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    musty house

    7 Ways to Get Rid of Musty House Smells 

    If your house smells musty and have no idea how to get rid of it for good, try any of the following techniques below.  But before we get down to the tips and tricks, what is this musty smell anyway?  When someone says the “house smells musty,” it usually refers to an old-house smell. While […]

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    a model with curly hair

    Conair Hot Rollers Review | This Multi-size Set Makes Beautiful Tangle-free Curls

    Are you planning to start the vacation with beautiful curls? You don’t require to go salon or buy a complicated tool to put curls any day! Grab these top-rated hot rollers for short hair to get ideal curls in no time and save yourself a lot of money.A hair roller is a tube-like structure that […]

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    Makeup palette and brushes

    How to Sanitize Makeup | Keep Your Beauty Products Clean and Your Skin Safe

    Do you wear makeup daily? It can be easy to look over the cleaning process. Overtime it’s easy to not care about sanitizing your makeup. However, when you don’t sanitize your makeup this can lead to unexpected breakouts and skin damage. To make sure you feel and look your best you also want to prevent […]

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    stacey reviews moroccan oil shampoo while sitting

    Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Review

    Ingredients Make sure you know the ingredients of any products you use to not only avoid allergic reactions but also to make sure you’re not putting anything harsh on our body. Keeps scalp moist Keratin protein provides extra strength to your hair Also gives your hair flexibility and elasticity Argan and avocado oils provide extra […]

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    black woman with long lashes in car

    Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes | How Many Times Can I Use Falsies

    When you buy a pair of really nice lashes you want to wear them more than once. Often people don’t know that they could reuse their eyelashes and end up throwing them away. You want to store them properly and maintain them. It can be overwhelming when you’re out in public and falsies unexpectedly come […]

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    woman with brown eye shadow and eyes closed

    How to Clean False Lashes | Tips To Make Your Falsies Last Longer

    Think about your best pair of lashes being damaged due to remnants of lash glue. Do you ever feel like your lashes are too beautiful to throw away? When you clean your false lashes you can maximize its use. This is important because you can prevent build-up or residue on your lash band. You can […]

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    blonde with clock background

    Elf Setting Spray Review | To Keep Your Makeup In Place

    You take you skin seriously and we get that. You also want to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s what brought you to our Elf Setting Spray review! Whether you’re looking for the best foundations for sensitive skin or you need the best foundations for oily skin, you know that our reviews have got you covered. […]

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    feet in white sandals with dress

    Miracle Foot Repair Review | Is it Really That Good for Your Sore Feet?

    Your feet take a ton of abuse. They bear the brunt of your weight all long, stuffed inside socks or uncomfortable heels and shoes. They keep you balanced and functional, but sometimes they need a break. If your feet are hurting, you need to show them some love with the best foot cream that you […]

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    woman in hat showing half face

    Fake Eyelashes Tips | Guide to Making the Best of Your Falsies

    Have you ever wanted to accentuate your eyelashes? Not everyone is blessed with long, fluttery eyelashes. Luckily, there are fake eyelashes for people who want to bump up their look. You can purchase them at any store. Lashes come in all shapes and sizes and you want to choose ones that best fit your eye […]

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    woman with pearl necklace putting on lipstick

    Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin | Be Aware of the Possible Harmful Effects

    Have you ever broken out after wearing foundation? Makeup can unexpectedly sneak up on you and harm your skin. Makeup is an everyday essential for most women. Our team recognizes that we don’t talk about the effects of makeup as often as we should. You might have sensitive skin or allergies that you may not […]

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