Lioele: Quick Point Eraser

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Lioele MetoMe Quick Point Eraseris a makeup removing pen. Say goodbye to Q-tips and make touching up your eye makeup more convenient. This precision makeup remover is great for fixing fine lines of eyeliner, even the most waterproof kind. Has the power to remove waterproof makeup with one swipe!


Directions: Take the pen and glide is across any fine makeup imperfections. Oil –based makeup remover, does not dry. Remove any left over liquid that came from pen with finger or cotton swab.




  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Precise, removes only where you want it to
  • Removes even waterproof makeup
  • Portable/ marker-sized 



Reviewed by Trang, 03/24/2016

Its so great, If you have mistake with eyeliner, mascara, etc. this product will help you to correct your mistakes. I will buy it again 👍🏻

Reviewed by Kyon, 03/08/2012

EXACTLY what other review says, right down to the same eyeliner :)

I definetly prefer this to wasting my makeup remover wipes trying to get rid of mistakes. But you have to wipe it off on something everytime you swipe so you don't get little smudges from the eraser! Sort of annoying but useful.

Reviewed by Colleen, 03/06/2012

Very useful product. I currently use Lioele All-In-One Gel Eyeliner which is water-proof and the quick point eraser removes the eyeliner effortlessly. I do cat-eyes everyday and this is perfect for making small corrections. The only thing i don't like about it, is you have to clean the tip off frequently because the eyeliner stays on it. You have to use a towel that doesn't shed or your hand because fuzz from cotton pads with stick to it.