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    10 Best BB Creams For Oily Skin 2020 Reviews | Is Estee Lauder the Top Choice?

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    BB creams, short for blemish balms or beauty balms, are all the rage nowadays.  This beauty wonder product is more or less a tinted moisturizer which hides blemishes, soothes skin redness, moisturizes the skin, and acts as a foundation to create a clear even skin tone. All that AND it has SPF.

    Top Product Revealed!

    Roc Retinol Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Perfecting Cream

    Roc product boxRoc product box

    Our reasons for choosing it:

    1. Broad spectrum SPF 25 BB cream
    2. Positive anti-aging results for all types of skin tones
    3. Earned good reviews from many users

     It’s no wonder every lady has now included this in her makeup kit.  However, not all BB creams are good for just any skin type.  Oily skin in particular causes problems, with breakouts resulting from makeup use.  Fortunately, there are specially made BB creams in the market which are ideal for oily skin.

    Top 3 BB Cream for Oily Skin

    Roc product boxRoc product box

    Editor's Rating:


    • Looks too light but effective at giving skin adequate coverage​
    • Easy to use
    • Blends naturally with light skin tones

    L'oreal paris beautifier containerL'oreal paris beautifier container

    Editor's Rating:


    • Great for moisturizing the skin​
    • Light texture and suitable for all skin types​
    • Works well as a concealer or foundation


    3. BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream

    BRTC AquaBRTC Aqua

    Editor's Rating:


    • Contains anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients
    • It has AHA and BHA which removes dead skin cells
    • Feels light on skin and covers imperfections

    Best BB Creams for Oily Skin

    ROC Corecctional Product ContainerROC Corecctional Product Container

    When it first comes out of the bottle, the Roc Retinol Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Perfecting Cream might look too light to be an effective BB cream.  Users have discovered though that this product is superb at giving your skin coverage that can keep for hours.  It’s easy to use and enhances your skin as it blends naturally with light skin tones.  One of its most important ingredients is retinol, which is proven to combat acne.  It also helps improve imperfections and masks skin problems.

    L'oreal paris beautifierL'oreal paris beautifier

    The L’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream is an excellent product that is a favorite among many users.  It does a great job moisturizing the skin but feels light, suitable for all skin types.  It works well both as a concealer, which effectively disguises blemishes, and as a foundation, providing a smooth, non-shiny look.  It also has a guide to help you learn how to best blend the product to your skin for maximum coverage.  On top of that, it comes with a budget-friendly price.

    BRTC AquaBRTC Aqua

    What’s unique about the BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream?  This cream has anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients derived from deep ocean water and some flower extracts, to naturally moisturize the skin.  It contains AHA and BHA which removes dead skin cells so that new skin cells can grow.  Users loved that the cream felt light on the skin and covered the skin and imperfections nicely.  It also blends well with most skin tones.  It retains moisture but controls oil so it’s a good choice for oily skin.

    Maybelline Dream squeeze bottleMaybelline Dream squeeze bottle

    The Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream is great for oily and acne-prone skin as it has salicylic acid which successfully treats blemishes including redness.  It’s absorbed easily by the skin and provides great hydration, making the skin feel soft and smooth.  It’s a great alternative to foundation as blending it in is easy and it leaves a nice matte finish.  The cream also comes in seven shades to provide adequate coverage for all skin tones.  It lasts for hours without fading as well.  The only drawback to this product is the lack of SPF.

    Estée Lauder Clear Difference ComplexionEstée Lauder Clear Difference Complexion

    Created to cover most skin tones, including darker ones, the Estée Lauder Clear Difference Complexion Perfecting BB Crème is also one of the best BB creams for blemish-prone skin.  It’s oil and fragrance-free, ideal for sensitive skin.  It’s thinner than other BB creams but hydrates the skin without feeling too greasy and still keeps your face shine-free throughout the day.  Thanks to its salicylic acid, it dries and clears up clogged pores.  Plus, the SPF 35 protects your skin well from the sun.

    Garnier Miracle Perfector, W/ Cream BottleGarnier Miracle Perfector, W/ Cream Bottle

    If you’re looking for a BB cream that works like a charm but is also more affordable, you’ll love the Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream.  Oily and combination skin can benefit the most from this BB cream.  Oil is controlled for hours while your face gains a healthy, vibrant look.  Your skin is hydrated but without the heavy feel.  Blemishes are covered up, and your skin tone is evened out.  Coverage is also great and your face looks clean and flawless.

    3Lab SPF40 Bottle3Lab SPF40 Bottle

    The 3lab Perfect BB SPF 40 one of the BB creams with the most SPF.  At the same time, it uses shea butter and squalane to naturally moisturize your skin.  The cream considerably improves your complexion and lessens the appearance of blemishes, giving you a smooth, glowing look. Redness is also well-concealed thanks to the cream’s slight yellowish tinge.  On top of that, it feels light on the skin and lessens oil.  It comes in three shades as well which complement lighter skin tones.

    As a moisturizer, the Boscia BB Cream SPF 27 pa++ works perfectly.  The cream was formulated with a warming complex to blend with and easily even out most skin tones.  Imperfections and redness are significantly reduced.  You can also be assured that your skin is safe since this cream is free from harmful ingredients like parabens.  However, since this is one of the lighter BB creams that focuses on hydration, it does not offer as much coverage.  Unless you’re satisfied with sheer, not so thick coverage, you might still need foundation.

    Estee Lauder Complexion Perfector BottleEstee Lauder Complexion Perfector Bottle

    The Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB SPF 20 can be a little pricey but with all the benefits you get, it’s certainly worth it.  Those who worry about the harmful effects of silicone on the skin will love that this BB cream is silicone-free.  It contains Vitamin C and E, antioxidants for your skin and SPF 20 to shield your skin from harsh sunlight.  The hyaluronic acid also acts as a moisturizer.  Distinguishing this BB cream from the others is the inclusion of ruby powder, for giving the face a healthy glow while keeping it oil-free.

     Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying Box and Bottle Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying Box and Bottle

    Acclaimed for their beauty solutions, Kiehl’s is a brand that has been around for decades so you can trust that their Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream is of top quality.  It moisturizes the skin making it look fresh and healthy, without the heavy feel of most cosmetics.  This is due to its more gel-like consistency.  It covers your face and controls oil for several hours.  Aside from evening out your skin tone with regular use, it also has Vitamin C which helps brighten the skin, not to mention that this cream has a whopping SPF 50.

    Summing Up

    Oily skin and acne-prone skin, though troublesome, don’t have to prevent you from enjoying the benefits of BB creams.  With the great products we listed, you can take your pick of which one suits your complexion and skin type best.  Just remember to use this together with your other skincare products to keep your skin smooth and healthy.