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    Belloccio Airbrush Reviews | Even & Smooth Airbrush Foundation Finish

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    Putting on makeup can really seem so simple when celebrities, beauty gurus and enthusiasts, as well as makeup artists do it in front of the camera. However, on many occasions, achieving a smooth and flawless finish can be nearly impossible. If you often struggle with this, reading as many Belloccio Airbrush reviews as you can is something you should do.

    Why? If you like the quality airbrush makeup reviewed here, you might just benefit from this type of cosmetic product. Airbrush makeup can produce some of the smoothest finishes so if you often experience caking, pilling, and cracking makeup, this method might just end all of your makeup woes.

    In this Belloccio Airbrush makeup review, we’ll help you choose the right product for your needs to ensure that you’ll get the results you want.

    Our Top Rated Belloccio Makeup Airbrush

    Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System with 4 Medium Shades of Foundation

    The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup kit is a cosmetic airbrush system that you can use at home. It’s designed for personal use but its Professional Precision Single-Action Gravity Feed makes it comparable with professional units. 

    What is the Bellocio Airbrush?

    With 3 airflow control settings, you can use it according to your preferred and needed finish. No matter which setting you choose, its 0.4mm tip guarantees a very fine mist that assures smooth and even application.

    Available in 5 color varieties, each system comes with a set of 4 foundation bottles in different shades. You can then easily choose which shade works best for you or mix different foundation shades to find your perfect match. This design offers a foolproof way for you to find the shade that truly suits your complexion.

    What It Offers

    As mentioned before, this item might be made for home use but it can offer high-quality results comparable to professional airbrush makeup. With the right skills and a good base, it can certainly offer you the smoothest and most flawless finish. Some can even go as far as saying that it can perfect your skin with the right techniques.

    Everything you’d expect from airbrush makeup, you can get from this product. While you might need to get used to its operation in order to get the best results, your efforts will surely pay off in the end.

    Its friendly price tag is also something to take note of. The Belloccio system is about half the price of some of its competitors so some folks consider it as a ‘dupe’ for the pricier units. As it performs just as good, it can certainly be a more budget-friendly alternative for many.

    Most folks also like this product for its very useful add-ons. Aside from the foundation set, you’ll also get a bottle of moisturizing primer, blush, bronzer, and shimmer. As a bonus, you’ll also get a pot of concealer, an egg-shaped beauty sponge, as well as some makeup mist and setting spray. All of these for a very friendly price makes it a steal in some people’s books.

    Before you write off these cosmetic products, however, it should be noted that they’re nicely formulated to suit all skin types and with the health of your skin in mind. It’s paraben, fragrance, and oil free so you don’t have to worry about your pores getting clogged or your skin getting irritated. It’s also hypoallergenic and is even recommended by dermatologists so it can certainly promise good results.

    But what really takes the cake is its quiet mini-airbrush compressor. This workhorse won’t cause a ruckus like other cosmetic airbrush compressors. It operates expertly and noiselessly, letting you work on your look without a fuss.

    What Users Say About the Bellocio Airbrush

    It’s clear to see that the airbrush makeup of Belloccio has a lot of promise. But does it deliver good results? According to its users, there are lots of great things that you can expect from this product.

    For one, people liked it because it’s very easy to work with. It comes with a booklet that will teach you how to use the unit and users end up surprised that the instructions are accurate. This makes things simpler and will allow you to master its use in no time.

    The makeup coverage is also worth writing home about. It has a natural to matte finish because you can easily build up coverage. As the liquid foundation dries up rather quickly, you won’t have a hard time layering the foundation and other products. With the right techniques, you’ll be able to apply your airbrush makeup without a hitch.

    You can also expect efficiency from this nifty beauty tool. Aside from using a very small amount of product which is normal with airbrush makeup, it can also make your preparation process faster. Some folks get to finish applying makeup in just 15 minutes. So if you’re the type who wants to spend less time primping, you should consider getting the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup standard kit.

    Most importantly, this product also offers long-wearing results. While airbrush makeup is usually long-lasting, with the help of the setting spray, the Belloccio system can further guarantee such results. Some can attest to wearing their airbrush makeup for 10 hours and more without any issues and that’s a great thing. If you tend to have long, hectic days, this might just help you worry less about touch-ups.

    3 Things to Know About Using the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup

    Before we completely conclude our Belloccio reviews, we want to stress a few things about using this product and airbrush makeup in general. Take note of the points below as they might prove to be very useful in weighing your options:

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Like with just about any other airbrush makeup, there will be a learning curve with the use of the Belloccio airbrush. However, once you’ve gotten used to the device, you’ll find yourself getting primped in no time.

