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    9 Best Airbrush Makeup Kits Reviews 2020 | Perfect Foundation Finish at Home

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    People in the beauty industry have been raving about airbrush makeups lately. It's simple -  airbrush makeup formulas produces flawless results that feels light on the skin and looks great on high definition photos. It provides a full coverage that usually lasts for up to 12 hours, provided you have the best airbrush makeup kit.

    Our Top Rated Airbrush Makeup Kit for 2020

    Photo Finish Airbrush Kit

    Photo Finish KitPhoto Finish Kit

    Why buy the Photo Finish kit?

    1. Provides full coverage and is easy to use
    2. Comparable features to many of the more expensive brands
    3. Very well priced and overwhelming majority positive user feedback indicates a quality product

    Professional Airbrush Makeup Kit / Machine Ratings | Top Seller

    Below is the official 2019 comparison chart featuring our rating of the Top 3 airbrush makeup kits (with the rest below in reviews).

    photo finish prophoto finish pro

    Editor's rating:


    • Exceptional user reviews
    • 5 piece foundation set
    • Perfect for home use

    luminess cosmetic productluminess cosmetic product

    Editor's rating:


    • Makeups are water based and alcohol-free
    • Affordable product line
    • Recommended by professionals


    3. Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit

    tickled pink brandtickled pink brand

    Editor's rating:


    • Kit includes the hose, AC adapter, compressor, airbrush, and three shades in 1 oz bottles
    • Perfect for beginners
    • Water based makeup formulas

    Why Airbrushes/Airsprays?

    There are various reasons to choose air brushes over the conventional technique. The spray gun used to apply this makeup produces a thin and even coating on your skin. This is why air spray makeup feels lighter and breathable.

    The good thing about this makeup is it does not transfer to your hands or other materials, unlike traditional makeup. It is also capable of lasting for up to 12 hours with minimal to zero touch ups. Airbrushes are great for special events such as:

    redhead applying good makeup
    • weddings
    • photo sessions
    • parties
    • formal events

    Simply apply a small amount into the gun, and hold it a few inches away from the skin before spraying. This will make it easier for you to apply evenly, as desired. All airbrushing kits should have a manual with complete instructions.

    How To Find The Right Airbrush Makeup For Full Coverage

    Airbrushing is what most, if not all, professional stylists use on models and celebrities to make them look amazingly flawless on camera. A professional-grade airbrush makeup kit usually comes with a hefty price tag, but there are reasonably-priced ones that can provide superior coverage.

    This buying guide will introduce you to the terms and details that will become extremely useful once you begin looking for the best airbrush makeup kit for personal or home use, depending on your needs.

    Professional Coverage vs Home Use

    There are a few different types that we recommend here. If you plan on using it regularly and frequently, then it may be worth springing for a professional grade. However, if you're on a tighter budget then go with the amateur ones - you'll still get a nice even finish.

    Fortunately, because we chose only the top ones for this list, you can't go wrong no matter which product you choose.

    Finding the Right Airbrushing Kit / Gun for a Great Price

    The air brushing kits available today have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is crucial to determine your needs to see which model will work for you. If you plan to apply air spray makeup several times a week, then you will want to invest in the perfect airbrush makeup kit for you in order to get great results. You will also want to buy a kit with replaceable parts to make the unit last longer.

    If you plan to purchase a sprayer kit for occasional use, then a more affordable kit will do. Most kits come with a user manual. Beginner users should particularly look for this one to help them become familiar with the technique and the kit.

    What’s in the Spray Kit?

    blonde applying airbrush makeup spray

    Airbrush makeup can be used in various cosmetic applications, from daily use and parties to formal occasions and photoshoots. It's basically required for special events since there are professional grade options to provide maximum coverage. 

