Tonymoly Panda's Dream White Hand Cream

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Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream is a thick hand cream that locks in moisture and whitens hands.  This super nourishing hand cream will bring vitality back to your hands while evening skin tone. Hands will feel soft and smooth after each application without greasiness. Has a light fruity scent!


Directions: Apply and adequate amount to hands whenever dry.



  • Moisturizes
  • Nourishes
  • Whitens
  • Fruity Scent
Reviewed by Lexi, 08/28/2016

i love this hand cream! IT smells like berries and bamboo, and makes my skin amazingly soft, while evening out and brightening my skintone. The packaging is also super cute!

Reviewed by Nuri, 11/19/2014

I want to update from my first review. I had both my legs in casts (long story short I broke my legs when a wall fell on me) and a week ago the casts were removed. The skin on my legs and feet were dried, peeling and cracked from two months in plaster casts. I soaked and exfoliated several times with limited improvement but the real change happened when I started applying the Panda Dream cream. The hard dry bits fell off faster and the new skin underneath was softer. I thought it was an ok cream in a cute pot before but now I really love it and wished they made bigger sizes. I will surly buy again.

Reviewed by Nuri, 11/05/2014

Ok so first off you are most likely to buy this for the cute factor, and it is extremely cute. It was a little smaller then I thought (about the size of a small apple). I wish P&C invested in thier own photos of products and put them in scale. The cream is dense and nice with a bit of a sugary teen scent to it goes in about a minute. Overall a nice little product.

Reviewed by Daley, 09/08/2014

SO CUTE! That alone should make you want to buy it, but lo and behold! The actual product is good! The texture is nice, creamy, yet somehow fluffy, easy to apply, and smells really nice (not too strong or sweet). I only wish it came with some kind of stick to help you get the product out. Will the sufferings of long nailed girls never end?