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    Best blow dryer for natural hair 2017

    Top 10 Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair 2020

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    Bow dryers are a popular hair accessory and really one that is hard to live without. But what is the best option for natural hair? Let’s find out with our comprehensive buying guide below!

    Top Blow Dryer Revealed!

    GHD Air ProfessionalGHD Air Professional

    Why we chose this item:

    1. Includes 2 concentrator nozzles
    2. Equipped with various power and heat settings
    3. Comes with a diffuser adaptor ring plus 9” & 10” power cords

    Top 3 Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

    black GHD Air Professionalblack GHD Air Professional

    Editor's Rating:


    • Made with ionic technology efficient in drying the hair fast rate​
    • Assists in locking moisture and leaves the hair shiny​
    • Has a ring adapter and cool shot button

    Red Babybliss ProRed Babybliss Pro

    Editor's Rating:


    • Lightweight hair dryer equipped with AC motor efficient in blowing out natural or curly hair​
    • Comes with six heat and speed settings​
    • Comes with a concentrator

    Solano Turbo UltrawhiteSolano Turbo Ultrawhite

    Editor's Rating:


    • Equipped with a DC motor best in diffusing naturally curly hair
    • Lightweight and easy to handle​
    • Features far-infrared heat and made of ceramic and tourmaline for healthier hair drying with heat

    Blow Dryer Buying Guide

    The range of hair blow dryers in the market is overwhelming. Whether you are making a first time purchase or shopping for a replacement, choosing the good hair dryers for natural hair can get pretty confusing. As your key to making a wise choice, here are three things you need to look out for:

    1. Let the number of negative ions guide you. Hair blow dryers have become more revolutionary. The range of negative ions released is wider today than it was in the past. Negative ions are produced when the hair dryer is turned on and they are the magic behind drying your hair. They work to dry your hair in a few minutes without causing any damage to it. However, they have a tendency to make the hair soft and shiny. So if you would rather have your hair a little on the tough side, you might have to choose a dryer with a lower number of negative ions.

    2. To further guide you in the choice of a blow dryer, here are three that produce negative ions:

    • ceramic
    • ionic
    • tourmaline coated

    Any hair dryer you choose that is based on any of these three compounds should give you excellent service.

    3. Get value for money. These hair blow dryers don’t come cheap, so it’s only fair that you get good value for your money. Most of them have accessories tagged in the offers and advertisements. Make sure that these accessories are included in the package before you part with your hard earned money. Also, it is only wise that you get a reasonable warranty on your hair dryer and some guarantee for help if it breaks down in the short term.

    There are so many newer options and models available, where should you begin?

    When searching for a new beauty tool like a hair dryer, you need to first create a list of the things that you both need and want from one. What about your old model did you love and what things about it did you wish you could have changed?

    Some of the qualities that you should always consider include: durability, whether or not is is made of high-quality materials, price, weight, and size. These are the basics of any machine and should be considered at the top of your list when looking into buying a new hair dryer. Think of them like a sturdy metal pan when you are baking cupcakes.

    If size is a deciding factor for you, be sure to check out our recommendations for compact hair dryers that are convenient for traveling and storing!

    The next set of things that you should always consider when searching for a new hair dryer is what I like to think of as the cupcake of the product. They are the foundation of any high-quality blow dryer and you should never settle for one that does not meet certain requirements. This could include:

    • the kind of heat generated by the machine itself, the amount of concentrated air flow the blow dryer emits
    • the type of hair or texture that the blow dryer is geared towards (we have another great post regarding blow dryers for thick hair!)
    • the kinds of hair care related issues the dryer is meant to improve or create and any positive or negative reviews that you find about the hair dryer itself.
    • you should try to find a model that emits a lot of heat, a steady air flow and maybe even one that focuses on improving your individualized hair type.

