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    The Benefits of Steaming Your Face | Simple and Effective Skincare Technique

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    Steaming the body has always been believed to be great for your health. This is why saunas are easily found in just about every city all over the world. You can opt to steam your entire body or just specific body parts to get targeted results. The benefits of steaming your face are particularly attractive, especially since you can easily do it at home.

    If you want to give facial steaming a try, stick around and you might just learn a few important things from this guide.

    No matter how you intend to do this skincare process, though, make sure to use your before starting to get the benefits of steaming your face. Of course, you can also use other makeup removers if you’d prefer other products but as makeup remover wipes offer great convenience, they can be handy in such instances.

    Why Steam Your Face?

    Those who have never tried steaming their face might be wondering why they should give it a shot. There are experts who advise against washing your face with hot water because it can be extremely drying to the skin. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology only recommends using lukewarm water when cleansing your face. It might be baffling to some why you should willingly apply heat to your face by steaming it if experts are against the idea of exposing your skin to high temperatures.

    Technically, steaming isn’t the same thing as using hot water to wash your face. This process doesn’t necessarily have to apply heat directly to your skin like applying hot water will. You can easily position your face away from the facial steamer so it doesn’t get exposed to a lot of heat.

    face steamer can help you clean your face

    But is steaming your face good? The general consensus among experts is yes. There are several benefits of facial steaming with proper execution. It’s particularly helpful to those who struggle with clogged pores as it can help loosen up blockages for easier extraction.

    This is why some facial treatments start with steaming the face. It serves as an excellent way to prepare the skin to let go of the things that shouldn’t be in its surface.

    What does steaming your face do? How exactly is it good for the face? Experts say that steaming, in general, makes you sweat and this causes your pores to open up. This will then help cleanse the topmost layer of the skin by softening the dead skin cells and loosening up the stuck debris in the surface to make them easier to slough off.

    How often should you steam your face? If you have enlarged pores that get clogged easily, you might want to steam your face once a week. If you’re thinking that this is on a case to case basis, don’t ask ‘how often should I steam my face?’ Stick to the once a week routine as doing this very often can lead to more breakouts and skin sensitivities.

    The Benefits of Steaming Your Face

    If you’re wondering what are the benefits of face steaming, check out this list:

    It’s an effective way to deeply cleanse your skin.

    Deep cleansing the skin on your face from time to time will be very beneficial to its health and appearance. Why? Because a lot of things can build up in its surface over time. This is particularly true if you’re not a huge fan of exfoliating or if you can’t really exfoliate your skin regularly.

    By deep cleansing your skin, you’ll get to open your pores which can make it easier for you to remove the debris, oil, bacteria, and other things that could be blocking them. This can help prevent serious irritation that can lead to breakouts. So as a result, it can help you control your skin better.

    It will prepare your skin for fuss-free extraction.

    As mentioned above, lots of facial treatments involve steaming as its first step. This is because it opens the pores and loosens up the things that are stuck to it. These make them easier to remove. This is why a lot of blackhead and whitehead extraction procedures will steam your face first before doing the dirty work.

    Extracting the blockages from your pores without ample preparation can cause more harm than good to your skin. It can result in micro-tears in your skin which can lead to infections and weaker skin barrier. So if you want the best results, steaming might just be an easy way to prepare your skin for an at home extraction.

    It increases blood flow to the skin.

    The heat and sweating that you’ll experience when steaming your face can also help stimulate blood flow to your skin in the said area. This is a very good thing as this can also bring more oxygen to the area and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

    As collagen and elastin help keep the skin plump, elastic, and in great shape, it’s important that you have a healthy amount of them. Unfortunately, aging and bad habits damage the fibers of elastin and slow down the production of collagen. This makes facial steaming an easy and convenient way to get your body producing more of them.

    It’s great for those with acne-prone skin.

    It’s also said that those with acne prone skin can get the bulk of facial steamer benefits. Why? The fact that they loosen up the contaminants and debris on your pores can help you quickly remove potential irritants from your skin. This can help prevent serious breakouts when done regularly. In short, steaming for acne can help you keep your skin clean and free of potential pore blockages.

    Steaming your face is also said to help deal with acne-causing bacteria that’s on your skin. Sometimes, cleansing is not enough to fight off these things, so with the addition of heat, you might just be able to thoroughly rid your face of the things that causes your acne. It might be a temporary fix, but regular steaming can always help.

    It will let your skin absorb your skincare products better.

    Clean skin also creates a highly receptive canvas for your skin are efforts. Without any blockages in your pores and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, it can better absorb the ingredients of your skincare products.

