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    5 Best Krill Oil Reviews 2020 | Get Your Omega-3 With No Fishy Smell Or Taste

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    1 in every 4 deaths in the United States is caused by heart disease so it’s understandable that some people want to boost their heart health in every possible way. Fish oil supplements used to be all the top pick for this need but nowadays the best krill oil products are also making a splash.

    Top 3 Krill Oils


    • Rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids
    • Doesn’t cause belching
    • Small capsules make it easy to swallow

    Viva Naturals Premium Antarctic Omega 3 Supplement with EPA, DHA and Astaxanthin, 1250 mg/Serving, 360 CapsulesViva Naturals Premium Antarctic Omega 3 Supplement with EPA, DHA and Astaxanthin, 1250 mg/Serving, 360 Capsules


    • High dosage
    • Great value for the price
    • No fishy burps

    Krill Oil 1000mg with Astaxanthin 240 Caps Omega 3 6 9 - EPA DHA - 100% Purified, Mercury Free and Wild Caught - Non GMO - Gluten FreeKrill Oil 1000mg with Astaxanthin 240 Caps Omega 3 6 9 - EPA DHA - 100% Purified, Mercury Free and Wild Caught - Non GMO - Gluten Free


    • Great price
    • Non-toxic ingredients
    • Doesn’t smell or taste fishy

    If you’re curious about krill oil, read on. We’re certain that we’ll be able to tell you lots about this item in this quick guide.

    Buying Guide: What You Need to Know to Find the Best Krill Oil on the Market Today

    With the rising popularity of krill oil, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find it nearly everywhere health supplements are available. But before you grab a bottle, you should first know that like any other product out there, not all krill oil supplements are made equally. This is why finding the best one is imperative if you want to get the best results from it as well.

    To do that, you first need to get to know the basics about this item. And to help you do that, here are a few important points that you should know:

    What is krill oil?

    Krill oil is an edible oil that is derived from krill, tiny, shrimp-like crustaceans. They’re the primary food source of whales, seals, squid, penguins, and fish. In some countries, they’re also fished commercially and consumed by humans.

    The oil, however, is found to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids which come with many different health benefits. It helps fight bad cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and asthma. It’s also said to be helpful in managing ADHD and lowering the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

    If you want to get the most out of these supplements, the best time to take krill oil would be after any meal. You can actually take it any time but to avoid upsetting your stomach, experts recommend that you take it after a meal instead.

    Krill oil vs Fish oil: Is krill oil better than fish oil?

    Many would know that krill oil is an alternative to fish oil but why, exactly, is this the case? This item broke out in the wellness scene for being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, just like fish oil, so the benefits they offer are quite the same. However, the structures of their omega 3 content are different.

    Some studies show that the omega 3 in krill oil is more easily absorbed by the body than in fish oil. As a result, you’ll need a smaller krill oil dosage to get the same effects as fish oil, making it a more efficient and convenient choice.

    Krill oil is also said to have lower levels of mercury. Being at the bottom of the ocean’s food chain causes krill to have a shorter lifespan. Because of this, they’re exposed less to pollutants and contaminants in the water.

    Consequently, they’re said to have lower levels of mercury in their system than other fishes. So by opting for krill oil, you can minimize your odds of ingesting mercury.

    Unlike fish oil, krill oil is also less smelly and won’t cause belching. This makes it less bothersome to take as you don’t have to worry about discomforts and side effects.

    Krill oil also edges out fish oil in terms of eco-friendliness. Since krill are abundant in the Antarctic Ocean, sourcing it sustainably is more easily done compared to harvesting certain types of fish for fish oil. This is also considered as one of the many benefits of krill oil.

    However, more research is needed for us to have an exact answer to the question, ‘is krill oil better than fish oil?’. It does seem like krill oil offers a lot of benefits but it can be too early to say for certain that it’s better than fish oil. It’s still a promising source of omega-3 fatty acids, however, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

    What to look for in the best krill oil supplement?

    To get the most out of krill oil, you should only go for the best krill oil supplement. How can you find one? Here are the things that you should keep in mind to gauge a product’s good quality:

    1. The oil should be from Antarctic krill.

    This ensures the high-quality of the oil and sustainability in its sourcing.

    2. Only opt for cold-pressed supplements.

    This production process helps to preserve the nutrients that are contained in the krill oil.

    3. Krill oil in capsules offers longer lasting freshness.

    Fish oil is often packaged in soft gel capsules so it’s also fairly common to find krill oil in them. However, hard capsules can better preserve the freshness of the oil and minimize oxidation.

