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    Top 10 Best Cool Mist Humidifiers Reviews 2020 | Ideal for Bedrooms

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    The best cool mist humidifiers keep moisture in the air relative. You may not think that it’s important but it is quite essential if you want to continue working in an environment for 8 hours, either talking over the phone or just simply breathing. You see, the air we need to breathe isn’t just air, it’s a whole mixture of gasses. If you live in a very dry place like I do, it’s going to be an occasional problem. Your throat dries up, your eyes can itch, and even your skin can go scratchy.

    Best Cool Mist Humidifier

    Honeywell Germ FreeHoneywell Germ Free

    Why we chose this:

    1. It is 25% quieter than other options
    2. Produces soothing, invisible moisture relieves dry air discomforts
    3. Features 3-speed settings & runs up to 24 hours per filling on low setting

    Dry air can lead to all sorts of health conditions. You may have experienced working, and being out of breath for no reason at all. You weren’t working out, you weren’t really lifting something heavy, it just is harder to breathe. That’s because your body can sense there is no moisture along with the intake of air. Our body is 70% water and we were meant to take in substances with a bit of moisture to pass.

    Top 3 Cool Mist Humidifiers

    Honeywell Germ FreeHoneywell Germ Free

    Editor's Rating:


    • Very quiet
    • Adds cool moisture to dry air
    • Can make air feel warmer and improve your breathing comfort 

    Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 UltrasonicAir-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic

    Editor's Rating:


    • Two options: cool or warm mist
    • Auto mode
    • Output up to 3 gallons per 24 hours for big rooms 


    3. Roolen BR01/W Breath Cool Mist Humidifier

    Roolen BR01/W Breath CoolRoolen BR01/W Breath Cool

    Editor's Rating:


    • Has a built in fan
    • Operates the 2-mode-technology
    • Big capacity

    They maintain the moisture inside a room by ejecting vapors that cool down room temperature. It either uses impulses to do this or just evaporate the liquid.

    Take a look at the top 10 top cool mist humidifiers for 2020, or if you want our tips on what to look for when purchasing one scroll down to the bottom of our buying guide.

    Best Cool Mist Humidifiers

    Editor's Rating:

    Honeywell Germ FreeHoneywell Germ Free

    Germ free is the name of the game. After all, humidifiers control what we inhale. The Honeywell Germ Free does it via a germ killing chamber that utilizes UV to kill the germs.

    It is also quiet, sturdy, and dishwater safe if you want to clean it. This unit will balance out you the moisture by self-regulating evaporation and will keep humidity between 40-60%, depending the setting and size of the room.

    It's ideal for medium-sized and small rooms because it is a little smaller. Because it is very mild, but acts fast it's honestly great for anyone:

    • adults
    • babies
    • children

      Enjoy a 3 year warranty with this product.

      This is an obvious must have with a great price point and variety of use cases. With thousands of happy reviewers across the net, you know this is a quality option that you can't go wrong with.

    Editor's Rating:

    Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 UltrasonicAir-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic

    This dual system can switch between cool and warm mist. Heavy duty with a capacity of humidifying 600 square feet of area, a built in timer for setting between 1- 8 hours, this is the smartest of its class. Control the humidity level so it does not drastically change while you sleep.

    This is due to its ITC, or Intelligent Temperature Compensation technology. Hydro cells keep the ambience fresh and its ITC helps keep the climate perfect.

     The reason Air-O-Swiss AOS is great for large rooms is because of its output capacity. With a relatively high capacity, it has an output of 3 gallons per 24 hours. It does have a large tank capacity, as it can take in 1.5 gallons at a time. That in mind because of the 3 gallons per day output, you'll have to refill it about twice a day if you have it running full steam, 24/7 but that's pretty normal if you want to fill up a large room.

    Editor's Rating:

    Roolen BR01/W Breath CoolRoolen BR01/W Breath Cool

    The Roolen BR01/W Breath Cool Mist Humidifier has a built in fan. The humidity level system maintains the moisture in the air and keeps it the same way for you to enjoy breathing. Because of the fan, it has a fast dispersal rate so it will very quickly fix the problem of dry air. It's extremely energy efficient, but it is pretty small, making not great for large rooms.
    However, because of its size it is fairly easy to clean and is very portable. If you plan on moving it around a lot then the Roolen BR01 may be the one for you.

    Editor's Rating:

    TaoTronic UltrasonicTaoTronic Ultrasonic

    The micro-porous cartridge built into the Tao Tronic filters out magnesium ions, calcium and bacteria whilst providing you a cool environment. Another humidifier best for bedtime, it runs for 15 hours. Control the humidity with its LED-lit settings, you can set it to sleep, and the tank comes with a water purifier.

