Lioele False Eyelashes: Doe-Eyed Type 03

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Note: Sold without disposable glue.


Beautiful lashes made with the richest fiber. Soft to the touch, but yet sturdy for long term use. Custom design to draw attention and enhance the alluringness of the eyes.Curved thin pointy lashes with criss-cross blend. Wider at the ends, giving a more sophisticated look to your eyes. Pointy lashes are design to re-shape the eye. It helps direct attention to the center of the eye giving the illusion of rounder and brighter eyes. These criss-cross lash with pointy spikes give the natural effect of a criss-cross lash, and also give the rounder eye effect.


Directions: Trim lashes according to your eyes' shape. Apply glue onto the band of the eyelash and let it sit for 10 seconds to become adhesive. Apply lash onto the very base of your lashes, closest to the lash line. Let sit to dry.






  • Rich fibers
  • Comes with glue
  • Reusable
  • Soft material

Reviewed by saki , 03/27/2011

These are the best natural eyelashes I have ever used. I love them because they look so natural yet they do enhance my eyes quite a bit. It's perfect for the innocent ulzzang look. Sometimes I just put on these eyelashes when I'm pressed for time and I really just have to stick them on, maybe put a little marker eyeliner underneath and I'm ready to go for the day.