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    Best Standing Desk Converters

    7 Best Standing Desk Converter Reviews 2020 | Sitting, Standing, and Electronic Included

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    A growing number of studies show that sitting for hours on end can be detrimental to one’s health. Some experts even go as far as declaring that sitting is the new smoking in terms of the amount of damage that it can do to your body. Aside from posture problems, it can also cause organ damage, metabolic issues, muscle degeneration, higher risks of obesity, and even higher long-term mortality risks. So a person who often parks their bottom for at least six hours a day should be really concerned about how their lifestyle affects their health.

    Experts recommend moving more to counter the effects of sitting for long hours. This means that if you spend hours on your chair, you should punctuate it with movements every thirty minutes to give your body a break. You can use this time for bathroom breaks or quick trips to the water cooler. You can also just stand up and do a bit of stretches. There are actually a few desk exercises that you can do without looking weird at the office, so you don’t have to worry.

    If your day, however, is packed with so many things to do that you don’t think you can take quick breaks every so often, a standing desk converter can be a quick solution for you. Learn more about these products in our quick guide and you might just change your health and fitness with a small addition to your workspace.

    Our Top Standing Desk Converter to Improve Your Posture

    VIVO Height AdjustableVIVO Height Adjustable
    • arrow-right
      Adjustable from 6.5" to 16"
    • arrow-right
      Large 36" x 22" top surface area
    • arrow-right
      High weight capacity of 37.5 pounds

    Best Standing Desk Converter on the Market

    VIVO HeightVIVO Height

    Editor's Rating:


    • 8 height levels
    • Gas-powered
    • Very easy to adjust

    Air RiseAir Rise

    Editor's Rating:


    • Hydraulic-powered height adjustment so it can work well with just about any desk
    • Minimalist design
    • Spacious surface

    Stand Steady X-EliteStand Steady X-Elite

    Editor's Rating:


    • Available in different colors
    • Hydraulic-powered height adjustment
    • Versatile

    What should I look for in a standing desk converter?

    ​When looking for a standing desk converter you want one that is adjustable, sturdy, and is big enough for your working item materials (computer, monitor, mouse, etc).

    Standing desks have been around for years and lots of companies have already adapted their use to help keep their employees healthy, but if yours isn’t exactly a trendy workplace, you might need to find a way to cope without having to ask for too much. With a stand up desk converter, you can easily turn any regular office desk to a standing one in no time.

    So, how do you choose the perfect standing desk converter for you? Here are a few things you should be on the lookout for to determine whether a product will be a great match for your needs:

    Ease of Use

    Most standing desk converters are also considered as Sit Stand Desks because they can be used while sitting down or standing up. They’re configured to be lowered and raised, so you can work in any of the two positions, depending on your preference. With this said, you will need to adjust these products from time to time, so it should be easy to work with.

    white table top with work station

    If the unit is too complicated to tweak according to your desired adjustment, it might just eat up the time you already could be spending on work, leaving you frustrated and unproductive. So, to ensure that you’ll always find your converter useful, it should be very easy to use.

    Right Height

    Most folks who need the best standing desk converter already have an existing desk to work with, so it’s important to take measurements so you can find a converter that will comfortably match its dimensions. Adjustable units can also work, but as there are always chances of misaligned measurements, it’s still best to have the figures you really need to find a perfect match for your workspace.


    Anything that will hold important computer equipment should be sturdy so you can avoid damages and complications later on. You can’t just perch your precious work computer that contains everything on something that is likely to topple over, right? Not only will this put essential files at risk, but it can also be quite costly in case something bad happens. So make sure to look for something that can actually handle a good amount of weight and ensure the security of your electronics.

    Affordable Price

    Because a stand up desk converter needs to be sturdy and capable of handling a good amount of weight, they can also come at a high price point. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good unit that will suit your budget, though. You just need to be very thorough in your search so you can find a good, high quality, and affordable unit that will suit your needs and requirements.

    In any case, if a regular standing desk is out of your price range, a standing desk converter is definitely the way to go to achieve similar benefits for a fraction of the price!

