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Hi, I’m Samantha Lee Brown and thank you for coming to my site, Pretty And Cute. I originally started off writing everything on the site as I wanted it to be my own personal blog. I launched this with the vision of teaching people to be healthier, in addition to giving some basic beauty tips.

me with my boyfriend, wilsonI’m not one of the beautiful Instagram models who has a million followers. I’m an every day late twenty-year-old millennial who has a LOT of experience in the beauty space. I work full time as a cosmotologist and graduated from University of California, Irvine (UC). 

I enjoy writing about makeup, hair, and skin more. That’s why you’ll see more articles about the last 3 topics than health & fitness, but I try to have some of both out (though lately, I’m on a hair and skin binge!).  If there’s a topic you want me to write about please just post a comment here!

Now, I write with my boyfriend Wilson, I write with my team who covers more general health and sporty topics.  He also went to University of California, Santa Barbara for undergraduate, and is currently in the M.D. program at UCI! He’s also been in sports his entire life, and is now more of a health and fitness gym jockie, in addition to being in school at a world-renowned medical school.

I keep getting emails about what happened to him! We didn’t break up – he’s just very busy with med school!

The picture above was taken in 2012, our first year of dating!

There’s a LOT of advice out there on the internet. Our advice may not be the best out there, but it works for us and is good for the average US adults who can’t spend hundreds of dollars a month on products.

This blog is just to put our own personal spin on advice, and to help save people time and money by reviewing products so YOU don’t have to try terrible products! Nothing is more frustrating than being excited for a new product only to be disappointed by the poor quality or it just not working. I’m here to get rid of this disappointment.
If you have any questions you can reach out to me at Samantha@prettyandcute.com

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Meet Our Team

Lindsey Benevento, Content CreatorLindsey portrait

I developed a love for the outdoors, particularly enjoying gloomy days spent in the forests. Almost every Sunday, my dad would drive my mom, myself, and my older sister to go hiking for family time and escaping the “city” life.

It’s during these trips where I developed an appreciation for nature and laid the foundation for my active and healthy life style. In fact, I have officially been vegetarian for just over 3 years! I don’t think you need a plant-based diet to be healthy, but I enjoy it to reduce my global foot print.

I came to Healthy Top 10s because of my love for health, but also to use it as a platform to discuss about everything related about beauty and makeup. Encouraging and helping other women is something I’m passionate about, and love that I am able to do so on such a successful site!

In addition to writing here as a contributor, I like bouldering and going out with my dog, Biscuit! We’ll usually go on hikes together go to dog parks because he needs to get out of the house since he is a Husky!

If you want to talk about Biscuit or anything else contact me at Lindsey@HealthyTop10s.com

Matthew Greene, Content DeveloperMatt portrait

Hi, I’m Matthew, or Matt for short. I studied English and Journalism at University in Toronto, CA to pursue a career in writing. I’ve worked for several small blogs and a local newspaper before transitioning to Healthy Top 10s.

I also work as a personal fitness coach and ACSM certification 4 years ago.

I love writing about health to encourage people to live a more active life style. Here, I mostly write about various ways to get get fit and the best equipment to do so.

In my free time I love soccer and playing the guitar! Ask me about either one!

Contact me at MatthewG@HealthyTop10s.com

Sally D. Westman, Content Editor and Manager

Hey all, Sally here. In my first 7 years of my career I was aSally at Sarah's Graduationn architect and spent hours hunched over the desk to complete model rendering and drawings. Eventually, it took a toll on my body and I had to change my approach to work or my health would continue to suffer.

I spent loads of time studying physical therapy and desk-focused health tips and am completely healthy now. You’ll find many of my articles are about health management and efficiency, but I’ll also dabble into more general health topics!

You can reach me by email at Sally@HealthyTop10s.com

Thomas Bennet, Director of Marketing

picture of Thomas in flannel

Shortly after meeting Samantha, we connected about her line of work and mission statement. With experience in marketing at a Fortune 500 company, I had gotten bored and stale. After aligning with her vision I knew I wanted to join her start up to change how we see digital publications.
Email: Thomas@prettyandcute.com

Samantha Lee, Founder/CEO

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Inspired by beauty, and motivated by health we're here to make a difference and give back! Watch out as we hope to break the top 1,000 in Alexa Ranking!
Email: Samantha@prettyandcute.com