    For more efficiency, you can even do a herbal facial steam instead of just a regular steaming session. By adding essential oils or even actual herbs to your water, you might be able to deliver more skin-nourishing ingredients to your skin. A lot of people like to do this when they need an extra boost to their pampering sesh as it can easily take your at home facial to the next level.

    It can help hydrate your skin.

    This might surprise some folks because using hot water on the skin is drying to the skin but steaming your face is actually a moisturizing procedure. The heat’s ability to stimulate blood flow to your face and the actual condensation involved in the process can help direct moisture to your skin. So if your face is feeling extra tight and dry lately, steaming can be a good thing to do.

    This also makes steaming your face an even more ideal part of your spa day at home during the cold winters. It can help provide relief to your parched skin, especially if you give an herbal steam a try. Lavender is an excellent addition for very dry skin while rosemary and parsley are best for troubled skin. In addition, you should have the best moisturizer for dry skin in your beauty products arsenal.

    It’s very relaxing.

    The relaxation this activity brings is also one of the most popular steaming face benefits. The sensation of heat touching your face without actually applying too much of it has a very soothing effect on a lot of people. Its ability to open your passageways also makes it quite calming.

    Because of this, it can really be an excellent way to kick off a self-care session. Follow it with some solid pampering and face steaming might just really help you unwind.

    5 Things You Should Remember When Steaming Your Face

    Before you start looking for ways to try facial steaming, you might want to learn a few things first. Here are three crucial points that you should keep in mind if you want to get the best results from this routine:

    Do it properly and with extreme care.

    While a lot of experts recognize the benefits of steaming your face, some of them have serious reservations about it. Why? There are dangers to it because it involves exposing your face to high temperatures.

    facial steaming can be done by steamer or home made facial steam

    Sure, you can easily just position your face farther from the source of the steam but not everyone is fully aware that they should do that. As some people actually think that experiencing some skin stinging and tightening after washing their skin with a harsh cleanser, there will also be a lot of people who will like experiencing a lot of heat on their face.

    Without knowing the proper way to steam your face, you might do more harm than good to your skin and it’s exactly what experts don’t want to happen. Applying too much heat on your face can inflame the skin and affect its natural balance. This can then result in irritations and even skin damage, similar to what sunburn does to the skin.

    Then there’s also the fact that the skin on your face is thinner than what’s on the other part of your body except for your chest area. This makes it very important that you care for it better. Applying too much heat to it can be easily damaging, so even if you often shower with hot water (which experts advise against, too), you really shouldn’t do anything similar to your face.

    So if you’re going to do a DIY facial steam at home, you should make sure to learn the proper techniques. This is the only way you can fully enjoy the benefits of steaming your face.

    Experts say that this procedure is best done with the help of professionals or a dedicated device.

    If you don’t think you’ll be able to properly execute a facial steaming session, you might want to consider having it done by professionals or getting an actual face steaming device instead. These can help lower the risks of user error which can be damaging to your skin.

    By seeing a dermatologist or licensed aesthetician to help you steam your face, you don’t have to worry about doing something wrong that can cost you the good health of your skin. Of course, these professionals can also make mistakes which is why you should be very discerning when it comes to who to trust. Only entrust your skin to reputable clinics so you can be sure to get the best results.

    If getting professional treatments is out of your budget, the best facial steamers are also great options for you. These beauty devices will help you execute a facial steaming session safely since they are designed for the very purpose. However, you still have to note that there’s still room for user error when using these items so it’s still crucial that you operate them properly.

    Make sure to follow it with a solid skincare routine if you’re going to do it as a part of a spa day at home.

    Facial steaming is practically a preparation step to an all-out skin-pampering session, so if you want to give this a try, you should also prepare to follow it with an amazing skincare routine. You can easily just go for your usual regimen and it can already give you amazing results since your skin will be able to fully absorb the great things in your products.

    You can also opt to take things up a notch and go for a more elaborate routine. This can complete your spa day at home as your skin will get more out of your efforts.

    sheet masks and sleeping packs give you the best post-steaming effect

    A lot of people recommend executing a moisturizing routine right after facial steaming, however. No matter what your skin issues are, adding moisture to your skin will always be very beneficial for you. So putting on some moisturizing sheet masks and sleeping packs would be a great post-steaming routine.

    If you struggle with troubled skin, this is also an excellent time to use some potent products. Your skin will be more receptive to their ingredients so you can make the most out of their acne-fighting properties.