    Standing Desk Converter Reviews: A Quick Guide to the Best Products Today

    Choosing the best standing desk converter can be challenging with all of the options you have today. So, to help you find a great one in the shortest time possible, here are a few of our top picks that you can consider:

    Editor's Rating:

    One of the drawbacks of opting for a standing desk converter instead of getting an actual standing desk is the limited surface area the former tends to offer. Because the converter is limited to the measurements of a regular desk, it won’t be spacious enough to fit two screens in most occasions. So if you need a dual-screen setup to finish your tasks efficiently, you might be thinking twice about getting a standing desk converter.

    All of those doubts can be blown out of the water by the VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk though. This sit stand desk converter has enough space for up to two screens, may it be two desktop monitors or a desktop monitor and a laptop setup. While it can take up a lot of room in a regular office desk, if your workspace always had two screens, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    Designed for desktop computers, this standing desk converter has a lower tier where you can place your keyboard and mouse. It’s actually carved under the upper level for the monitor, so if you’re only looking for a unit that will work for a laptop, this may be too much for such a need. While a laptop can fit on the upper level, it might not exactly be very easy to reach because of the unit’s configuration.

    But what really makes this product stand out from the rest is its heavy duty construction. Made with steel frame, it guarantees that it will be able to hold up your stuff nicely and safely. You can rest assured that it won’t easily buckle under the weight of your desktop monitors or laptop. This also ensures longevity and durability, making it an investment worth making for your workspace.

    Its metal construction also helps guarantee its sturdiness. While your desk is still the biggest factor whether this addition will wobble or not, you can be assured that it’s crafted with great quality so you won’t have to worry about how well your devices will sit on top of it. As it also has a substantial weight, it won’t get easily knocked or flipped over, so you can be sure that it will stay in place wherever you put it.

    With a weight capacity of 37.5 lbs, it can definitely handle two monitors, a monitor and a slim laptop, a regular sized keyboard, a mouse, and both your arms resting on it. It also has room for other additions like maybe a notepad or coffee mug, and those will still won’t weigh this unit down. Just be careful in attaching other stuff to it, though. While it is compatible with grommet and C-clamp mounts, letting you add a whole range of extras to your converter desk, you have to consider its weight limit so you won’t put your electronics in any kind of risk. It may be tough, but it still has its limits, and you have to respect that.

    As for its sit and stand desk capabilities, you will be glad to know that this unit has eight adjustment levels that you can easily lock into to give your electronics the lift they need when you’re on your feet. Adjusting its height is fuss-free, too, thanks to its gas spring power. All you really need to do is squeeze the handle and you can already give the converter a boost.

    Things We Liked

    • 8 height levels
    • Gas-powered
    • Very easy to adjust
    • Affordable
    • Spacious
    • Easy to assemble

    Things We Didn't Like

    • Keyboard tier can be a bit too limited for some

    Editor's Rating:

    Another issue some people may have about sit stand desk converters is the fact that they can add a good amount of lift to your keyboard and monitor while in the sitting position. This can make them uncomfortable, which can be a problem. Sure, you can argue that you can just remove the unit from your desk if you want to work while sitting down, but as most of these converter desks are very hefty, doing this often isn’t exactly good for those with bad backs.

    Then there’s the particularity of some people that a few units look too clunky when folded. This may be a purely aesthetic concern, but it’s still very valid if you’re the type who like their workspace tidy and in order.

    If you want to skip these hassles, then you should check out the Air Rise Standing Desk Converter by the Stand Up Desk Store. This unit is a minimalist’s dream come true as it combines simple design with utility and effectiveness that you won’t easily find elsewhere. When folded, it simply looks like planks of wood on top of your desk. When in use, it looks like a simple computer desk riser. Its clean lines and straightforward design really make it a good choice if you love modern technology and aesthetics.

    Aside from looking great, this product is also a great choice because of its ability to adjust to any height you want. Its pneumatic air cylinder will let you lift or push it down to heights from about three to 15 inches, so you won’t have a hard time working with it on any desk or regular table. If you’re the type who’s too lazy to take measurements of your office desk or if your workplace lets you work in any spot or surface in the office, then this can turn just about any table into a standing desk with great ease.

