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    Best Cosmetology Schools | Proven Ways to Start Your Career

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    Have you ever had a dream to go into the beauty industry? Making someone feel their absolute best is a fulfilling experience. The Best Cosmetology schools will offer you the hands-on experience you’ve always wanted! It will give you the proper tools you’ll need to succeed in the future.

    Choosing the best school for you may look like a number of factors. It can be hard in the beginning to dictate the top school for you. Our team wants to ensure you a smooth and easy process so you can maximize your full potential. 

    Best Cosmetology Schools

    To become the best certified cosmetologist you have to practice on real clients. The best cosmetology schools will give you the opportunities you need to start your journey. With the best instructors and training program, you’ll be fully equipped to continue your process.

    When considering which cosmetology school to go to, you want to see if you can build clientele in the future. Your clients are your main ticket for building your own business. See if there are great network opportunities for you to expand your business.

    Also you want to consider the field you want to go into. Certain cosmetology schools are known for their hair training or their makeup instructors. It’s best to choose the school that you can further specialize in. 

    Hollywood Institute of Beauty (Hollywood, CA)

    The Hollywood Institute of Beauty is at the height of the beauty industry. Their cosmetology schools are all about pushing and motivating students to challenge themselves. They want their students to be as career oriented as possible. 

    They want to offer students career-oriented education that can help them grow in any field of their choice. With the beauty school experts they want to empower students to find their own field in beauty.

    It’s very important for students to align with their curriculum, but also find their own personal space to grow. Their campus is great if you want to work with an engaging environment. The work environment is known to be friendly and accommodate to the needs of every individual student. With the prime location being Hollywood, it’s a perfect place to start building your network clientele.

    Beauty Schools of America, North Miami Beach

    The Beauty Schools of America has had their program for over 25 years. This growing industry will equip you in the state license exam and nurture your creative side. If you’re looking for a program to cultivate your speed and curiosity this is the school for you. 

    The courses are built to help students gain the knowledge they need. With a convenient class schedule this school helps accommodate to the needs of students with part-time or full-time jobs.

    Beauty Schools of America entrance

    Their special fields are in cosmetology, barber, and nail technicians. The Beauty Schools of America has had their program for over 25 years. This growing industry will equip you in the state license exam and nurture your creative side. If you’re looking for a program to cultivate your speed and curiosity this is the school for you.

    The courses are built to help students gain the knowledge they need. With a convenient class schedule this school helps accommodate to the needs of students with part-time or full-time jobs. Their special fields are in cosmetology, barber, and nail technicians.

    With a star quality alumni, you can get instructions from some of the most renowned cosmetologists in the industry. This school wants you to know that you can achieve your goals with consistent work ethic. 

    La Belle Beauty Academy

    The La Belle Beauty Academy has had over 40 years of experience that has three main campuses. This is great if you want to commute and have a well-rounded work environment.
    The close-knit community will assess your needs and give you the steps in order for you to succeed.

    Since this is a private educational program it is accredited to help students become independent. With small class sizes the campuses operate to meet the individual needs of each student.
    The campuses help with the latest equipment and can give you a boost of professional experience. 

    If you want to learn how to beautify hair, skin, or nail this school offers a wide range of technology. This technology can take you really far especially as you apply to jobs!

    Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service

    The Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service enables students to prepare them as funeral directors and for casket makeup. If the embalming process interests you, continue to work towards this career path. 

    They offer top notch programs that can foster your devotion to this curriculum. It can help students embalm, dress, and cosmetize certain burial services.

    Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service logo

    This is an important job because you can learn a wide range of services in the funeral industry.

    It is a unique experience that needs careful attention. If you consider yourself detail-oriented this school may be for you. It is a huge job to assist these services, but with their strong curriculum you can learn in no time. 

    Beauty Schools of America, Miami

    The Beauty Schools of America in Miami is a small community of undergraduate students. The small size community helps each student earn the special attention and help they need to build their skill sets. The acceptance rate is around 100% which is great if you want a fresh new start.

    The school offers a wide range of programs to help you get a head start in the cosmetology industry. The best part is that you can become specialized in a field and slowly build your membership to elevate your inner artist.

