Skinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm #2 Mandarin

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Skin food Honey Pot Lip Balm’s come in cute honey pot type containers with a honey comb spatula included! This balm soothes your lips with soft jelly texture that gives your lips a shiny luster .  Apply to dry lips, using the enclosed applicator, or your finger. For a moist, transparent sheen on the lips, apply over lipstick. 


Directions: Use the included honey pot's wand to scoop some balm then apply onto lips. Rub together. 



  • Adorable container!
  • Great color
  • Moisturizing
  • Transparent sheen


Reviewed by Cosmina, 06/27/2012

The cutest thing i have ever bought. It moisturizez really well. It stays on for an average amount of time and shines ALOT tho. It smells like heaven, i would totaly eat the product from the smell haha.

Reviewed by Sana, 04/29/2012

I'm pretty sure the packaging is the first draw for this product (it's soooooooooooooo cute!!!); but pretty packaging aside, it's a great lip balm and can even double as a sheer gloss for a more natural look. Best of all though, it's not sticky (I hate that)!

Reviewed by Hana, 07/06/2011

This lip balm is so cute! I love how it has a honey stick spatula! Adorable! At the same time this lip balm is hydrating, soothing, and smoothing! It is also made with all-natural ingredients!