    Adjustment is a breeze with its lift handle. All you really have to do is squeeze the handle while lifting the table and you’re all set. The only problem some users might run into, though, is its weight. Because of its steel construction, it can be quite hefty that transferring it from one table to another can be a bit of a challenge. However, if you don’t intend to move it around or if you’re quite fit, its weight won’t be too much of a bother.

    Things We Liked

    • Hydraulic-powered height adjustment so it can work well with just about any desk
    • Minimalist design
    • Spacious surface
    • Very sturdy and durable
    • Great price

    Things We Didn't Like

    • No lower level dedicated for keyboard

    Editor's Rating:

    If you’re not a big fan of the Air Rise for one reason or another but love its minimalist design, then you should check out the X-Elite Pro by Stand Steady Standing Desk. These two products look a lot alike as they use the same concepts and design to create a standing desk converter. Both share a simple design with a large surface and X-shaped legs so it’s really up to you which one to choose.

    Like the Air Rise, the X-Elite Pro also uses a premium pump assisted lift. They also both use the same lifting mechanism that will only need you to press on the handle and pull the surface up to reach your desired level. It’s a really great feature as you’re not limited to just a few heights. You can set the X-Elite Pro from 7 to 16 inches off the desk, putting your screen and keyboard at a comfortable height as you work while standing up.

    The major difference between the two is that the X-Elite is slightly lighter than the Air Rise. This makes it easier to move around if you don’t have a permanent workstation. You can lug this unit around without tiring yourself out, thanks to its manageable weight.

    This doesn’t mean that it’s not sturdy or durable, though. With a maximum weight capacity of 20 lbs, this standing desk converter can handle desktop screens and laptops with great ease.

    While it doesn’t have a separate tier for your keyboard, this converter desk can still work wonders for you because of its large size. Some users were even able to fit two screens in it, so it shouldn’t feel crowded with a single screen, regular keyboard, a mouse, and even a notepad in it.

    Another standout feature of this item is its addition of a spring on the pump, letting you lower the desk safely even with your equipment on top of it. Older versions that do not have this extra tends to quickly lower down, putting your screen or laptop at risk of falling over. With this, you can already carefully adjust yourself from a standing to a sitting position without any worries.

    Things We Liked

    • Available in different colors
    • Hydraulic-powered height adjustment
    • Versatile
    • Very easy to adjust
    • Height can be adjusted even with the equipment on top
    • Can be used on almost any desk that will accommodate its footprint

    Things We Didn't Like

    • Quite pricey

    Editor's Rating:

    Ergo's Kangaroo Pro Junior has gotten really popular recently, but if you don't have a dual monitor it's not worth it. There are more affordable options than this one, as it is overkill. However, if you do want to dual-wield your monitors then this is perfect because it comes with the base to hold two. The size and shape makes sure it doesn't take much much room, while actually able to effectively have enough space for everything you may need.
    It is well built, designed and quite sturdy. But again, there are better options for those who just want to put a laptop on it or are on a budget.

    The most common issue with this product tends to actually be with the company Ergo. The product is great and has few quality complaints, but the company will charge you before shipment, which takes a few weeks. If you plan on ordering one, don't expect to get it anytime soon.

    Things We Liked

    • Perfect for multiple monitors
    • Very roomy
    • High quality, with solid top

    Things We Didn't Like

    • Expensive
    • Long shipping time

    Editor's Rating:

    The very first thing that you need to know about this product is that it’s a laptop desk. This means that it is meant for laptop use in different surfaces more than as a table that can provide extra height to your work desk. It’s not exactly like the other products in the list as it won’t be able to handle your desktop monitor and keyboard at the same time and turn your regular workspace into a sit stand desk.

    Now that this fact is established, let’s get to the great things the Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk/Stand/Table has to offer. This unit is very versatile as you can also use it as a book and tablet holder, TV dinner tray, or even a sound equipment table. This makes it very handy for a lot of people, so even though it can’t really work with a desktop computer, you can still get a lot of use out of it.

