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Pretty&Cute Crystal Pen (White)

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Pretty&Cute Crystal Pens are exclusively designed by Pretty&Cute LLC. At one end of the pen you will find a black, smooth-writing roller-ball pen and on the other end you find a soft rubber stylus that can be used on any electronic device. The sparkling gems inside the pen add an exquisite, luxurious look to the pens. Additionally, they’re engraved with your favorite makeup store’s name! These glamorous pens are perfect for keeping in your purse or for glamming up your work desk.



  • 14.5 cm. in length
  • Ball Point
  • Stylus
  • Twist pen to extract pen tip
I got this for free because I bought over $39. When i was checking out to place my order at the end, i really didn't care for this pen because i didn't think it was all that. BUT after getting it in the mail with my purchases, i instantly FELL IN LOVED IT! Its so cute, perfect size, doesn't hurt when i write, and i love the little white crystal/diamonds as well. It writes smoothly, doesn't feel like cheap at all, perfect weight & its sturdy, and I LOVE The fact the top end by the clip is made so that you can use it as a stylus for ypur phone, tablet, ipad, etc. i use it for my ipad mini and phone. Plus, it has "pretty & cute" engrave on the metal clip part, i thought that was a nice touch and cute. I would buy from them just so i can get more of these pen for free. Lol its comes random color if you getting it free i think, luckily i got a white one, which i love because it goes with the color of my phone and ipad and it looks so classy. If you don't want to wait getting a free one from buying over $39, then i suggest just buy this pen. :) its worth it. I'm going to buy some, in all three colors. Need some on my desk, car, handbag, etc.:)
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