    When searching for a high-quality blow dryer, you want one that uses Ceramic heat. Cheaper hair dryers will produce heat from either metal or plastic sources which will cause serious damage to your hair causing it to break off. So rather than blasting your hair with hot air and boiling it essentially, Ceramic based dryers warm the hair in a more gentle, less damaging way.

    In addition to these key factors, you need to make sure that your hair dryer model has several heat/speed settings so that you can find the right combination for your hair. And as a bonus, you may want to investigate a particular model that has specially designed technologies like the Remington Company’s Pearl technology line of dryers that emit crushed pearls in addition to heated air to give you hair a more conditioned texture and shine.

    good hair steamer is also a good way to counteract some of the damage that may be caused by blow drying hair at an incorrect setting. Hair steamers are great for healing damaged hair and also promoting hair growth!

    Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

    GHD Air ProfessionalGHD Air Professional

    Users prefer to use GHD tools and products because they are made of ionic technology that is efficient in drying the hair at a fast rate and assists in locking moisture in the hair. The hair dryer leaves the hair shiny and has long-lasting results in styling the hair to be curly or straightening. This is the best blow dryer to straighten natural hair!


    • It has AC motor for fast heating
    • The equipment is installed with three heating settings and two speed up set-ups
    • The product is purchased with two concentrator nozzles
    • It has a ring adapter that can be used with any hair diffusers
    • It has a cool shot button to seal the hair cuticle and set the hair in essence
    • Ceramic Dryer

    2. [BEST FOR THE MONEY] Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

    Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000

    The Babyliss dryer is a lightweight hair dryer that is equipped with an Ac motor that increases its efficiency in blowing out natural or curly hair to smoothen. Most customers suggest that the equipment is efficient in straightening up the hair and for hairstyling. We recommend using a straightening brush while blow drying in order to help straighten your hair even quicker!


    • The Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer is not heavy therefore it is easy to handle and manipulate.
    • The hair drier product has a durable AC motor and of quality
    • It acquires six differing heat and speed settings that help in bringing out different and attractive hairstyles
    • The product is sold along with concentrator

    White Solano Turbo Ultra-lite ProfessionalWhite Solano Turbo Ultra-lite Professional

    Customers depict that Solano hair dryers are of their favorite because they acquire DC motor which functions best when diffusing into the naturally curly hair. Although, DC are less powerful than Ac motor they operate effectually. As such, it is recommendable to use DC motors in drying natural curly hair because it evenly distributes the airflow into the hair.


    • It is of lightweight, therefore, easy to handle and manipulate
    • It has DC motor that helps in styling curly hair by use of medium low speed and medium heat setting
    • It contains far-infrared heat that dries the hair from the inside out which is recommended for curls
    • The equipment is made of ceramic and tourmaline to enable healthier hair drying
    • It has heat and speed adjusting set-ups that help in styling up of the hair

    Argan Heat Ceramic Product BoxArgan Heat Ceramic Product Box

    Has 1875W AC motor, and it is light weight. This natural hair blow dryer is recommended for natural hair stylist because it produces curly hair and has a longer lifespan.


    • It is purchased with one concentrator nozzle
    • It has two heat and speed settings and cold shot setting for curly hair styling
    • It is made of Ceramic, Tourmaline, and ionic technologies

    White . John Frieda LuxuriousWhite . John Frieda Luxurious

    It is preferable because it does not overheat the hair even in the highest setting. We recommend this as it is one of the best hair dryer for natural hair.


    • It is a lightweight machine that dries long hair relatively
    • It is purchased with long cord and handy diff users and curlers for boosting long natural hair

    6. Andi’s comb-shaped dryer

    Customers indicate that the dryer conducts an excellent job and sets the curly hair to the desired look.


    • It is ionic and ceramic
    • It is of lightweight
    • It is purchased with different-sized comb attachments
    • It acquires heat and speed adjustment settings
    • Parlux Advance Light hair dryer
    • It is an Italian brand that has over time enabled much qualitative work design.