Wig Cap

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If you are plannign on wearing a wig, don't forget the essential tool - a wig cap! This will keep your own natural hair in place and secure so it doesn't get tangled with the wig as it will also give you a more polished look. 


Directions: Tie hair up into a ponytail or bun with a secure hair tie. Stretch wig cap over head and push all bangs and excess hairs into the wig cap. Continue with placing wig onto head and secure over wig cap. Adjust as needed.



  • Keeps your own hair seperate from wig
  • Keeps bangs and fly-aways from disturbing look with wig
  • One size fits all 
  • Black to blend in with wigs which typically have a black base under the cap
Reviewed by akemi, 09/02/2012

fairly easy to put on and it looks better than tying your hair in a bun and then putting a wig over it xD

Reviewed by Yuri, 08/19/2011

At first when I got the cap out, I thought it was soooo small to fit on my head but its bcuz it was the first time I ever had a wig cap on LOL ~ In general, I do like this cap. It keeps my real hair in place...da quality is okay but very easy to put on! :)

Reviewed by saki, 04/03/2011

I used mine recently and it works really well! So much easier without all this hair sticking out :)

Reviewed by Xyahli, 11/11/2010

This kept my hair in place! It works so much better than tying your hair up and when you put the wig on you'd see a bump on the top of your head V_V The wig cap was able to conceal your real hair and make the wig look more natural.
all in all its too easy! hahaha