    Use the Primer

    Lots of Belloccio Airbrush reviews say that you should never skip using the primer included in the set. Aside from helping you create a nice canvas for your foundation and moisturizing your skin, it’s also said to help achieve a smoother and flawless finish. Consider it as a hack for the use of this unit.

    Ensure Regular Cleanups

    It’s an absolute must to clean your airbrush tip regularly. Due to its small size and the fact that liquid makeup can solidify, this component can get clogged. If you don’t clean it every after use, you can’t expect to get the best results from your device.

    Airbrush Makeup Pros and Cons

    While there are lots of great things about airbrush makeup, it also comes with some cons. Most of the pros are already discussed above, so let us discuss a few things that might make this tool a less suitable choice for you:

    • It can highlight flakiness in very dry skin. This is the reason why the older demographic shy away from this tool. However, a good skincare routine and the right primer can have a significant effect on this issue.

    • Liquid makeup tends to be more expensive than regular cosmetics.

    • Touchups are tricky. In case your airbrush makeup didn’t last as long as you wanted it to, doing a touchup can be a bit tricky.

    For most folks, airbrush makeup’s efficiency and great results can always outweigh its drawbacks. This is why it’s still a highly preferred beauty tool and method by many today.

    How the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System Holds Up Against Its Competition

    With lots of options available in the market today, it can be hard to make a decision when it comes to the best airbrush makeup kit. Even if you’re very interested with the Belloccio Airbrush System, it’s just normal to have a nagging feeling that you should still check out your other choices.

    So to make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up some of its top rivals below. Check out what they can offer and why the Belloccio Airbrush Kit might be a better option for you.

    Luminess Air White & Black Legend Airbrush System with 5-Piece Silk 4-IN-1 Deluxe Airbrush Foundation & Cosmetic Starter Kit

    Luminess Air White & Black Legend Airbrush SystemLuminess Air White & Black Legend Airbrush System

    The Luminess Air White & Black Legend Airbrush System with 5-Piece Silk 4-IN-1 Deluxe Airbrush Foundation & Cosmetic Starter Kit is one of the most popular home-use airbrush makeup systems in the market today.

    This is why you shouldn’t be surprised to find Belloccio vs Luminess comparisons all over the web. The two has been pitted against each other by lots of beauty enthusiasts and it’s for a good reason.

    You see, the Luminess airbrush kit is also one of the more popular picks out there. Its popularity definitely came at a price and not everyone’s willing to pay as much. What with more affordable options like the Belloccio, it’s easy to see why people are closely comparing the two.

    To be fair with the Luminess airbrush system, though, its unit looks and feels sturdy. You can definitely tell that it’s worth the money you paid for as it is very solid. It’s also very easy to use and works well.

    The hitch comes in the quality of its liquid makeup. Not a lot of people are very happy with it. Fortunately, you can use other brands of liquid makeup with this system which is a very good plus.

    Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter KitAeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit

    The Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit is one of the closest competitors of the Belloccio Airbrush because they’re at the same price point. They also share a lot of similarities so this might be one of the products that can go neck to neck with our featured item.

    What makes the Aeroblend kit notable, however, is its small compressor. This makes it portable and easy to take with you anywhere. It’s also quiet so you won’t feel embarrassed using it in most places.

    Another plus this product has is its color matching guarantee and 1-year warranty. Not a lot of cosmetic companies offer such deals, so these are definitely great offers. However, feedback from users isn’t very positive when it comes to customer support. So even with such great promise, this product might not be able to deliver a great experience.

    Unlike the Belloccio Airbrush kit, this item also doesn’t come with lots of extras. So if you want to get the most out of your budget, our featured item might be a better pick for you.

    Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup SystemArt of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

    Another option that won’t hurt your budget is the Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System. This product is also within the same price range as the Belloccio Airbrush kit so you might also find yourself considering this option.

    Like the Aeroblend Airbrush kit, this product also has a lot in common with our featured item. It has more similarities with it than the previous product, though, because it also comes with a lot of add-ons. It even comes with a carrier bag which makes it quite a convenient pick.

    Despite its promising features, there are a few things that some folks might deem as dealbreakers. For starters, it’s not exactly quiet. Users note of this fact repeatedly so it’s not a one-off thing. There are also no instructions on how to use the unit. As the Belloccio kit comes with a very useful guide, this is a valid turn-off for lots of buyers.

    After getting to know three other popular options, you might be wondering why should you give the Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System with 4 Medium Shades of Foundation in 1/4 Ounce Bottles a shot. All the other three products mentioned above are very promising, but this product really makes a good case for itself. Make sure to read our Dinair Airbrush Review for yet another comparable quality piece of makeup.


    With the Belloccio Airbrush kit’s top-notch performance, efficiency, and great price, it’s certainly worth considering. It definitely holds up against its competitors and even outshines a lot of them. This is why you should closely consider this item over all of your options as you can expect great results from it.