Miryoku 015/786

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Affordable lashes in a super cute collectible box. Made with thick fibers for a long lasting lash, but is still very flexible to form to your lid perfectly. Styles vary from dramatic to natural. No matter what style you choose, these lashes will accentuate your eyes with a hint of glamour.


How To Use

  • Gently peel the lashes from the tray.
  • Cut each end of the lashes to fit your eyelid.
  • Apply proper amount of adhesive on the lashes' line evenly and wait for a minute.
  • Apply lashes around 0.5mm upper eyelid pressing gently. (apply in order of middle, inside and outside of eyelid)


Packaging Includes:

10 Pair X Lashes


Eyelash material – Synthetic Fiber


Does not come with glue




Reviewed by Rae, 07/19/2012

A friend of mine ordered these a while back and we halfed the pack. And just let me say, they are so beautiful! They make me look so pretty, I feel like I look inadequate without them on now. lol

The only problem I found is that you have to be really gentle with them or the lashes will start bending all crazy and you can't wear them anymore.
So as long as you're gentle, they're the PERFECT lashes!

Reviewed by MeganeAya, 03/06/2012

These lashes are so pretty! I just received them today :) they are really soft and exactly what I ordered when you compare the real box to the picture. Thank you!