Lioele Oil Blotting Paper with Puff

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Size: 50 Sheets
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Lioele Oil Blotting Paper with Puff is made of all natural paper materials that absorb excess sebum. These blotting sheets were specially designed to pick up oil and not makeup; to make use quick and easy with no need for touch ups. They come in a hard carrying case to avoid damage and to hold the cute pink puff. The puff has an adhesive strip on the bottom, which allows it to easily attach to a blotting sheet and provides more control for better sebum absorption.   



  • Oil Control
  • Doesn’t Pick Up Makeup
  • Protective Case
  • Pink Puff
  • Easy to use


How To Apply: Remove adhesive strip from puff bottom. Press puff against blotting sheet to attach it. When sheet is attached, blot face with puff using the finger hold. Discard the used blotting sheet.


Reviewed by Tamy , 04/13/2013

It's really good! The case is very simples but useful. Unfortunately, it doesn't include a mirror. The blotting paper is great, really absorbent and didn't remove my makeup. Besides, the idea about using a puff is really convenient and hygienic and the adhesive strips really works. I loved this product!