    The biggest selling point of this item, however, is its flexibility. You can configure it in lots of ways, so can be sure that you can use it comfortably. You can change the angle of the tray and you can also adjust the height of the legs. If you intend to use it solely as a sit stand desk converter, you can adjust it to reach up to 20 inches off the table, offering a good lift for your laptop.

    Most users also appreciate the mousepad extension. This dedicated spot for the mouse can make it easier to work on your computer, letting you get the most out of your affordable sit stand desk converter.

    Things We Liked

    • Highly versatile
    • With USB cooling fans to keep your laptop from overheating
    • Can be configured in so many ways
    • Great price
    • Mousepad extension

    Things We Didn't Like

    • Slanting surface and size makes it not suitable for desktop units
    • Plastic parts

    Editor's Rating:

    When shopping for any kind of furniture that is meant to carry any kind of equipment, most of us want to get the sturdiest item available. This can guarantee that the piece won’t buckle under the weight of the stuff we’ll put on top of it, ensuring the safety of our belongings.

    This is exactly why we’ve included this Rocelco standing desk converter review because of its high weight capacity. As it can carry up to 50 lbs, it’s easily one of the few converter desks that can carry so much weight with ease. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to play it safe and only place their beloved computer equipment on something they’re 100% sure is sturdy and durable.

    Aside from its high weight capacity, this Rocelco product is also the only one of the few sit stand desk converters with a pull-out keyboard tray. This offers more versatility to the unit as you can use it in different configurations, depending on your needs. You can use it without pulling it out, thanks to the carved in opening on the top tier of the unit that lets the lower keyboard drawer accessible at all times. When retracted, you can also easily fit a laptop in it, giving you more ways to use the converter desk.

    Lots of users also love its height settings. While it doesn’t fold flat, it still puts both your keyboard and screen at a good height that won’t strain your neck and back to reach while sitting down. It can also reach up to 16 inches with 4 height increments in between, so it will easily suit various desks and user heights with ease.

    Things We Liked

    • 50-lb maximum weight capacity
    • Pull-out keyboard drawer offers versatility
    • Great positioning whether you're sitting or standing
    • Can fit two desktop monitors with ease
    • Comes ready to use straight out of the box

    Things We Didn't Like

    • Height adjustment can be a bit of a struggle for some users

    Editor's Rating:

    While the Air Rise is a perfectly good sit stand desk converter, the fact that it doesn’t have a lower shelf for keyboard can really be a problem for some people. This doesn’t make it as ergonomic as most folks would like, as they’ll be forced to lower their chins to get a better view of their monitors or actually use another riser for the screens. If you’re one of the folks who like the Air Rise but wishes there’s a separate keyboard tier for it, you should check out the AirRise Pro.

    Offering the same sleek and clean look of the Air Rise with a small addition of a keyboard holder, the Air Rise Pro definitely takes the sit stand desk converter game to the next level. The best part about this is its keyboard tier is very spacious. You won’t have to get stressed about hitting your keyboard every time you need to move the cursor in this converter desk.

    As it’s just a revamped version of the Air Rise, you can also expect similar features in the Air Rise Pro. It also uses air technology to provide the lift you need and can also be adjusted to just about any height from 5.75” to 15.75 inches.

    Some folks may be worried that it doesn’t fold fully flat, but fret not. Even in its lowest setting, it can still offer a comfortable height for your screen. This means that even if you’re working while sitting down, you won’t have to look up and hurt your neck and back in the process.

    In terms of stability, you can also be guaranteed that it won’t slide easily all over your workspace or get knocked over. Its base is specially designed to counterbalance the weight your equipment will put at the back end of the item. It also has a non-slip bottom, so you’re guaranteed that it will stay in place.