    With even program online, this school allows you to fully express your creative self. Through a strong curriculum it will give you the knowledge to further your professional career!

    Students of beauty school

    Hawaii Institute of Hair Design

    If you have a passion for hair design the Hawaii Institute of Hair Design is for you! This school has been training students in hairstyling for more than 50 years. Their curriculum is provided by modern instruction and can range from men to women hairstyles.

    The growth for men’s grooming has increased as well as individualized hairstyles for women. This school specializes in the versatility of hair stylists and will help you adapt and adjust your work ethic.

    They want to combine your artistic interests with professionalism to help you advance your career. The greatest benefits of this program is in their advanced haircutting techniques. The instructors will provide strong supervision to help you refine your skills to the next level. 

    Aveda Institute

    Aveda Beauty Schools

    The Aveda Institute is sought to be one of the best beauty schools in the entire nation. It has some of the top-notch industry leaders as well as a supportive community.

    They are committed to ensuring that their students have a successful career of their dreams.

    They want to challenge their students to grow and discover their full capabilities. You’ll learn the signature Aveda techniques and products. They will cover everything from makeup application to nail care and also business development.

    Most schools don’t always cover business development so this is a great opportunity for students to build their career afterwards. Postgrad can be a scary experience, but the best thing about this school is that it helps you set up the connections you need to get plugged into a booming career. 

    Beauty Schools of America, Hialeah

    This Hialeah campus is another great beauty school in America. It is approved by the US Department of Education. It is one of the best beauty schools because of its accredited curriculum.

    The Hialeah campus provides a variety of beauty services for the local community. It helps students evolve because they have access to a strong group of instructors. These instructors help the students at a one-on-one level.

    If you want to explore different types of services, you can go through a series of fields.These services will have anything from haircuts, facials, and massages. This is perfect if you want to expand your interests or continue with the cosmetology route. 

    Turning Point Beauty College

    The Turning Point Beauty College is known for their excellent preparation. They have a balanced training program that will help you exceed professionally. Through innovation you can easily be connected to the best teachers and a close community. 

    Their main goal is to cultivate a positive environment that can allow students to cultivate their curiosity. They are the first Asian-owned college in Arizona and have top-notch technology.

    This school works with the best products and make it a fun learning environment. This is perfect if you value a strong learning community and a positive atmosphere. This college will provide a wide range of opportunities for you!

    beauty care products in the salon

    Boca Beauty Academy

    The Boca Beauty Academy is known for their persistent career training. When you go to a program it can be hard to manage career opportunities. However, this school wants you to combine your passion and talent for a rewarding outcome.

    They’re mainly focused client based programs. They want their students to develop strong clinical skills that they can take to any workplace. This can allow the students to build their unique style.

    If you’re looking for a school that will help you refine your field of interest this school is for you! It can help you market your skills competitively when you’re job searching. The clinical programs will help you level up your beauty skills and be highly sought-after. 

    Beauty Schools of America, Homestead

    The Homestead campus for Beauty Schools of America has a strong acceptance rate. If you’re afraid of fixing your GPA or worried it's too late to make a career change, do not worry. This school is great and highly accommodates students in any situation. 

    They provide an established learning curriculum that helps students become highly engaged in each program. The cosmetology program is a reliable way to get a headstart in your career.

    The Beauty Schools of America is great because it has multiple campuses. This can immediately give you access to a wide range of networks. Since there are countless alumni you’ll be able to connect with them through campus events.

    Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, Indianapolis NE

    Tricoci University of Beauty Culture will help you to explore your artistry. They offer an array of services such as esthetics, flexible schedules, and financial aid. This is great if you want to expand your cosmetology options. 

    The esthetics part of the program deals with the face and body education. It can equip you to make the most of your advanced makeup skills and start building your own style. Starting out as a cosmetologist may be hard in the beginning, but this school is invested in serving you.

    With their flexible schedules, they understand that life is a series of choices. They want you to excel in cosmetology school, but also find a strong balance of work and life. If you qualify, they can also offer countless loans and payment assistants. 

    Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service

    The Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service has a staff of expert faculty that can help you in any specialized field. With the dependency of around 100 years of service it can connect students to draw a rich history.

    The art of funeral services can take a lot of work, but the school offers an 18-month program that breaks the skills down to several topics. This helps you maximize your mortuary profession, while getting hands-on experience.

    The artistry of funeral makeup needs to be very detail-oriented. You can learn a lot about perfecting your skills with the help of the wide range of professionals. If the funeral service has interested you this school is definitely a strong contender for you! 

    Paul Mitchell the School, Tampa

    Paul Mitchell the school offers a 1300 hour cosmetology program. It also has a national scholarship campaign that allows you to get a boost in your future career. The elite school is known to share the traditions of Paul Mitchell himself. 

    Including business savvy skills, Tampa is the perfect place to build your network. The beauty courses help students make long-lasting connections worldwide. You can also access these courses through digital support. They offer the latest news or advice from beauty industry leaders around the world. 

    Paul Mitchell The School Tampa

    They also want their students to expand their humanitarian aspects through fundraising events and philanthropic activities. This school is a great school if you want to make serious professional connections!

    Crave Beauty Academy, Wichita

    The Crave Beauty Academy is all about allowing students to embrace change. They want students to go all out when they’re expressing themselves creatively.

    They want to give you the full freedom to build your own cosmetology style. 

    Crave Beauty Academy logo

    This Beauty Academy has different locations that can allow students to be competitive and successful. They have a 1500 hour cosmetology program that will give you a reliable foundation. It includes the basic skills for hair, skin, and nails.

    The program wants to combine both classroom knowledge and professional leadership. They want their students to embark on their own journeys. If you want a program that helps voice your unique self, this school is a fantastic way to start. 

    ASM Beauty World Academy

    ASM Beauty World Academy is perfect if you’re on the go and busy with life. The basic and advanced makeup program is only 300 to 600 hours. Their programs are highly accredited with quality education.

    This program is highly adaptable and is just the right program if you want to experience a fast, yet informative enrollment basis. They have everything from a wide range of programs, continuing education, and job placement.

    The school is known to help their students be well-rounded not only in the classroom, but as job candidates. With interview preparation and resume building, this school can assist you alongside every step of the way. 

    Emily Griffith Technical College

    Emily Griffith Technical College wants you to graduate without debt and with long-term career benefits. It’s one of the most affordable colleges and cares about the burden of student loan debts. If you’re worried about finances this technical college will help you ease your concerns. 

    The cosmetology program is highly focused on career building. Post grad anxiety can be scary, but this technical college will help you gain the momentum you need. This means that you can gain hands-on training in the real world. You can also do this while earning an hourly wage.

    This is a helpful school if you want to consider finances. You won’t have to worry about maintaining jobs to pay your tuition. It’s a great way to fully engage in your program without financial burdens!

    Long Island Beauty School

    Long Island Beauty School is a program you can count on. It’s a reliable program that gives you real-world opportunities. Your first step to start your cosmetology journey is to meet with admissions representatives. This school can help you achieve your dream to become a hair stylist or a salon owner.

    The representatives will help you walk you through your career. They provide interview techniques as well as sharpening your network skills. This is great for you to strengthen your qualifications before applying to jobs.

    This school focuses on making you become a solid candidate in the hair and beauty industry. They want you to prepare yourself and find your job with ease. You can find a lot of offers after graduation so you want to hone your skills and take advantage of every lesson they offer. 

    Michigan College of Beauty

    The Michigan College of Beauty wants future cosmetologists to focus on customer service. This can help students get a sense of artistry and interpersonal skills. They want their students to be willing to have patience and tolerate long work hours.

    The opportunities they focus on is independently beauty salons, resort hotels, or cruise shins. Their program is 1500 hours long and ensures that 50 percent of all the cosmetologists are self employed.

    If you care about building clientele the Michigan College of Beauty emphasizes customer treatment. This is good if you want to start freelancing or start an independent business. This school allows you to have a strong foundation that can give you long-term career benefits.