Mushroom Top (Bang Clip)

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Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you had bangs? Instead of taking the risk of snipping off your hair, take a look at this incredible hair product. The Mushroom Top Bang Clip will let you not only see what you would look like with bangs, but let you wear it comfortably without sacricificing your own hair. With its sturdy small-combed hair clips, it will stay in your own hair and look as if it were your own hair!


Directions:  If you have bangs, make sure they aren't in your face at all, swipe to the side. Brush hair so there are no tangles and place bangs on the top crown of your head. Adjust as needed to fit your forehead area. Bottom of bangs should be only a little above the eyebrows. Attach comb-clips into hair and clip down securely.



  • Lets you experiment with bangs without sacrificing your own hair!
  • Secure clips 
  • Looks and feels natural
  • Suitable for anyone


Reviewed by Cilla, 01/06/2013

Great for natural blackish-brown Asian hair! Easy to clip on and stays the whole day without getting messy or lumpy. Also blends in nicely, does not need to be worked with too much. A great no-fuss way to change up your look! :)

Reviewed by Taylor, 07/28/2012

I just cut bangs like this and i absolutely LOVEE them!!!:)...but once they grow out i'm going to buy these because i can switch from having the bangs that i have now to a clean middle part from one day to the next and that would be great too!!!:)

Reviewed by Q, 04/25/2012

I was thinking of buying this again, I have the dark brown, but it looks black.. I've been waiting for a while now.. for new colors.. TT____TT I hope you guys restock soon..

Reviewed by Sally, 11/15/2011

Extremely real and pretty!!!!!!! it is so natural and easy to put on!!!!!

Reviewed by Crystal CA, 10/25/2011

I love it! I have not wear the bangs in public yet, but i do enjoy wearing the bangs with my hats inside my house (lol). It looks real and feels really soft and very nice. I recommend it!

Reviewed by Futilities And More, 03/01/2011

Reviewed by Dobsessed, 11/16/2010

It's a very thick fringe and starts quite far back. I don't actually suit it but colour #4 is a very natural looking brown blank. The hair piece is quite shiny and a bit obvious that it's a hairpiece.

Reviewed by Mejin, 11/07/2010