it on it is extremely sheer. And the color from the puff is actually a magenta hue, but once on your cheeks does give a orangish bronzy look, for me at least because I'm fair/light complexion and my natural blush is actually very pink. But I thought the pink would look too childish on me so this actually makes my skin look warmer. And it's very buildable and extremely natural looking and complimentary to Asian skintones.

Reviewed by Mary , 09/11/2011

I like this blush, cute design! The pink color on this picture is slightly different from the actual product! At first the product didn't come out well onto my skin, maybe it was just my skin or my foundation i used? But after I used the Fairydrop bb cream it came out well.. Overall i like it because i can carry it in my purse and just apply it on easily, plus it has a mirror with it!

Reviewed by Janners , 08/27/2011

Very convenient container and very nice color. It is sheer enough to have a hint of shimmer but you can also layer it to make the bright pink color come out! So Pretty!
I gave it 4 out of 5 just because it took me a while to actually get the blush to come out of the puff in the beginning. It took a couple tries until I actually saw it show up on my face but once it got through, I fell in love with the blusher.

Reviewed by Madison , 08/12/2011

Very cute, convenient, and I love the cute pink color ^^ (cutie pink)

Reviewed by Minh , 07/20/2011

Got this in Cutie Pink, and it looks extremely pink in the container, but when applied, it's the perfect shade on my skin, not too rosy, not too bright. Easy to apply and convenient. The color stays on me, even after hours of walking around in hot weather. The only thing that bugs me is how I'll ever clean the stamp thing, it feels unhygienic, but whenever I do use it, it's always right after I've cleaned my face and put on BB cream, but still, I don't want bacteria growing on it. Love the packaging, although getting the product takes a few taps before the blush actually comes out when I first opened it. Overall though, the color's super cute and it's long lasting!

Reviewed by Micky , 06/24/2011

Easy to use and carry.

Reviewed by Nourah , 05/20/2011

This is one of the cutest thing that I own!!! A perfect size blush to carry with you in anything!!! Hence the name XD I got it in the shade of Cutie Pink. The color is so cute but being tan-skin, the color would not show so much, which actually turned out to be a good advantage as the color is calm and professional looking!

Reviewed by Maria , 05/02/2011

Loved this product so easy to apply.

Reviewed by Alanna , 05/01/2011

I'm still a newbie when it comes to blushes and perfect application, but this product is VERY easy to use and gives your cheeks a very natural glow. Super convenient, great for beginners and you get a ton of product. It may not show up as well on darker skin tones in my opinion because it is quite sheer, but the product is buildable.
It shows up perfectly with just the right amount on my fair skin. With other blushes I have to be very careful not to over apply.
Overall will repurchase and recommend to others!

Reviewed by Christine , 12/04/2010

I purchased this product because of its colour (Cutie Pink). To me the pink provides a very cute youthful look to a girl's appearance. I love the idea behind this blush! I love how it is portable and compact!

When you recieve this product do not feel intimidated by the bright pink powder. It is actually a very subtle pink hugh on your skin. With this said, do not feel like you need to put too much on to see it at first. Through out the day as the product mixes with the oils in your skin it will show up more. So if you have applied quite a lot in the beginning you will look quite flushed by the end of the day.

Some downfall I might say is that in the beginnig when you take off the protective cover off the blush container, you must take it off gently. If not you will be left with pink powders all over the place.

Overall Love this product! Love the staying power of this product and love the compact size of the product! No brush or mirror needed! Will definitely purchase this again!

Reviewed by Belinda B, 11/21/2010

This is a great portable blush that comes with a mirror and a sponge applicator that gives a pretty blended application of blush. The blush is a soft shade of matte pink that lasts through a long day of work.

I would only say that its not a very pigmented blush, which is ok if you don't mind a soft and natural flush of color, but alot of people rate blushes on pigmentation.

All in all, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Packaging is so smart and well thought out and the color really matches my pale, slightly pinkish undertoned skin.

Reviewed by Lauren , 11/09/2010

This is such a convenient product. I am more then satisfied with everything about it. It is extremely travel friendly and in no way messy. I can just pop it in my purse and apply when needed. I will undoubtedly be purchasing this product again!

Talc, Mica, Silica, Diisostearyl Malate, Mineral Oil, D&C Red #7 CA Lake, Zinc Stearate, MEthyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, FD&C Yellow #5 AL Lake, Dimethicone, MAY CONTAIN [+/-]: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide Black, Iron Oxide Yellow