    Each kit comes with the essential parts, while there are models that include make-up. These are the most important components of an airbrushing kit: 

    1. Good Quality Compressor unit

    This is the tool that works to compress the air. Compressors normally come with pressure settings or continuous settings that let you adjust the air pressure as desired. Keep in mind that the ones with more pressure settings are more costly. Beginners can opt to purchase an air brush system with a continuous setting.

    2.  Stylus

    The stylus is what you use to spray the makeup on the skin. It comes in either:

    • Single-Action: This stylus works by pushing down on the trigger to unleash booth the color and air. It allows for controlled spraying with the help of a separate dial and positioning the stylus away or closer to the skin.
    • Dual-Action: This type of stylus is the most commonly used. It pushes down on the trigger to unleash the air. When you pull back the trigger, you can control the amount of color that sprays on your skin. This type generally provides more control than the single-action stylus and is a key component to choosing the best airbrush makeup formulas for maximum control.

    Bottle Versus Gravity-Fed Airbrush Systems Pros

    Airbrush makeups come either in a bottle or gravity-fed cup. The bottle version is ready to be attached to an airbrush, while the gravity-fed cup that lets the makeup go in and be mixed with air. The cup version allows you to easily change makeups, from foundation to bronzer, blush, and eye makeups and is ideal for easy refills.

    Choosing an Airbrush Machine

    Foundation is the most important and best airbrush makeup. It provides you with a fine and solid base to get started without feeling too oily. A good airbrush foundation will give your skin a smooth and even look that traditional makeup cannot achieve. There are two ways to determine the right foundation for you:

    Wrist Check for Tone

    Check your inner wrist. The foundation should blend evenly with your skin to achieve a barely-there look. Ideally, you need one that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, or has the same skin tone as your inner wrist.

    Know your Skin Tones to Find the Right Formulas

    It is crucial to be aware of your skin’s natural color variations. Most people will fall into one of these three groups: the warmer skin tones will have yellow or golden tones; the cooler ones will have more blues and pinks; while those with neutral skin tones will have a combination of the two.

    Water based products will work great on individuals with naturally oily and/or sensitive skin.

    Other Great Airbrush Makeups

    The bronzer and blush can give your cheeks their naturally healthy glow without that chalky effect. You can even mix your bronzer or blush with your foundation to create a color that seamlessly blends with the rest of your makeup. Most products will have a natural shimmer that can add glow to your overall look.

    Water airbrush makeup is a good alternative for those who have oily skin, but aren't necessary for those who don't suffer frequently from breakouts.

    Beauty kit

    People who want the perfect jawline and cheekbones will want a good highlighter. You can either use your bronzer or foundation as the highlighter, or purchase makeup with this function. Make sure to purchase a highlighter in the same color family as your airbrush foundation, but only a few shades darker to be applied on your jaw, cheekbones, or along the nose for contouring.

    Add-Ons for the Perfect Spray

    Airbrushing kits do not normally come with makeup. It will be a wiser move to purchase a kit with airbrush makeup options by default so you can use it right away. Add-ons will usually include a foundation, correctors, concealer, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, and luminizer. For eyeshadows check out our  best makeup palettes reviews.

    With all of these accessories, it would be beneficial to purchase a cosmetic bag to keep all of your equipment organized and ready for travel!

    How at home airbrush works

    This type of technique requires an airbrush gun that is loaded with airbrush makeup to spray onto your face. You only need to use a tiny amount of concealer, but what’s great about this technique is that it can last for hours. The loaded airbrush gun should be held a few inches away from your face before the spraying starts.

    You will be surprised at how light the airbrush makeup feels on the face. It allows your skin to breathe, helping you prevent acne or skin damage. The gun sprays makeup finely onto your face to create that smooth and natural glow. Depending on the airbrush makeup’s quality, it should last up to 12 hours with little to no retouch necessary.

    What’s in these Different Airbrushes Systems?

    The items that you will get depend largely on the airbrush kit that you purchase. The best airbrush makeup and compressor kit should contain the airbrush stylus, a compressor unit, and a set of airbrush makeup.

