Sweet Pea 23" Straight Extensions (4pcs)

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Our 23" "Sweet Pea" hair extensions were designed with the idea of a gentle, graceful and feminine goddess in mind. These hair extensions are made of synthetic material that are extremely soft to the touch, which feels like natural human hair. The extensions also look like natural hair, which makes it easier to blend into your own hair. Show the world your sweet side with the new "Sweet Pea" hair extensions, which everyone will think were always yours. 



DirectionsPart upper half of hair in half  then tie or clip up. Open extensions and place under top parted hair with secure comb-clips. Snap on clips from ear to ear. Using a straightening iron set it to 180 degrees and straighten bottom parted hair to match extensions. After straightening bottom parted hair release top parted hair. Use top parted hair to cover the clips Use straightening iron to top parted section of hair.





  • Looks and feels incredibly natural
  • Secure comb-clips to ensure lon-lasting wear
  • 23" inches in length
  • Heat-friendly for heating tools up to 180 degrees (minor styling only)
  • Comes in 4 very natural colors



Other Information:

  • Extensions can be washed with Lukewarm water
  • Extensions cannot be dyed
  • Do not style extension if you don't want the original style to altered
  • Shade #1 is a pure, jet black color.
  • Shade #4 is a very deep, rich, dark brown color. Suitable for many of the Asian decent.
  • Shade #6 is a warm, subtle cocoa brown color.
  • Shade #27 is a soft golden brown color, smooth caramel color.






Reviewed by Amy, 01/12/2013

I love it!!! It was my first time getting extensions and I was very unsure of what I would be getting. I got them in about 3 business days so I was very happy. The hair is silky and smooth and doesn't look very synthetic. They don't give off the awkward fake shine normal fake hairs do. They're easy to clip onto your hair. At first, it felt sort of heavy on my head but you get used to the feeling later. I love the length of it and I was very satisfied with this product. I would recommend this to all first timers. They're so worth it. :)

Reviewed by sakura, 09/19/2012

hi i know this is not a review but i need help im going to buy two packs just in case but even thought it says you ant dye i want to but do u think the bleach will work?

Reviewed by Wajhiea, 08/12/2012

I really wanna buy theses but Can someone help me and tell me if they are thick extentions bc i have really short hair and i was thinking about buying these and cutting them to make them fit. Also does anyone have a pick they could share on how it looks? THanks! And also how many clips are included in total! XD Thanks!

Reviewed by Sammy, 07/21/2012

I just got my order in today! Shipping took only two days with its 3-5 days business delivery from USPS, which is great. Just letting any of you guys know, the tracking number doesn't work right away!

Before I even purchased these hair extensions, I was a little indecisive as to which color I should get. I am Vietnamese, and most Viet people have either a natural black or dark brown. My hair is in between; it's naturally black at the top and my tips are kind of brown/dark brown due to my split ends. I ended up going with #4 dark brown.

When I got my order, I was surprised at how real it looked ... unlike other reviews, I didn't really see that fake synthetic shine to it. It looked like real, healthy hair. My hair didn't blend that well with the extensions, however, because I have so many split ends. So to any of you with the same problem, I suggest getting a trim!

The length of the hair is extremely long ... I'm 5'2, so the extensions fall down to my hips. I find the length a little unbelievable because if I were to wear these in public, of course people who know me would know that I'm wearing extensions because my hair can't grow THAT long over the summer. The extensions do tangle, but it's not really much of a hassle to me. The extensions do shed quite a bit if you pull on them too hard. They're really soft and smooth. To me, they're pretty thick, but that's because I have layers and thinned-out hair. They're a little heavy, but not too heavy to the point it'd be tugging at my head. I had a hard time blending these extensions with my layers, but I think I pulled it off.

I was a little skeptical about purchasing these because of the reviews, but I'm glad I purchased them! They're definitely worth its price. I would recommend this for people who don't want to spend so much money on real human hair extensions.

Reviewed by Andie, 07/30/2011

I bought two packs of these extensions and I was a little disappointed at how shiny and fake they look. It was nearly impossible to make it blend with my natural hair. It would be better and more suited for Asian hair. They were very soft and do tangle but they brush fairly easily. I gave them a trim because they are pretty long. The multiple clips were nice to be able to layer around my head. It came with 4 wefts. One with four clips, one with three clips and two with two clips. The three clip goes along the base of your head, the four clips up near your ears and then the little two clips go towards the front on either side. If you buy two it will be much fuller though. All in all very good for the price. If you have asian hair that is naturally shinier, go for it!

Reviewed by Pareesa, 07/20/2011

these were my first hair extensions, and although I have a few problems with them, I still like them.

First thing, they tangle really really easily. It's quite a hassle to have to keep brushing it everything I move. I used a detangling spray in it but I don't think it made a noticeable difference. I'm sure if one was to just trim it, it would help. The length is a little too much. I'd recommend getting them cut by your hair dresser so it can fit your hair better too.

Second, it is in no way heat friendly. I know it doesn't say anywhere that it is, but I didn't expect it to totally fry when I accidentally touched it with my flat iron. So just be careful because any part that touches a flat iron will be ruined.

Third, for those who aren't buying these for adding volume to your hair, but increasing it's length, buy two packs. Unless you like having a thin and long bottom layer, you should buy a second pack.

other than all that, they're really great for the price. They are almost odorless, feel really silky and soft (it has an Asian hair texture), and move quite nicely. It looks really graceful when you move around with them. (: they blend in with natural hair quite well, so I think it'd be acceptable to wear them around in public too.

Reviewed by Susana, 07/12/2011

I love these. :3 They're very long and very pretty! A little too shiny though but it blends with my hair nicely.

Reviewed by Alexis, 06/09/2011

I love them! I see people are saying they're thin and I can't see it. I have very thick hair (i'm mexican) and they blend well with my hair. They're super soft and shiny. They don't have that strange smell that normal extensions do. Because they are very long they are very tangley of course but nothing a little brushing can't fix!

Reviewed by courtney, 06/05/2011

Love these extensions,they are very soft and silky but I reccomend buy two packs because they are pretty thin. I have very thick hair but two packs is perfect for me

Reviewed by kathy, 05/31/2011

They feel soooo nice and silky. Even though there are four pieces they are not super thick. In fact they remind of salon weave sheets. These are great additions to hair that is already long.

Reviewed by Sunny, 05/17/2011

I am so in love with these extensions ! they really do feel like real human hair! and also they matched my hair color exactly :') I really love them! they're so worth it ! :D