Sweet Pea 23" Curly Extensions (4pcs)

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Our 23" "Sweet Pea" hair extensions were designed with the idea of a gentle, graceful and feminine goddess in mind. These hair extensions are made of synthetic material that are extremely soft to the touch, which feels like natural human hair. The extensions also look like natural hair, which makes it easier to blend into your own hair. Show the world your sweet side with the new "Sweet Pea" hair extensions, which everyone will think were always yours. 


Directions: Part upper half of hair in half  then tie or clip up. Open extensions and place under top parted hair with secure comb-clips. Snap on clips from ear to ear. Using a curling iron set it to 180 degrees and curl bottom parted hair to match extensions. After curling bottom parted hair release top parted hair. Use top parted hair to cover the clips Use curling iron to add curls to top parted section of hair.



  • Looks and feels incredibly natural
  • Secure comb-clips to ensure lon-lasting wear
  • 23" inches in length
  • Heat-friendly for heating tools up to 180 degrees (minor styling only)
  • Comes in 4 very natural colors


Other Information:

  • Extensions can be washed with Lukewarm water
  • Extensions cannot be dyed
  • Do not style extension if you don't want the original style to altered
  • Shade #1 is a pure, jet black color.
  • Shade #4 is a very deep, rich, dark brown color. Suitable for many of the Asian decent.
  • Shade #6 is a warm, subtle cocoa brown color.
  • Shade #27 is a soft golden brown color, smooth caramal color.




Reviewed by raven , 08/22/2012

I got the #6 color in this and like the reviews here say it is in fact not the color pictured. It is however still a very nice color, a cool- brown instead of a red-brown, I'm going to dye my hair to match. If you are white this is a good color for your undertones. Silky smooth and really pretty

Reviewed by Lynn , 05/14/2012

LOVE THESE! For the's amazing. I have dark brown asian hair, and I purchased color #4 and it blended into my hair nicely :) Wore these for prom, and nobody noticed I was wearing extensions. When taking pictures with flash, I could notice the different color, but it was very subtle. Only problem is that they're a bit difficult to curl, I applied too much heat, and nothing happened. Best way is to use hot rollers! I hope the curls stay the same shape, so those are the only cons with styling. Other than that, price is great for quality, super natural, and very worth it :) THANKS PRETTY&CUTE!

Reviewed by Samantha , 03/02/2012

I love these extensions but WARNING: color number 6 is not cocoa brown. Its more of an ash brown. It looks very natural though. They tangle fairly easily. But I brushed them with a wide tooth comb then a paddle brush and they looked fine. Minimal shedding after brushing. Very easy to put it. And very natural looking.

Reviewed by Amanda , 02/02/2012

I love these Extensions. they looked great with my natural hair, but i recently dyed it a lot lighter. So i order the #6 medium brown. I was so dissappointed because it isnt cocoa brown at all! its this weird ashy brown. I tried redying my hair to match, but this is like the most difficult color to match.....and i really needed them for a wedding this weekend....=(

Reviewed by Vee , 01/11/2012

Please restoc Shade #6 !!!

Reviewed by Harmony , 12/30/2011

Got these in shade 1, and they matched my (dyed) black hair perfectly and look like real hair. They do tangle, but that's easily fixed with a bit of patience and a wide tooth comb.

Reviewed by Marie , 10/31/2011

These are my first hair extensions and they are great! I already have long hair but wanted to add just a bit more length. These are perfect. They blend so well into my hair and they feel just like my hair. Clips are easy to put in and frankly I think 4 is plenty, but then again I am just really adding volume and a little length.

Reviewed by Olga , 09/24/2011

This hair is great!
I own a bunch of remy extensions (Euronext, Headkandy etc.) and while these are not as yummy to the touch, for the price they can't be beat!
Not too shiny, curl and straighten really well under 200 degrees, nice tiny clips -- all good!
They do tangle a bit and I wound up trimming them about 2 inches for a more realistic look.

Reviewed by Roxy , 08/30/2011

Love these extensions! They look and feel like real hair!

2 minor problems is that I got a color that was a little too dark for my hair. I'm asian, but because my hair has had wayy too much sun exposure, bottom sections are lighter than #4.

Also, one of the clips was broken, but easily replaceable with one of those snap clips.

All in all, I recommend. These look great!

Reviewed by Julie , 08/18/2011

I am pleased with this product, the color is a little darker than expected ! but it's okay it looks really natural, very soft as well! (: it's easy to put on and it looks very gorgeous & natural! (: I recommend this product very much!

Reviewed by Steph , 08/18/2011

I LOVE these extensions. They look real, feel natural, and the curls look gorgeous. They are easy to apply, the clips aren't noticeable, and they cover my whole head. My only complaint is they shed a little if they are yanked on too much or not stored properly, but with a little adjustment they look great again. I definitely recommend this product.

Reviewed by Julie , 06/17/2011

This just arrived for me yesterday and I really like it! It's soft and feels like real healthy hair, it does tangle but what kind of curly hair doesn't tangle?? And for curly extensions, these don't knot up as much as my straight extensions which I bought (that cost WAY more than this).

Too bad my hair is way too short for it atm to make it work =/

Oh! And the dark brown matched my natural real hair colour perfectly! So if your hair is a dark chocolate brown, I recommend that colour :)

Reviewed by Pamela , 05/27/2011

Iloved them they were super soft and so convient

Reviewed by Kristen , 05/20/2011

These extensions are very nice. I love how it has it's own separate pieces, it blends in very well. They do tangle, but trust me...Not even close to they other ext. I had gotten. During movement, they bounce slightly, it is very pretty.

Only thing I was a bit miffed about was the color. Dark Brown -Black. There's only a slight difference, I had to make my hair darker. =[

Reviewed by Annie , 04/30/2011

Jen, read the bottom section of the description. It gives you details about the color (:

Reviewed by Jen , 04/28/2011

I was wondering what color does the girl in the picture have? Is that medium brown? Last time I bought the wrong color so... I want to make sure I get the right one this time.

Thank you Julie for the lovely picture!