    Product Reviews for 5 Best Krill Oil Supplements Today

    Wondering what is the best krill oil today? Below are five of the most popular products to keep you healthy.


    Antarctic Krill Oil (500mg) with Omega-3s EPA, DHA and AstaxanthinAntarctic Krill Oil (500mg) with Omega-3s EPA, DHA and Astaxanthin

    Kicking off this list of the best krill oil reviews is the Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil (500mg) with Omega 3-s EPA, DHA, and Astaxanthin. It offers all of the good things that you can get from this kind of supplement so it’s certainly a solid choice for a lot of folks.

    What puts it in the running for being the best krill oil on the market is its potent formula. Each soft gel contains 500 mg of krill oil that is enriched with EPA, DHA, phospholipids, and antioxidants. These give it an edge over other sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

    As this product is made with Superba2, you can be guaranteed that it’s made of high-quality and sustainable ingredients. The krill used for its creation isn’t just from the Antarctic. They’re specifically sourced from the Southern Ocean so they’re considered to be from the most sustainable area for its species.

    To further guarantee the quality of this product, this Sports Research product is also rated as a 5-star krill oil by the International Krill Oil Standards or IKOS. This third party institution tests and evaluates different krill oil products to determine their quality and this item surpassed their criteria. So if you really don’t want to settle for anything less, this could be a solid pick for you.

    Aside from the omega 3 fatty acids, a lot of people also prefer krill oil for its antioxidant content. This product contains 1mg of astaxanthin so you’re promised of a good dose of the said nutrients. With the numerous health benefits of antioxidants, this extra component boosts the performance of this supplement.

    This product’s capsule size might also be enough to convince you to swap out your fish oil supplement with this item. As what is common among krill oil products, this one also has small soft gels so you don’t have to struggle in swallowing them.

    It’s still bigger than other krill oil supplements, though, since it’s recommended to be taken just once per day. In any case, it’s still significantly smaller than most fish oil supplements and that can already be enough to prompt some folks to make the switch.

    On top of these, this supplement also doesn’t taste and smell awful. You also won’t get gassy and burp with a fishy smell like you would with a fish oil supplement. It’s formulated to not have a strong smell or to have a fishy aftertaste so you don’t have to worry about experiencing any kind of discomfort.

    The only downside, however, is that the soft gels can leak. Ensuring proper storage can help prevent this, however, so make sure to keep your bottle in a cool and dry place.

    Things We Liked

    • check
      Rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids
    • check
      Doesn’t cause belching
    • check
      Small capsules make it easy to swallow

    Things We Didn't Like

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      Soft gel capsules can leak if not stored properly


    Viva Naturals Premium Antarctic Krill OilViva Naturals Premium Antarctic Krill Oil

    In dire need of upping your omega-3 consumption? The Viva Naturals Premium Antarctic Krill Oil – Omega 3 Supplement with EPA, DHA, and Astaxanthin might do the trick for you. This product is packed with doses of krill oil in every capsule, so it might just help you meet your dietary needs with more efficiency.

    The first thing that you should know about this product is that every 2 capsules can already give you 1250 mg of krill oil. As this product recommends taking 2 capsules per day, you can be sure to get a good amount of nutrients with this item.

    Like the item listed above, this product is also considered as a best-rated krill oil for the quality of its composition. This krill oil supplement is derived from Antarctic krill, so it guarantees top-notch quality and sustainability. The daily dosage also contains 300 mg of omega 3, 165 mg of EPA, 95 mg of DHA, 500 mg of phospholipids, and 1.6 mg of astaxanthin. These numbers offer a good amount of nutrients so you can be sure that it will help you achieve your desired results.

    Unlike the item above, however, this product is delivered in hard capsules. As you would recall in our tips on finding the best krill oil supplements, capsules are the best options for these kinds of health products. This is why this item can really be a solid option for you.

    We’ve also chosen this product as the best value pick because of its solid composition and friendly price tag. This listing might not necessarily be low-priced but if you’ll compute the per bottle price, it’s still one of the most affordable in the list. With its dosage, it’s also practically a steal so it’s definitely worth looking into if you want a budget pick.

    Things We Liked

    • check
      High dosage
    • check
      Great value for the price
    • check
      No fishy burps
    • check
      Made by one of the best krill oil brands

    Things We Didn't Like

    • exclamation-triangle
      Leak issues are reported


    Krill Oil 1000mg with Astaxanthin 240 Caps Omega 3 6 9 - EPA DHA - 100% PurifiedKrill Oil 1000mg with Astaxanthin 240 Caps Omega 3 6 9 - EPA DHA - 100% Purified

    Those who want to avoid toxic chemicals and metals in their supplements should check out the Pure Label Nutrition Krill Oil 1000mg with Astaxanthin 240 Caps. This product’s main selling point is that it’s free of toxic ingredients, so if that’s what’s keeping you from getting your daily dose of omega 3, this item would be a good match for you.