    Things We Liked

    • No assembly required
    • Ergonomic design
    • Spacious surfaces
    • Has enough room for a keyboard and mouse
    • Very sturdy
    • Can hold up to 50 lbs of equipment
    • Non-slip feet
    • Also available in white

    Things We Didn't Like

    • Can be hard to adjust with more equipment on top

    Editor's Rating:

    Another heavy duty option for a good standing desk converter is this product from the House of Trade. Designed like a traditional computer desk, its accordion style support lets you adjust its height from 6.5” to 16.3” in 5 height increments. This makes it an excellent fit for most office desks and cubicles, letting you get the height you need to comfortably work on your computer while sitting or standing.

    Adjusting this desk’s height is perfectly easy as well. It has a handle that unlocks its mechanism and helps you lift it up or push it down so you won’t have to struggle to get it to your needed height. You might need to use both hands to adjust its height, though, as you also have to apply some pressure to assist its air piston in making it move and get to the precise height you need it in.

    What sets this unit apart, however, from a wide range of other converter desks is its retractable keyboard drawer. Only a few units can offer this feature even though it’s a very handy one to have. This easily gives the unit more versatility, as you can now also easily use it with a laptop on the higher tier.

    As desks with keyboard holders extend its depth, using a laptop with such units can be hard to do. You’ll need to reach forward to the laptop which can make you crouch and lose your proper posture, leaving your back sore and strained after a few hours of being in such an uncomfortable position. With a retractable keyboard drawer, though, you can easily stash the keyboard away and still easily reach the laptop placed on top of your standing desk converter.

    Things We Liked

    • Equipped with a retractable keyboard drawer
    • Easy to adjust
    • Heavy duty
    • Sturdy
    • 50-lb maximum weight capacity
    • No assembly needed

    Things We Didn't Like

    • A bit clunky
    • Drawers offer a tight fit for both keyboard and mouse

    Editor's Rating:

    A #1 seller for a reason, customers love Seville Classic Airlift. With a full 36", which is 3 feet, it's extremely flexible and will help anyone but professional basketball players be able to stand at their desk! There is little to not like.

    The quality is obvious - as soon as you get it you can feel how solid it is - both the quality of the materials and the welding. It's so easy to setup - you take it out of the box, plop it on a desk, and you're done. Seriously, it's that easy.​​​​

    I've dropped things on it and even put some weights on it while working out next to my best friend (my laptop). It's size is great too - you can definitely fit a dual monitor and still have room for a keyboard and mouse. I love it despite just having my laptop and mousepad on it, and I'll usually have a drink right next to it all (fully capped off of course).

    It's great that it's fantastic - a small con is that it is a bit heavy, but honestly I don't see it as one. It's sturdy and dense so it'll last for a while and it's definitely worth it. If you want something more portable then that would be the only reason to not get the Seville Classic Airlift.

    That said, I still move it around when I have a party at my place. It's not terrible to do by yourself, but it's definitely a lot easier to do it with someone else. It's not terribly heavy, but because it is bulky it tends to be tougher to handle than you'd expect. 

    Things We Liked

    • Great welding
    • Durable with great materials
    • Space is enough for most setups
    • Easy to assemble

    Things We Didn't Like

    • Heavy, but worth it

    Standing Desk Converter FAQs

    How do I convert my desk to standing?

    A desk can converted by a few different options:

    1. Using a standing desk converter which is just about $50-$100 but is very convenient since it is a semi-permanent solution
    2. Using books or shelfs to adjust the height you place your computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse to raise your existing work place

    How can I raise my desk height to standing?

    You can raise a desk height to standing by three primary ways:

    1. Use a converter, our top two choices are seriously awesome
    2. [Free] Utilizing books, boxes, or similar items on the desk to use as a platform for your working materials
    3. [Free] Put your desk legs on top of items to raise the height. Books are great for this.

    What are the best standing desks?

    1. Vivo standing desk converter
    2. Stan up store converter
    3. X-Elite Pro Converter
    4. Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior
    5. Executive Office Solutions Standing Desk
    6. Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Desk
    7. AirRise Pro
    8. House of Trade Standing Desk
    9. Seville Classics Airlift

    Are standing desks better?

    Standing desks are better for you if you alternate between sitting and standing. Like with sitting, just standing for long periods of time isn't healthy for your body either. Make sure to alternate between both to improve your back health and posture.