    It is ideal to look for a kit that comes with a dual-action stylus and a wide range of airbrush makeup, so you can maximize your investment. This is because purchasing the makeup separately could cost you more.

    Choosing the Best Airbrush Makeup Kits For The Money

    Airbrush machines for makeup may seem expensive, but the results it gives will make you realize how worthy it is. You end up using less makeup for this technique, which means it could save you more money in the long run. Invest in the top kit and create the look that you have been dreaming to have without the frequent need for retouch.

    With so many options to choose from, how do you know which is the best airbrush makeup for you? Below are reviews of some of the top brands out there so that you can find out which airbrush makeup kit is #1!

    What's the Best Airbrush Makeup Kits? Reviews

    Editor's Rating:

    photo finish professional boxphoto finish professional box

    The Photo Finish Professional airbrush kit is a #1 seller, renowned for its affordability, while not detracting from features and reliability. Be sure to stay clear of other product kits that claim to provide the full benefits of this professional grade system for a lower price - they're probably lying to you.

    This model comes with a 6 foot rubber hose (perfect length) and has a gravity fed airbrush system, the choice of makeup professionals. The kit comes with a range of different foundations and colors to allow you the perfect look for any occasion. This is one of the best airbrush makeup systems. 

    The Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit is the perfect addition to any woman’s arsenal for achieving the the most flawless finish on any skin type, especially oily skin types! With this kit, you will definitely have heads turning as you stroll by confidently.

    Product Pros:

    • Ideal Professional Use
    • Great price
    • Perfect length hose for easy spray
    • Flawless finish with full coverage

    Product Cons:

    • Not great for beginners

    Editor's Rating:

    luminess cosmetic setluminess cosmetic set

    The Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System is one of the best airbrush makeup kits recommended by makeup professionals. With this great kit, you will be able to have flawless looking skin and look years younger! Imagine when people begin telling you you look a decade younger than you are with the awesome spray mechanism.

    Luminess offers a wide range of airbrush makeup kits. It’s affordable product line ranges from the Kelly System to The Platinum. The only difference between these kits is the quality of the compressor and the nozzle. All Luminess airbrush makeups are water-based and alcohol-free, meaning they are safe on nearly every skin type. You can also choose between matte and satin, as well as among the 16 different shades available.

    Be wary of imitation kits that are showing up lately that claim to provide more for an absurdly low price. Our links above will take you to the official supplier’s Amazon product page. This investment will last you for years to come - get one of the most well known make up airbrush systems.

    Read our detailed review of the Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System for even more information. airbrush #makeup.

    Product Pros:

    • Relatively affordable
    • One of the top brands

    Product Cons:

    • Watch out for copycats

    Editor's Rating:

    tickled pink brandtickled pink brand

    Looking for an awesome kit to improve your makeup game? Tickled Pink has three different kits. They only differ in the supplied makeup shade. As the best airbrush makeup for beginners, the Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit will allow you to create the look of your dreams!

    With this airbrush makeup kit, you will be able to achieve a celebrity’s look without having an entire beauty team. Make sure to watch out for other kits that claim to give you a wide variety of shades with just a few bottles of foundation and an adjustable hose – you need to have a collection of various foundations and a solid kit for getting just the right look!

    The basic kit includes the hose, AC adapter, compressor, airbrush, airbrush holder, and three shades in 1 oz bottles. These items will help you get going towards that beautiful look right out of the box! This brand is perfect for beginners, and includes a one-year standard warranty.

    Like the other brands on the list, Tickled Pink offers 3 pressure levels, from low to high. The entire unit is easy to store and transport. It is also water based, which means it caters to nearly all skin types.

