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    Ben Nye Foundation Review | Smooth & Even Application With Impressive Coverage

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    We’ve all been there: you spend a lot of money on what you thought was the perfect foundation, only to find out that it’s not the right shade at all. Have you ever completed an entire makeup look only to discover that you’ve ruined the look due to the chalkiness of your foundation? Or, even worse, your complexion looks unflatteringly orange?

    If you are absolutely fed up of this happening to you, then Ben Nye Foundation is the right choice. Keep reading to find out why this Ben Nye Foundation meets the mark.

    Ben Nye Foundation Review

    Ben Nye FoundationBen Nye Foundation

    Ben Nye Foundation comes in a color cake form and its formula is activated by water. It applies well and comes out creamy and smooth when placed on the skin.  

    The foundation also comes in a wide variety of colors. Ben Nye Foundation is especially great for performers to use, as it is safe for those with oily or sensitive skin. Furthermore, the foundation cakes can be applied quickly and evenly without coming out chalky or powdery, just like Bare Minerals Bare Pro.

    What makes Ben Nye Foundation great is the fact that it is very versatile. While it is intended for those in show business, you can also use it in your everyday makeup looks.

    It works great as body makeup and can be used to apply makeup to large ensembles. All you have to do is apply in sections and then buff it out. It will settle into a nice, translucent, natural finish.

    If you are a performer, then you will be happy to know that this foundation is also resistant to perspiration and excessive heat. This will benefit those who are exposed to hot stage lights. This foundation works great with both oily and dry skin, which is something that is difficult to find in one foundation.

    Pigmentation and Colour

    This foundation nails it when it comes to pigmentation. It’s not necessary to apply much of the product for good coverage. However, if you are looking to achieve more full and opaque coverage, then you can apply this product over a creme foundation.

    This foundation is available in 52 colors, which means that there is a shade for everyone. For those who are looking for the perfect porcelain look, to those who are just looking for the ideal shade for their skin color, Ben Nye Foundation will have something that matches.

    Application and Wear Time

    Applying this product is simple; all you need is water and a sponge. Choosing small sections, lightly puff Ben Nye’s Foundation over the chosen area until you see a translucent, natural-looking finish.

    Sponges in various colors

    This foundation also offers a great amount of wear time because of its intended use as stage makeup. It is guaranteed not to melt off, even with excessive sweating and heat from stage lights.

    This guarantee also makes it great for everyday use because you can feel secure knowing that even the sun’s heat cannot budge your makeup.

    For older users with skin issues such as uneven textures, aging, and redness, it provides excellent coverage and covers these issues. For young users with skin issues such as uneven skin tone, acne, and redness, the Ben Nye Foundation will easily provide coverage.

    Because this product was made with oily and sensitive skin types in mind, applying it and wearing it for long amounts of time will not cause skin breakouts.

    What We Liked about Ben Nye Foundation

    When it comes to coverage and pigmentation, we love what Ben Nye Foundation has to offer. It is easy to achieve perfect skin without layering on tons of foundation. All you need is a bit of product and some decent buffing skills to achieve an even and healthy complexion.

    We also love how inclusive this product is for every skin tone. There are 52 different shades available which is great because it makes sure that every type of skin tone is represented.

    For the makeup artist in you, you can even break apart the cakes and blend two different colors together to create your own perfect shade.

    Lastly, we really liked how this foundation leaves a matte, oil free finish. If you suffer from oily skin and tend to feel self conscious as the day goes by, this foundation will do the trick.

    The Ben Nye Foundation really does provide a great amount of coverage while allowing your face to stay matte.

    What We Didn’t Like about Ben Nye Foundation

    Face of a girl

    The sheer number of shades available can unfortunately become a curse at times. With so many choices at our disposal, it tends to be a little tricky to find the perfect one. The shades have only a tiny difference between them.

    This can make buyers overthink and over complicate which shade would suit them perfectly.

    Another issue with the Ben Nye foundation is that it does dry darker than it originally appears in the palette.

    This can be especially apparent since this product is water activated. Try to swatch the shades personally, or if you’re buying online, you might want to go one shade lighter.

    Our Take on Ben Nye Creme Foundation

    We have found that Ben Nye’s long lasting creme foundation is also a quality product. These foundations blend beautifully with rouges, highlighters, concealers, creme colors, and eye shadows. The great coverage also comes in an excellent range.

    This product also sits nicely on the skin without coming through as shiny or oily looking. Ben Nye’s creme foundation feels great on the skin and leaves it looking fabulous and natural.

    The creme foundation is a bit heavy for everyday use though. It’s better suited for those who are in the performance and shows because like Ben Nye’s powder foundation, it will last through excessive heat and sweat.

    Furthermore, the creme foundation is very easy to apply, then easy to take off. In fact, the creme goes on so easily that even people who are not professionals can apply their makeup like a pro. Like many Ben Nye products, a little product can go a long way.

    The product lightly covers any marks or blemishes that you would like to cover, without feeling really heavy on the face. This is especially great for performers because they will able to easily perform, while allowing their skin to breathe.

    Competing Products

    Neutrogena Skin ClearingNeutrogena Skin Clearing

    Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation is great at keeping oil under control and there are 14 shades to choose from. However, Ben Nye's Foundation has quite a few more shades than Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation. Plus, it is a powder foundation which makes it quite a deal better at containing oil.

    Despite this, the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation specializes in clearing the skin while Ben Nye does not. While it is not known to cause breakouts, it also will not aid in clearing the skin.

    Shimarz Makeup Full CoverageShimarz Makeup Full Coverage

    ​Shimarz Makeup Foundation Full Coverage​ is very beneficial for the skin as well. For starters, it has great coverage. However, Ben Nye's reputation in coverage is unbeatable, especially given the fact that it’s made for stage performers.

    What makes it even better is that it is still a powder foundation. Despite this, Shimarz Makeup Foundation Full Coverage makes it much easier to find your correct shade. This is unlike Ben Nye’s where we have found it quite difficult to find the correct shade on the first try.


    After reviewing Ben Nye's foundation, it’s easy to see why it serves well as part of anyone’s makeup collection. Because of its versatility and impressive coverage, it will continue to be the chosen brand of most stage performers as well as the everyday makeup enthusiast.

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