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Skinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm #3 Honey

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Skin food Honey Pot Lip Balm’s come in cute honey pot type containers with a honey comb spatula included! This balm soothes your lips with soft jelly texture that gives your lips a shiny luster . Apply to dry lips, using the enclosed applicator, or your finger. For a moist, transparent sheen on the lips, apply over lipstick. 


Directions: Use the included honey pot's wand to scoop some balm then apply onto lips. Rub together. 



  • Adorable container!
  • Great color
  • Moisturizing
  • Transparent sheen


Love, love, love!
I typically hate lip glosses because they tend to go sticky, taste like flavored cosmetics, or don't pull through on their advertised glossiness. This little honey pot not only tastes delicious it gives you an amazing 'that-has-to-be-photoshopped' shine! It has a very mild flowery flavor with a hint of sweet honey and you can barely smell it (a plus in my book). There is absolutely no stickiness, it really just feels like your lips are wet. It doesn't get sticky even when you've been wearing it for hours, and while it lasts just as long as all glosses, I wish it lasted longer! It looks great by itself but also looks great on top of lipstick, and since the only downside is the price I tend to save it for when I dress up and actually wear lipstick. It will last about a month if you use it two to three times a day but since I save it, it has lasted me a good six months or so (still have a bit left). The cute packaging is a plus and, like most skinfood products, it's really well made. It's plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap; Even the photos look cheaper than the actual product! The plastic piece that holds the applicator is the only complaint (it's slightly annoying), but I wish more pot lipglosses came with their own applicator! I dislike getting lipgloss all over my fingers though so really, it's not a complaint at all. This was the product that got me interested in the skinfood brand (which I now use as my regular skin care regime) so I highly recommend it. Delicious, shiny and smooth.
If you're tempted to try it because it's cute, go for it! It will surprise you and become your new favorite lip gloss!
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