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    Top 10 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors

    10 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors – Reviews | Top Rated for Cosmetics

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    Mirrors are a big help in seeing ourselves in a different perspective. You would see if you can present yourself well enough to face other people. And so, with the help of the make mirror they would know and see how well they presented themselves for an event, interview or just a simple get-together with family and friends. Here are some of the best lighted makeup mirrors that will suit you.

    Top 3 Lighted Makeup Mirrors

    Conair Oval Double-SidedConair Oval Double-Sided

    Editor's Rating:


    • Comes with a stand of 18-inch feature and a sturdy 2-inch swivel
    • Offers an option of both normal and a 7x magnified mirror on both sides
    • Easy to use

    Warm LED Tap LightWarm LED Tap Light

    Editor's Rating:


    • 7-inch tall mirror with a bright inset LED lights
    • 7x magnification
    • Innovative suction cup base that makes the mirror steady


    3. Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

    Simplehuman SensorSimplehuman Sensor

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    • Adjustable stand that can be extended up to 15-18 inches
    • Uses a laser sensor that detects its user and automatically light up the inset LEDs
    • Powered by a USB rechargeable battery

    Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

    The guide below shows you the top rated makeup mirrors with lights. Use our lighted makeup mirror reviews guide to find the perfect home lighted makeup mirror for you!

    Conair Oval Double-Sided LightedConair Oval Double-Sided Lighted

    This double-sided lighted mirror is simple and easy to use, with a stand of 18-inch feature and a sturdy 2-inch swivel. The oval faced mirror offer an option of both normal and a 7x magnified mirror on both sides. The inset light allows its user to experience a soft and natural lighting on each side of the mirror. The mirror’s lighting mimics the outdoor light that would give you one of the best makeup sessions you will remember. The Conair mirror also has its 5-foot power cord that you can plug anywhere you want to use it and it comes with the on/off switch on its 6 inches base.

    Warm LED Tap LightWarm LED Tap Light

    This 7-inch tall mirror has a simple circular design is made with a durable plastic and goes with a bright inset LED lights. The 7x magnification mirror is great for everyday use because of a brighter light that would provide a stark light satisfaction for you to see define and better result and details for your makeup or tweezing problems.

    The innovative suction cup base has easy set-up feature that makes the mirror steady and for it not to move around while using it, you stick and leave it on for a hands-free experience. You can use your hands freely and not be disturbed about holding the mirror. The 7-inch profile also has a convenient cordless design that you will not get stress out of the tangled cord that will not give you a hard time of finding an outlet because you could just put 3 AA batteries and you can move away after using your Best Hair Steamer so as not to get your mirror all foggy.

    Simplehuman SensorSimplehuman Sensor

    The Simplehuman mirror has an adjustable stand that can be extended up to 15-18 inches in height that will help you use it even when you are standing and is easy for its users to adjust to the desired height. The can also pivot on each side, up and down 180 degrees. The mirror’s 9-inch diameter surrounded with a patented Tru-Lux design light system will help you see wider and clearer than before.

    The Tru-Lux lighting feature is a system that uses a laser sensor that detects its user and automatically light up the inset LEDs as soon as you are near or you approach the mirror his feature also saves up your time and power energy, because this mirror is powered by a USB rechargeable battery chord and power that you can plug on your computer or wherever you want to use it fast and conveniently.

    Conair Natural Daytime LightedConair Natural Daytime Lighted

    This reliable mirror is also good for everyday use. It is a 15.8-inch tall mirror and a 7 inch brushed nickel finish weighted base that holds up an 8.5 inch round mirror. It has a double sided feature that has a different magnification on each side, which is 1 and 10x that would help you see your face clearly and no distortion. The mirror also includes replaceable fluorescent lights that are powered by a connected cord that you can replace easily and those features make this mirror an ideal choice for makeup grooming.

    Floxite Daylight Cosmetic MirrorFloxite Daylight Cosmetic Mirror

    The Floxite Daylight Mirror has a 7.5-inch diameter single-sided mirror with 10x mirror magnification that would help you see clearly. The mirror is 13 ½ tall and comes with an adjustable plastic base. The details outside the mirror is a round T5 light source that provides you a brighter glow that can help you balance your makeup properly.

    Jerdon J2020C Two-Sided Swivel Wall MountJerdon J2020C Two-Sided Swivel Wall Mount

    The wall mount mirror has a 30-inch extension that can help you extend your mirror to see your face wider and clearer. This 8.3-inch by 6.5 inches has 360 degrees swivel design and a 5 x magnifications that give it a smoother and clearer look on your sight to more grooming satisfaction.

    Home Travel 9X/1X Folding Lighted Cosmetic MirrorHome Travel 9X/1X Folding Lighted Cosmetic Mirror

    This mirror comes with a 9x magnifying feature that gives you a clearer and satisfaction look with a reversing and plain mirror that you can choose from. The 22 bright fluorescent bulbs come with a 100-watt illumination that will give you a brighter light for a great makeup and grooming results. This mirror is also portable because it can be folded for easy storage that is only 2.75’’ in height.

    Daylight LED 10x Magnifying Makeup MirrorDaylight LED 10x Magnifying Makeup Mirror

    This mirror provides a natural daylight LED that gives a satisfaction throughout the day and can be used by any age. The 10x magnification gives you more focus on the section you want to see and consists 360° rotation and a suction cup for a secure attachment and can be adjusted depending on your desired position.

     iLuminate Folding Makeup Mirror iLuminate Folding Makeup Mirror

    This mirror is great for dimmed light rooms. Does not contain any cord because it is battery operated and convenient to bring anywhere. It has a 1x and 5 x magnifications per mirror face and also comes with a LED light that does not need replacements and comes with a pocket tray for a clutter free portable mirror.

    Ott-lite Natural DaylightOtt-lite Natural Daylight

    This mirror’s dual sided features are 5x/1x magnification that is great for close up and successful tweezing, makeup and grooming. A 13-watt type e bulb is included for blending and mix and match results and satisfaction.

    Lighted Mirors FAQs

    What is the best lighted mirror for makeup?

    The best mirror for makeup with light is Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror. It provides normal to 7 times enlarged view to help you with those delicate makeup details. Its lighting is very similar to daylight, which enables realistic view of the beauty products you're using

    Are lighted mirrors good for makeup?

    Yes, they are great for makeup as we don't always have bright daylight. In fact, lighted mirrors are a must have when you are putting on makeup in the evening, at night or in bathrooms with dim lighting.

    Is LED lighting good for applying makeup?

    Excellent question! LED light is the next best option if you are putting on your makeup without the natural and soft daylight which provides the most accurate reflection of your face in the mirror.

    How do you change a light in a mirror?

    It's usually super-easy to change the light in your makeup mirror. Most mirrors are simple to open and once you do that, unscrew the light and replace it by the suitable model for your mirror. It should take a minute or so to do it with no tools whatsoever.