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    10 Best Callus Removal Gels For Foot Calluses | 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

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    The best callus remover gels and creams have active, strong ingredients such as Potassium Hydroxide and Salicylic acid to name just a few. Potassium Hydroxide and Salicylic Acid are significantly strong acids which mean that the remover gel or cream works effectively to remove the calluses in a matter of few minutes, making your calluses soft and easy to peel off with callus remover gels.

    Moisturizing foot cream can also help remedy dry, cracked feet and return your foot and heels to their original softness! Make sure to use such creams to help reduce the creation of calluses in the first place (and also alleviate existing ones).

    The following is a list of top 10 best callus remover creams and gels available on the market:

    Best Callus Removal Gel

    Simon & Tom Callus Removing GelSimon & Tom Callus Removing Gel

    Editor's Rating:


    • Has amazing ability to soften calluses and hard skin​
    • Includes Vitamin E for moisturizing and hydrating skin ​
    • Treats athlete’s foot


    2. Watts Beauty Pure Argan Oil

    Watts Beauty Pure Argan OilWatts Beauty Pure Argan Oil

    Editor's Rating:


    • Callus remover gel effective in treating cracked heels and softens hardened calluses​
    • Uses Argan oil to replace accumulated dirt on the heels​
    • Boosts skin flexibility

    Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin RemoverPretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover

    Editor's Rating:


    • Ideal to use for both women and men​
    • Works in a few seconds
    • Restores natural texture of heels, feet, hands, elbows and knees

    We've covered a list of the top 10 foot callus removal gels on the market below, including how they work and why they are effective.

    Callus Removal Gels

    A tube of Simon and Tom GelA tube of Simon and Tom Gel

    This callus gel is rich in Moroccan oil known for its incredible ability to soften hard skin and calluses. The inclusion of hydrating and moisturizing Vitamin E further aids in nourishing the skin and healing dry and cracked heels. Additional Aloe Vera and tea tree oil makes the feet soft and smoother. This gel has been used widely due its ability to treat athletes foot with most customers rating among the best.

    Watts Beauty Pure Argan OilWatts Beauty Pure Argan Oil

    This is a callus remover gel has been found to be effective in healing cracked heels and soften hardened calluses using Argan oil found in it. The gel replaces the dirt accumulated deep in the heels making your feet feel clean and fresh. This gel has received positive feedback from users who cites flexibility and availability as the main booster of the product.

    Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin RemoversPretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Removers

    This cream is ideal for both women and men and works in a matter of few seconds restoring your natural texture of affected body parts such as heels, feet, hands, elbows, and knees.

    Most customers find this foot callus removal cream as the solution for those embarrassing dry hands but some insists that it is not as effective as the old version of the product.

    Flexitol Callus Remover CreamFlexitol Callus Remover Cream

    This foot callus remover cream has been formulated in a highly efficacious formula that blends Alpha hydroxyl acid with several active ingredients. The ingredients are specifically designed to penetrate deep and soften dead skin without any negative effects. This cream also contains Urea which has a moisturizing effect on your hard skin layer.

    Biotrade Keratolin Corn Remover GelBiotrade Keratolin Corn Remover Gel

    Just like other gels, Biotrade Keratolin Corn Remover works marvelous on calluses, corns and warts found on the skin in just 7-10 days of using it. Most customers find this product easy to use and durable thus convenient to use.

    Callus Eliminator BundleCallus Eliminator Bundle

    This gel has a blend of key oils and vitamins and has been proven to be safe, fast, and effective callus remover. It works effectively on the toughest calluses in just 3-4 minutes leaving behind a hydrated and nourished skin and gives your skin lasting therapeutic results.

    It has received positive feedback as a great product from many users, some however warns against using this callus softener cream on a sensitive skin.

    ProLinc Callus EliminatorProLinc Callus Eliminator

    This is the best cream callus remover as per the latest reviews. It works within limited time for you dream skin, saving on your time and effort.

    Profoot Callus Blaster GelProfoot Callus Blaster Gel

    This gel has a triple action on your skin; it removes, exfoliates, and penetrates beyond the skin to break down the hardest calluses in just a single application. This gel has been ranked the second most effective gel as per the customers’ reviews.