    Editor's Rating:

    PureGuardian H920BL UltrasonicPureGuardian H920BL Ultrasonic

    The Pure Guardian is built with Sliver Clean, which prevents the appearance of mold and mildew that can contaminate the air. This noiseless humidifier has settings for low and high quality mist. It’s ideal for bedrooms as it gives off a glow light that gives you a feeling of warmth. Runs for 10 hours straight before it runs out of water, and an indicator light tells you when to refill it.

    Editor's Rating:

    Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360

    The Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 comes in 2 colors: red and blue. Humidifying the environment, it lets you enjoy the day without any worry, eradicating dryness. It is ultrasonic, and sprays cool mist in 360 degrees. Ultrasonic humidifiers don’t require filter replacements, and that’s one thing to consider. The automatic shutoff system kicks in each time you run out of water.

    Editor's Rating:

    Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 UltrasonicAir-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Ultrasonic

    The Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Ultrasonic is different as it is built for travel. It is lightweight and you can take it anywhere you might feel you will encounter dry air and is great for portability. An indicator shows you how much water you still have inside and tells you when it’s time to refill, though if you're using a water bottle like in the image above, it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out. 

    The unit will shut off if it has reached either the right level of humidity or if the water had run out. It comes with and exchangeable plug and a transcontinental AC adapter, as mentioned, it’s a travel humidifier. A gallon of output per day isn’t bad for something as versatile as this, given its very small size.

    Editor's Rating:

    Crane Drop Shape UltrasonicCrane Drop Shape Ultrasonic

    The Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic  will cover about 250 square meters. That’s a nice sized office space. It will give out 2.3 gallons the entire day, and will take a gallon at a time to refill. A demineralization filter is installed in the device, in order to prevent caking of certain substances in the water, like calcium, or foreign objects. The nozzle sprays out mist in a 360 degree angle, meaning it shoots out the mist all around, not just in one direction. It has an automatic shutoff sensor, and variable settings for you to customize. You will notice that there will be less rough lips, dry throats, and nasal congestions, or that the wallpaper will stop peeling off from the walls.

    Editor's Rating:

    Luma Comfort HC12BLuma Comfort HC12B

    For bigger rooms, like 650 square meters of it, The Luma Comfort  is a noiseless beast that allows you to sleep continuously. Enjoy 8 different mist settings to keep the humidity perfect for your home. Easy to rest your eyes on with its cool design, and is protected by 1 year warranty.

    10. Holmes Smart Home Humidifier HCM3888C

    Editor's Rating:

    Holmes Smart Home  HCM388C is unique due to its wifi enabled system, now you can operate the humidifier with your mobile phones where can download the free app and start using it while sitting anywhere as a remote. It sends you the alert when the water tank is empty or low, also sends reminders about changing the filters, and keep you updated with the humidity level of your home. You get 100% filtered air with the output of 6.75 gallons and input of 4 gallons of water. The company gives the guarantee of 3 years.

    Buying Guide & What To Look For

    Cool mist humidifiers aren't cheap, and if you're looking to buy one you'll want to make sure you do the appropriate amount of research. here, we'll let you know what to look for before you make your decision. First, it's important to understand that cool mist humidifiers are either ultrasonic or evaporative.

    Purpose - Allergies vs Dry Skin vs Sleeping vs Protecting Wooden Furniture

    There a lot of reasons to get a humidifier - with most people deciding to get one for health or their furniture. There are a lot of health benefits to properly maintaining the humidity in a room.

    Moisturizing Dry Skin

    The most obvious benefit is that more moisture in the air will help keep your skin moist. Dry air can cause dry skin and rather than slathering on a ton of moisturizer using a humidifier is more convenient, less greasy, and can be more affordable in the long run.

    Fighting Allergies

    Similarly, in denser, more humid air there are fewer pollutants in the air and they can help allergies, especially if you feel them while you're inside the home. More water particles will cause other particles to rise due to the density of the water particles and there will be fewer particles to be allergic to overall since adding additional water particles reduces the overall density of allergens.


    Many people are not aware, but a big reason people have trouble sleeping is because of the ambient air. Dry air can cause dry throat and eyes, hurting the ability to get a good night's sleep. Having a better-controlled environment will allow you to get more consistent sleep. You'll not only get less sore throats but will also achieve deep sleep more easily.

    Protecting Your Furniture

    If the air is too dry it can actually damage your wooden furniture. If the air is too dry it can suck the moisture out of the wood, ruining the balance between water and oils that are healthy for your wood. In extreme cases, this can cause wood to warp or crack, potentially damaging your furniture in significant ways. If you have expensive furniture then you'll definitely want to invest in a humidifier.


    Ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate the water out to send water vapor into the air. It accomplishes this by using high-frequency sound vibrations. Despite what you may think, ultrasonic machines are usually quieter than evaporative.

    However, ultrasonics don't have a filter so if your water is very hard ( has lots of minerals) you'll get a lot of mineral deposits dust in the rooms. I live in California where the water has a lot of mineral deposits so I decided not to go with this option as it also made cleaning more difficult because of the dust. The dust is subtle so you won't typically see it, but it does build up after a few days in which case you'll want to wipe off the surface of everything in the room.


