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    Top 10 Best Curling Irons Reviews 2020 | Is Sedu #1?

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    Curling irons are great tools for quick hair styling. You no longer need the traditional rollers and wait long hours just to curl your hair. This styling tool has significantly improved both the lives of professional stylists and the ordinary individuals. Various manufacturers have come up with a wide range of curling iron models to accommodate the many different hair styles and types. Whether you are a pro or just somebody who wants a quick hair fix, it is crucial to purchase the best curling iron.

    Check out our guide on the differences between curling irons and curling wands before you make an investment and also consider one of the best curling wands we reviewed.

    Top #1 Declared!

    Hot Tools Professional 1110Hot Tools Professional 1110

    • Features multi-heat control function to raise temperature up to 428˚F to handle all hair types​
    • Sizes available from 3/8”, ½” & 5/8”​
    • Features cool tip, easy-grip padded & lightweight design​
    • Portable with built-in stand

    The curling irons available today come in different shapes, sizes, and functions. If you want to know what you are looking for, check out the top-rated curling iron models below and see which will best suit your hair styling needs.

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    Best Curling Iron 2020

    Hot Tools Professional 1110Hot Tools Professional 1110

    Editor's Rating:


    • Features multi-heat control function to raise temperature up to 428˚F to handle all hair types
    • Sizes available from 3/8”, ½” & 5/8”
    • Features cool tip, easy-grip padded & lightweight design


    2. Bed Head Orange Crush

    Bed Head Orange CrushBed Head Orange Crush

    Editor's Rating:


    • Clamp-free design in 1” barrel​
    • Applies consistent heat –no hot spots​
    • Outer part of the barrel tourmaline-coated- helps control frizz, traps moisture and makes hair extra smooth


    3. BabylissPro Miracurl

    BabylissPro MiracurlBabylissPro Miracurl

    Editor's Rating:


    • Professional-grade curling iron no need to wrap hair around the barrel - titanium chamber slowly pulls hair to curl​
    • With steam function ​
    • Safe to use

    Hot Tools Professional 1110Hot Tools Professional 1110

    The Hot Tools Pro 1110 features a multi-heat control function that raises the temperature up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat variation feature is capable of handling even the toughest hair type. The sizes available range from 3/8-inch to ½- and 5/8-inch. All of them work great for short, medium, and long hair. Furthermore, this styling toll does its job without burning your locks.

    Users of this curling iron will be delighted to know that the tip is cool to touch. This is a helpful feature, especially for people who tend to accidentally drop the curling iron. There is also an easy grip padded-handle that takes away the stress from your delicate hands. Best of all, this styling tool is lightweight. You can easily carry it along anywhere you go. For added safety, the built-in stand allows you to let the curling iron rest on it when not in use.

    Bed Head Orange CrushBed Head Orange Crush

    The Bed Head BH313 Orange Crush has a clamp-free design that comes with a one-inch barrel. This barrel ensures that the curls look the same. The unit applies consistent heat, so you should not worry about experiencing those annoying hot spots.

    In addition, the outer part of the barrel is tourmaline-coated. This special substance helps control frizz and trap moisture, making your hair extra smooth. If you want casual curling, then this hair styling tool could be your best option.

    BabylissPro MiracurlBabylissPro Miracurl

    The BabylissPro Miracurl Steamtech is a professional-grade curling iron with unique features to offer. It does not require you to wrap your hair around the barrel like any other traditional curling irons. What it does is draw your hair into a titanium chamber, and slowly pulls it to a curl. You should not worry about possibly burning your hair as it is perfectly safe. The device stops moving and releases when your hair gets stuck into the chamber.

    The steam function is another notable feature. You can use this option by filling in the reservoir with water, and let the steam to heat your hair. This can be a safer move as it no longer uses direct heat.

    Conair YOU CURLConair YOU CURL

    The You Curl is one of the most reasonably-priced curling irons on the list of lower priced irons. It looks sleek and tiny, but it surely gets the job done. This tourmaline-coated styling tool has features that can compete with more expensive options on the market. It ensures zero hot spots and smooth circles in one go. Since its tourmaline-covered, this curling iron traps moisture to produce frizz-free curls that are guaranteed to hold throughout the day.

    The You Curl is capable of heating up in just 30 seconds, making it perfect for busy users. There are also four different styling settings available to accommodate your curling needs. Best of all, the unit comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

    Bed Head Deep WaverBed Head Deep Waver

    The Bed Head Deep Waver hair styling tool has a design that looks very similar to the crimpers used in the past by professionals. This means it does not let you do the usual movements done when using a regular curling iron. To style your hair, you need to place the iron on a portion of your hair. The next step is to clamp and leave it for a few seconds, resulting in a single wave.

    The curling process is not as fast as a regular curling wand but definitely, it consumes less time than using crimpers. There is a lock on the sides that clamps the device together when not in use. This way, you will not accidentally burn anything.

    Hot Tools PinkTitanium SalonHot Tools PinkTitanium Salon

    The Hot Tools PinkTitanium curling iron has a titanium barrel that produces up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. It means that this styling tool is capable of handling nearly any hair type, even the toughest ones. Another good thing about this device is its corrosion-resistant coating for improved durability. The oversized tip, on the other hand, prevents you from accidentally burning anything during usage. Best of all, there are four different sizes that come with the unit to help you achieve your desired curl.

    Revlon Curl Collection BubbleRevlon Curl Collection Bubble

    The Revlon Curl Collection Bubble has a unique design that will surely capture your attention. From the name itself, this curling wand looks like a stack of bubbles. It may look different from the regular curling wants, but this one offers versatility. This ceramic-coated styling tool curls your hair without frizz and damage. You can easily achieve your desired curls and still have healthy hair, thanks to its ability to produce constant heat.

    Sedu Revolution CliplessSedu Revolution Clipless

    The Sedu Clipless curling iron has a barrel coated with ceramic and tourmaline. These two substances allow for constant heat to style your hair without damage and frizz. The digital heat controls let you increase the temperature to as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The package comes with a stand and heat-protection gloves to ensure safety as you style your hair. Best of all, it includes a two-year warranty to make sure that it lasts for a long time.

    SARAHPOTEMPA Beachwaver ProSARAHPOTEMPA Beachwaver Pro

    The SarahPotempa Beachwaver Pro is a self-rotating curling iron that works by clamping a portion of your hair. You simply press the “L” (left) or “R” (right) button to set the styling direction, and then hitting “Go.” The device then curls your hair in your desired direction, and lets the curls fall down once you have released the clamp. Perform the same procedure on other sections of your hair.

    This tool is ceramic-coated, which ensures constant heat and prevent hot spots. The highest temperature that it can produce is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. When you purchase this curling iron, you will also receive a safety stopper, a rubber stand, and a long swivel cord.

    Remington CI95AC/2 TstudioRemington CI95AC/2 Tstudio

    The Remington curling iron is ceramic-coated to ensure smooth and frizz-free curls by trapping moisture. It also features an automatic shut-off for added safety. This is a great feature if you often forget to switch your curling iron off.

    The Remington CI95AC/2 Tstudio curling iron is capable of producing a top temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Its overall design and function make it ideal of thin hair. You can easily achieve different kinds of curls, thanks to the many different wand sizes that come with this unit.

    Bottom Line

    It is ideal to look for the best curling iron brands or models on the market, so you are one step forward to making the right choice. You can choose from the top-rated curling irons above because they ensure quality styling. Invest in the right curling iron, so you can style your hair without worrying about damaging it.

    Make sure to check out our home page for other great tips! A hair steamer would also be a fantastic investment in keeping your hair healthy and moisturized!