    Quality is one of the first things that draws people into this product. For starters, it’s 100% purified krill oil so it can promise top-notch quality in terms of its manufacturing. It doesn’t note if it’s sourced from the Antarctic but it does say that their krill are wild caught. You might want to take note of this, however, as it can help you weigh your options.

    Like the item listed above, you’re supposed to take 2 capsules of this per day. Each suggested serving contains 1000 mg of krill oil, 40mg of omega 3, 60 mg of EPA, 40 mg of DHA, and 400mcg of astaxanthin which are a bit lower than the other products can offer. Its friendlier price tag, though, so that can easily justify its formula.

    Despite this, however, this item still has a lot of things going for it. It’s very healthy composition more than makes up for its formula.

    How is it a healthier pick, you ask? For starters, it’s mercury-free which is one of the reasons why people prefer krill oil over fish oil. This item is also gluten and solvent-free. So if you’re very particular about the capsules your supplements come in, this is a noteworthy detail. It’s certainly healthier than other options and guarantees that there are absolutely no worrisome ingredients added in the product.

    We’d also have to note that this item is delivered in capsules and not soft gels. This is always a notable point as capsules are proven to be superior options when it comes to krill oil supplements.

    A surprising thing about this item is that while the bottle has a fishy smell, the capsules on their own don’t. This makes it easier to take, as your gag reflex won’t be triggered by its scent. It’s also just sized right so you won’t have a hard time swallowing it.

    Things We Liked

    • check
      Great price
    • check
      Non-toxic ingredients
    • check
      Doesn’t smell or taste fishy

    Things We Didn't Like

    • exclamation-triangle
      Some folks have a hard time swallowing the capsules


    Bulksupplements Krill Oil SoftgelsBulksupplements Krill Oil Softgels

    For a budget-friendly and fuss-free option, you should take a look at the Bulksupplements Krill Oil Softgels. True to its brand name, this product offers a bulk order of the said supplement at a very friendly price.

    While it is a fact that Antarctic krill oil platinum can get quite costly, it’s also possible to find very affordable options. This item is a prime example of such as its price tag can certainly suit a lot of people’s.

    In exchange, it’s not as fancy as the other items listed above. It doesn’t even come in a bottle but packed in a durable resealable bag. If you don’t mind this, you’ll find this item a great pick. It will be best to transfer its content to a more airtight and sturdy container, however, as the capsules can get shattered and crushed.

    Despite having some minor issues, this product still gets to provide excellent performance. Like the other items listed above, 2 capsules is the recommended dosage per day. This will give you 1000 mg of krill oil, 160 mg of EPA, 80 mg of DHA, 200 mg of phospholipids, and 400 mcg of astaxanthin. These numbers are closely comparable with the more expensive items listed above, guaranteeing great value for your money.

    The only downside here is that it doesn’t really list its omega-3 content. So if you want to learn about that crucial detail, you might want to reach out to the brand first.

    Things We Liked

    • check
      Fantastic price
    • check
      High-quality composition
    • check
      No fishy taste or smell

    Things We Didn't Like

    • exclamation-triangle
      Doesn’t list how much omega 3 is contained in each serving


    Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil 1000 mg with Omega-3s EPABronson Antarctic Krill Oil 1000 mg with Omega-3s EPA

    Completing our roundup is the Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil 1000mg. Aside from the fact that it’s from a trusted brand, it also guarantees high-quality formula. This explains why it’s one of the most popular picks today.

    This product guarantees great quality in various ways. For one, it’s derived from high-grade krill that are fished in the waters of Antarctica. It’s also made by a reputable brand which is even recommended by scientists, so its quality can really be guaranteed.

    A notable offering, however, of this product, is its heavy metal testing. As fish and seafood are notorious for being contaminated with heavy metals, lots of people are worried about ingesting such as well. By testing for such pollutants, this product promises to be safe for human consumption.

    In terms of contents, this product will give you 1000 mg of krill oil, 200 mg of omega 3, 120 mg of EPA, 80 mg of DHA, 200 mg of phospholipids, and 200 mcg of astaxanthin in every serving. Like the other items listed above, each serving is recommended to have two soft gels.

    Things We Liked

    • check
      Small soft gel size makes it easy to swallow
    • check
      Friendly price tag
    • check
      Bronson is a brand that is highly recommended by scientists

    Things We Didn't Like

    • exclamation-triangle
      Burping is experienced by some folks