    Product Pros:

    • Full kit provided
    • Perfect product for beginners

     Product Cons:

    • Weak customer support

    Editor's Rating:

    original dinair starter set boxoriginal dinair starter set box

    Dinair may be less powerful than the professional-grade models, but its affordable price tag makes it a worthy investment, making it one of the top airbrush makeup tools for the price. This compact airbrush makeup feels so light on the skin. Available foundation bottles range from 1/4 oz to as high as 1.15 oz.

    The kit is easy to use, with the compressor running between 0 and 15 PSI, perfect for beginner to intermediate users. The body is all metal, and has no plastic parts. What’s great about Dinair is its wide range of mattes and satins, and the several shades available for the face and body to help provide a full look. You can also mix colors, and enjoy the different stencils provided. The airbrush makeup is water-based, so it is friendly on nearly every skin type.

    Product Pros:

    • A top brand
    • Relatively easy to use product

    Product Cons:

    • Pressure is relatively weak
    • Basic

    Editor's Rating:

    Iwata-Medea Studio Series Silver Jet Single PistonIwata-Medea Studio Series Silver Jet Single Piston

    The Iwata Silver Jet promises a high quality and reliable airbrush makeup system. Belonging in the more expensive price range, this unit uses an oil-free, piston motor that does not require any servicing.

    The kit includes a coiled hose, an airbrush holder, a hose connector, Pistol-Grip Filter, pressure adjustable knob, handle, and pressure gauge. The compressor is easy to use and assemble, and runs between 10 and 30 PSI. The airbrush dock in the center keeps your airbrush gun secured when not in use or in between applications. If you really look Japanese beauty products then this airbrush makeup set by Iwata may be the one for you.

    Product Pros:

    • Distinguished Japanese brand
    • Adjustable knobs for multiple pressure options

    Product Cons:

    • Japanese instructions
    • Higher priced makeup kit

    Editor's Rating:

    Temptu 2.0 PremierTemptu 2.0 Premier

    The Temptu Kit has a louder and bigger compressor than the other systems on the list. Its industrial design, however, has introduced a revolutionary way of applying airbrush makeup. The Temptu brand uses the AIR Pod technology, instead of a cup, so it does not easily spill and does not need as much cleaning. You need to take note that this makeup kit does not allow you to mix colors. Overall, the Temptu brand offers a solid built to keep home and professional users happy.

    Product Pros:

    • Reliable

    Product Cons:

    • Doesn't give a full finish
    • Mediocre price for mediocre product

    Editor's Rating:

    Belloccio Professional BeautyBelloccio Professional Beauty

    Belloccio Airbrush makeup offers anything that you need in airbrushing. Its kit comes with a Precision Gravity Feed Airbrush system that you can use for single- or dual-action and is from one of the best airbrush makeup brands. Other items included are the compressor, airbrush holder, a moisturizing primer, carry bag, hose, airbrush cleaner, plug-in adapter, and the five foundation colors.

    The compressor runs quietly between 5 and 15 PSI. You can also adjust the airflow settings, from low to high, allowing you to do body art or tanning. Weighing only 1.3 pounds, the Belloccio is perfect for travel. The product is also hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and organic.

    Product Pros:

    • Great price
    • Basic and light option

    Product Cons:

    • Skin coverage isn't great 
    • No water based formulas

    Editor's Rating:

    GlowFusion for Even CoverageGlowFusion for Even Coverage

    The Glow Fusion Air Glow makeup kit is one of the most affordable on the list, selling at a nice mid-price point. The kit is quite delicate, and requires utmost care and proper cleaning as it gets clogged easily. The manufacturer, however, assures that the unit is dermatologist-recommended and is non-comedogenic. If you are searching for an affordable airbrush makeup system that produces decent results, then this could be your best bet.

    Product Pros:

    • Decent price
    • Easy on skin

    Product Cons:

    • Easily clogged
    • Very fragile product

    9. The Kett Jett

    Editor's Rating:

    The Kett Jett boasts of a powerful compressor that has an adjustable airflow ranging from 0 to 30 PSI. This feature allows for improved user control. Kett Jett is also versatile, with options available for both home users and industry professionals. It may be one of the more expensive brands on the list, but the quality it produces matches the price tag.