    ZoomDry Callus Action Quick GelZoomDry Callus Action Quick Gel

    This is a drip free gel is specifically formulated to work on outgrown and over-skin surfaces. It’s too strong that one can feel its effect once applied and will leave you with a softer and fresh skin for a longer period.

    Zoomdry Callus Action Quick Gel has received 5 stars from most users as for its versatility and working well with both genders.

    ArtNatruals Organic Jojoba OilArtNatruals Organic Jojoba Oil

    This incredible callus eliminator gel is a blend of moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba, Scutellaria extract, and hyaluronate to name just a few. It also has the ability to eliminate any bacterial infection through the inclusion of Aloe Vera extract. Art Organic Jojoba Oil has around the clock deodorizing effect and can be used for other body parts such as armpits, elbows, and knees. Most users rate the product as excellent beard oil and also for itchy skin.

    Other Alternatives:

    Some people prefer home remedies, which is why we have provided the overview of various home remedies for calluses on feet below.

    Callus Removal Home Remedies

    Calluses on feet is an issue being faced by numerous individuals. Calluses on the bottom of feet are aggravating, once in a while difficult, yet more often unsafe. The calluses on feet are a thick and hard layer of skin, for the most part, formed because of weight on feet or because of some sort of friction your feet experience.

    You can, without much of a stretch, remove calluses on feet easily. The procedure is exceptionally basic and you can utilize items that are as of now in your house. However, you ought to never attempt to get rid of calluses by cutting them off. There's a danger of contamination. There are many less demanding and less difficult approaches for easy foot and heel callus removal.

    The process of removing callus involves three simple steps: soaking, rubbing and drying. How about we take a closer look at a few other options to every one of them. You can without much of a stretch alternate between each of them to find the best that fits you.

    1. Soaking 

    • You ought to immerse your feet in chamomile tea for around 20 minutes. This will make the hardened skin softer. Don't get stressed if your skin becomes recolored, you can remove the stains later using water and some cleanser.
    • Add two tablespoons of baking soda to warm water and immerse your affected area into the mixture. This will assist in dissolving the dead skin and start the recuperating procedure. You can immerse the affected area into the mixture for around 30 minutes to remove the hardened skin layer from your feet.
    • Soak the affected area in lukewarm water containing some Epsom salt. This will soften your skin, and clean the callus away.
    • Soak a little bread slice in apple juice vinegar for around 12 hours to form a gum. Before you go to bed put this mixture on your affected area and firmly protect it with the assistance of a dressing. Wrap it using a flexible material and leave it on till morning then remove it.

    2. Scrubbing 

    • Use a pumice stone or foot heap to scrub the calluses away. Continuously utilize a file get rid of the calluses from your feet after you have soaked it in water for quite a while, or you can still do this toward the end of a shower. Scrub your feet in incredible, round motion. If there's an overwhelming development, flush your feet frequently by dribbling them once again into the water. You ought to likewise wash the pumice stone you use to get it wet again to evacuate the dead skin. Do it till the skin turns pink for the greatest results.
    • You can likewise remove the callus by walking barefoot on sandy, wet shoreline.

    3. Drying 

    • Dry your affected zone completely if you're interested on removing calluses on your feet permanently. It is essential that you don't permit it to stay moist. You ought to dependably utilize towel to dry the wetness. You can sprinkle cornstarch on the affected zone. This will guarantee that the zone remains dry and will likewise ward off infections.

    4. Olive Oil 

    • You can likewise apply warm olive oil on the affected zone. Put on cotton socks and leave it till morning to permit skin to soak the olive oil. Olive oil will make your foot softer and reduce calluses.

    5. Wheat Germ and Sesame Oil Mixture 

    • Blend Wheat germ and sesame oil. Warm the blend a little and add sesame seeds to this blend. Give the oils a chance to cool to room temperature. Then apply this blend on calluses day by day till your foot is totally recuperated.

    6. Pineapple 

    • Take a pineapple and peel its skin. Then cover the calluses with the peel of pineapple. You can secure the peel of pineapple utilizing a sedated gage or a pipe tape. Change pineapple peels each alternate day. Pineapple peel is rich in enzymes that act on callus and break up dead skin tissues.

    Now you know how to restore the skin around your heels, feet, hands, elbows, and knees! Take the next step to protecting your body by using knee pads!




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