    Just don’t forget to use moisturizers as well, as a lot of these products can also dry your skin out.

    Facial steaming is not for everyone.

    According to some dermatologists, facial steaming is not recommended for everyone. As it can cause the blood vessels to dilate because of the heat applied to the skin, it can aggravate certain conditions. The fact that it can also dry out the skin is also another reason why it’s not for everyone. So if you have rosacea or eczema, you might be better off with other skincare methods instead.

    Don’t oversteam your face.

    Steaming your face may feel amazing and it can also help improve the quality of your skin but it doesn’t mean that you should do it as often as possible. This technique is not meant for everyday use for various reasons:

    • It can apply too much heat to your skin and damage it.
    • It can dry out your skin if you use too much heat on it.
    • It can cause skin inflammations.

    You should also limit your steaming sessions for 5 to 10 minutes according to experts. This will already soften your skin without irritating it.

    How to Steam Your Face for the Best Results

    After learning the essentials about facial steaming, you might now want to know how to steam your face properly. Here are a few techniques that you can try at home:

    How to Steam Your Face with Hot Towels

    find out how to steam your face with hot towels
    1. Grab a few clean face towels or any small-sized towels. Stay away from something too large as they can prove to be difficult to put on your face.
    2. Grab a clean basin and fill it with enough hot water to soak one face towel. Add your herbs if you prefer to make the most out of your facial steaming session.
    3. Put your hair up and cleanse your face and neck thoroughly.
    4. Place one face towel into the basin and make sure that it’s completely soaked with hot water.
    5. Wring the towel out until it’s just damp and not dripping wet. Make sure that it’s not scalding hot but it should still be relatively hot.
    6. Position yourself on a chair or a flat surface where you can hold your face up securely. You can either recline on a chair or lay down completely.
    7. Place the hot towel on your face, ensuring that it covers as much skin as possible.
    8. Let it sit for about five minutes.
    9. Remove the towel and then proceed to your skin pampering routine.

    How to Steam Your Face with Hot Water in a Bowl or Basin

    steaming bowl can contain different types of herbs
    1. Grab a fluffy bath towel that should be big enough to cover most of your body.
    2. Choose a good spot for your bowl or basin of hot water. Remember that this process will take 5 to 10 minutes, so you should opt for a method that will let you stay comfortable for its entire duration. You should also make sure that it’s a safe spot as you’ll be handling a good amount of hot water. Placing your bowl or basin on the dining table might just be the best option for a lot of people.
    3. Boil water or fill your bowl or basin with hot tap water. You can add herbs into both, but if you boil your water, make sure to let it boil over and simmer a little to get the best results. If you wish to use essential oils, you should add it after boiling the water.
    4. Secure your tresses and keep it out of your face then wash your face and neck.
    5. Place the bowl in the spot where you intend to steam your face and sit in front of it comfortably. Make sure that the bowl or basin is safely perched on a surface. It should also be difficult to knock or tip over to ensure your safety.
    6. Cover your head and the bowl or basin of hot water with the large bath towel. This will let you contain and direct the steam coming out from the hot water.
    7. Place your face at least 6 inches away from the opening of the bowl or basin of hot water. This should be the nearest distance between your face and the basin to avoid applying too much heat to your face. You can also increase the distance or lift the towel from time to time if the steam feels too hot.
    8. Steam your face for about 5 to 10 minutes then proceed to your skincare routine.

    How to Steam Your Face with a Facial Steamer Device

    1. Grab your facial steamer and read its user instructions. Set it up according to the manufacturer’s directions.
    2. Find a good spot near a power outlet so you can plug the device in. It should also have enough space for you to sit in so you can be comfortable while you steam your face.
    3. Put your hair up and wash your face and neck.
    4. Turn on the steamer and wait until it releases steam.
    5. Sit in front of your facial steamer and place your face in front of the steam outlet. Make sure that your face is about 5 to 10 inches away from the outlet. You can also adjust according to your comfort. If it’s too hot pull farther away. If you don’t think you’re getting enough heat, put your face closer. Just don’t go nearer than 5 inches from the steam outlet, however, as that can apply too much heat to your skin.
    6. Steam your face for 2 to 3 minutes then assess if your skin can take more. If yes, take a 1-minute breather then proceed with another 2 to 3-minute round.
    7. Proceed with your skincare routine.

    No matter how you intend to do this skincare process, though, make sure to use good quality makeup remover wipes before starting to get the benefits of steaming your face. Of course, you can also use other makeup removers if you’d prefer other products but as makeup remover wipes offer great convenience, they can be handy in such instances