    The Starter Kit is pretty hefty, but the full kit is even more so and we're not sure we can really recommend it with all these other amazing options. All kits include the cleaning set, compressor, hose, airbrush, Sett Pressed Powder, and 10 Hydro Foundation Shades. For an additional fee, you can avail the Kit Bag to secure all your Kett Jett goodies wherever you go.

    Product Pros:

    • Full kit with lots of accessories

    Product Cons:

    • Not ideal for beginners
    • Higher priced option

    Editor's Rating:

    Glam Air The PoshGlam Air The Posh

    Glam Air has a wide range of airbrush makeup kits available for you to choose from, with prices ranging from low to moderate price. All Glam Air kits contain the same system, but the best airbrush makeup models from Glam have more makeup options. The Posh is the brand’s starter kit, and can be compared to the likes of Dinair and Tempty.

    Other upgrade kits contain extras, such as the bronzing kits, blush colors, and an extra travel bag. Glam Air uses the same compressor for all systems, but users will definitely love the extensive makeup range and kit options that are friendly for nearly all skin types. Best of all, this makeup contains minerals, Vitamin E, and moisturizers that can keep your skin healthy.

    Product Pros:

    • Extensive makeup range
    • Lots of minerals for skin health

    Product Cons:

    • Not a well known brand

    Frequently Asked Questions

    brushes and a necklace

    What is the best airbrush foundation brand?

    The best airbrush brand is Luminess, since it's professional grade and comes from a great brand. Another great brand is Photo Finish.

    Can Any Airbrush Be Used for Makeup?

    No, you don't want to use any airbrush for makeup. Most airbrushes are not fine enough or have enough pressure to get an even coating. 

    That's one of the advantages of professional grade options. The best airbrush makeup will have a stark difference between non-makeup oriented airbrushes.

    Is airbrush makeup better than traditional?

    Yes, airbrush makeup is better than traditional because it is higher quality - often used for makeups and photo shoots. The pressure spray allows the makeup to be evenly applied and blended with other makeup.

    How much does airbrush makeup cost?

    Although the prices vary significantly, airbrush makeup costs $100-$225. This is more expensive than traditional makeup, which is usually about $100.

    How much does Luminess cost?

    The cost of Luminess depends on which spray kit you get specifically, but most are around $200.00. Foundation refills depends on the brand you choose, which can be anywhere from $15.00-$45.00

    Dinair vs Luminess

    Dinar and Luminess are 2 of the most popular brands for airbrushes. In this comparison, we'll run the basics side by side.

    Dinair is considered to be less powerful than professional grades (it has between 0 and 15 PSI), but is relatively affordable. This makes it good for beginners or intermediate users. It has full metal parts so you're paying for quality materials and it blends different shades pretty well. 

    Water based makeup makes it great for everybody. 

    Luminess, vs Dinair, uses both water based and alcohol free makeup so it's less harsh than Dinair. They have a variety of product lines - from very affordable to more premium options. However, when you get a better option you're mostly paying for a higher quality compressor and nozzle.
    There are also a few more shade options - 16 in total and Luminess is one of the favorite overall air brush make up kits you can get.

    Get Dinair if you're new to airbrushing your makeup and you want something easy to start out with at an affordable cost.

    Get Luminess if you have a better idea of what you are doing and want a better quality product overall.


    The top air spray makeup kit for you largely depends on your personal preference. This list will allow you to make a thorough comparison of the most popular brands on the market. Take time in studying each of the brand, and see which airbrush makeup kit will perfectly match your needs. Whether you are an aspiring makeup artists or just a makeup lover, it is crucial to invest in products that are safe, durable, and have received plenty of great reviews.

    professional kit with color palettes for oily skin