    Evaporative humidifiers evaporate the water that is inside the machine then distribute the water vapor out, increasing the humidity of the ambient air. This is the most common of the two and is similar to what people have done for centuries - taking a hot pot of water to allow it to steam up the room and increase the humidity and make the air less dry. Unlike ultrasonic options, evaporative choices have filters that will filter out minerals, preventing the mineral dust build-up.

    While this is good, that means you need to replace and buy additional filters and that you'll need to clean them. They're a lot easier to clean than a whole room though so we opted for this type.

    They are generally the cheaper of the two options.

    Location - Bedroom, Kitchen, and evaluating Portability

    Where do you want your humidifier? Having it in the kitchen compared to your bedroom requires different considerations. For example, in your kitchen you are in a lot, may have guests, and have lots of equipment that you'll be using to prepare foods you eat in which case you'll want to avoid mineral dust and you would want to more closely consider evaporative.

    In a bedroom, on the other hand, you have a little more flexibility and it comes down to preference.  Both types of humidifiers will work and it just comes down to preference in what we mentioned - keep in mind if it's in the bedroom you'll actually be in the room for at least 8-9 hours (as it's where you sleep) so you'll probably want a higher quality machine since.

    Of course, you can get a portable option if you want to move your cool mist humidifier around. It's not ideal, but if you're on a budget then a portable one may be the best option, but it sacrifices convenience since you'll have to lug it around the house whereas if you had multiple then they'd already be in the appropriate rooms.

    Large room vs Small Room

    If you are looking to humidify a small room then almost any of these options will do well for you. However, if you need one for a large room then you'll want a humidifier with good output and tank capacity. The output tells you how much it can increase the humidity of a room by, while tank capacity is how much water it takes in. If the output is high but the tank capacity is low then you'll find yourself annoyed with how much you'll have to refill the tank. For example, if the output is 3 gallons a day but the tank capacity is only .5 gallons, that means you'll have to fill up the tank (3/.5 = 6)  6 times a day, which is a LOT!

    For large rooms, go with our recommended option of the Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147  - it has an output of 3 gallons per day and an input of 1.5 gallons. With great output, it'll work for large rooms while only requiring 2 refills per day.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is cool mist humidifier good for?

    A cool mist humidifier helps add moisture into the air, improving health conditions such as dry skin, colds, allergies, sore throats, dry eyes, and even furniture conditions.

    Is cool mist humidifier better than warm?

    A cool mist humidifier is better than warm if you want to use it for your bedroom because they are quiet and have filters to remove impurities. Additionally, the cool mist is typically more comfortable. Warm mist invites a breeding ground for bacteria as well but they can increase humidity more than cool mist.

    Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold?
    A cool mist humidifier does make the room cold because it is putting water vapor into the air, which will decrease overall temperature.

    Do cool mist humidifiers really work?

    Cool mist humidifiers work because a lot of health conditions are caused by dry air, which humidifiers alleviate. Whether you have a cold, dry skin, dry eyes, trouble sleeping or breathing (or other respiratory problems) they can really help you in a variety of ways by creating a more comfortable environment for your body.

    Is it good to sleep with a humidifier every night?

    It is good to sleep with a humidifier every night as it can improve your sleep quality, alleviate breathing problems, and help help prevent sickness. There is no issue in keeping it on all night as long as you clean it regularly to make sure bacteria and bacteria is killed.

    Can you put a humidifier next to your bed?

    You can put a humidifier next to your bed  - in fact, the location of the room doesn't really matter. It's all up to personal preference. If you like a cool temperature want the air more humid than having it closer to your bed will do these things for you. ​On the other hand if you find that it is getting too cool or humid, move it further away from you until you find the sweet spot of comfortability. As always, be sure to clean regularly  so you don't spread mold and bacteria.

    Do cool mist humidifiers cause mold?

    Cool mist humidifiers can cause mold if there is too much moisture in the air. Clean your unit regularly (once every few days) and make sure to use soft water (water with no minerals and is distilled) to reduce the chances of mold. Additionally, be sure to turn it off when you leave the house, as that will change the environment and decrease the chances fo mold growing, which a lot of humidity helps.

    Does a cool mist humidifier help with congestion?

    Cool mist humidifiers help with sinus congestion because it can help the nasal passages clear up by thinning out mucus in the nose. Additionally, they can help with allergens or whatever may be causing congestion.

    What does a cool mist humidifier do for babies?

    A cool mist humidifier is good for babies because they are vulnerable to congestion, which, as we stated int he question before, can be alleviated by these devices. Adding the proper amount of moisture into the air will keep your baby more comfortable.

    Summing Up

    Not only do you have the healthy functionality of cool mist humidifiers with features that are best suited for you, you also have aesthetics to choose from, as these wonderful pieces of appliances double as decorative pieces. Dry air will no longer be a problem, especially when considering buying this for your home or workplace.